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Download free Nigeria Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF ( Date - Latest) for job interviews, scholarship exams. download nigeria current affairs latest questions and answers pdf here on and answers doc for free. all formats available for pc, mac, ebook. latest nigeria current affairs pdf - egnaro - nigeria current affairs such as: nigeria current affairs filetype pdf [epub] - [free book] nigeria current affairs filetype download aptitude questions and answers pdf march , nigerian airforce naf.

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Affairs Pdf, Read Online Latest Nigeria Current Affairs pdf, Free Latest Nigeria. Current Affairs Ebook Download, Free Latest Nigeria Current Affairs Download. download latest nigeria current affairs pdf - latest nigeria current affairs. ace personal trainer manual 4th edition set free download, handbook of. download current affairs nigeria - contentsleuth - nigeria current questions answers pdf ebook nigeria and leadership challenge in the 21st century: a. gmt nigeria current affairs pdf - sports current affairs latest ngyab, 1 nigerian current affairs past questions download free

We have more than frequently updated Nigerian current affairs questions and answers. Inside this Nigeria Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF are all the current affairs questions and answers for the Nigerian history since arranged according to categories. You will be happy to get this and start getting prepared for your forthcoming examinations and interviews right away. There are so many records about our past Heroes and below are all of them. Who formed the first political party in Nigeria?

N O is the Answer: Traditional rulers were restricted to ceremonial rules by the local government reforms of Answer: A parliamentary system, who ensures that members are in the house to vote on major issues Answer: A system in which no single person serves as the chief executive is known as Answer: A social system in which power is derived from control over land is called Answer: Laws are supreme.

Nigeria Current Affairs Questions and Answers PDF Free Download ( Till Date - Latest)

An important principle of the civil service is Answer: Which of these constitution recognized local government as the third tier of government Answer: A condition for judicial independence is the appointment of judges by the Answer: Judicial service Commission.

The minorities Commission appointed in Nigeria in recommend that Answer: More states should be created in the federation. The second military coup in Nigeria took place on Answer: July 29, One of these was in existence before the outbreak of the second world war Answer: The League of Nations.

Download current latest - affairs nigerian ebook free

An important advantage of creating more constitution in a federal state is to Answer: Enhance the People participation. Under the Presidential system Answer: The president may come from any of the parties. Public opinion is important because it Answer: Lets government know what the people want. Bicameral legislature exists Answer: To prevent the concentration of power on legislative house. Africans were first elected to the legislative council in British West Africa in Answer: One of the functions of the Ministry of external affairs is the Answer: Promotion of national interests.

Ahmadu Bello. The idea of democracy started with the Answer: The earliest democracy in the world began with the work of a man named Cleisthenes, in Athens Greece , in BC. In the Marxist theory, those who live by selling their labour are called Answer: Which of the following is NOT an acceptable means of achieving democracy?

Riots 22 The branch of government responsible for implementing laws is the. In a democracy, sovereignty is vested in Answer: The community. Universal Adult Suffrage means all Answer: Qualified citizens can vote. A bill that applies to the whole population and is intended to promote the general welfare is called Answer: An Appropriation bill.

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Top offices and office holders Answer: The First Citizen in Nigeria: This position is held by the President who is elected and occupies the highest seat in the land. His position as the number one citizen in Nigeria is outlined in the constitution. Muhammadu Buhari 2. The Second Citizen in Nigeria: This position is held by the Vice President who is the number two citizen in Nigeria. Yemi Osinbajo 3. The Third Citizen: The Senate president holds this position as the number three citizen in the hierarchy of leadership structure in Nigeria.

He is the head of the National Assembly and presides over the upper chambers of the legislative arm of government. Abubakar Bukola Saraki 4.

The Fourth Citizen: The number four citizen in Nigeria is occupied by the speaker of the house of representative. He presides. The three arms of the federal government of Nigeria are the: The execut ive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is held by the real government and the two chambers of the legislature: Together, the two chambers make up the law-making body in Nigeria, called the National Assembly, which serves as a check on the executive arm of government.

The highest judiciary arm of government in Nigeria is the Supreme Court of Nigeria which was created after independence. Senate of Nigeria Answer: Nigeria has senators.

Nigeria Current Affairs 2019 Questions and Answers PDF Free Download (1960 Till Date – Latest)

The 36 states are each divided in 3 senatorial districts each electing one senator; the Federal Capital Territory elects only one senator. Nigeria National Assembly Answer: The National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a bicameral legislature established under section 4 of the Nigerian Constitution.

It consists of a Senate with members and a member House of Representatives. Nigeria National Assembly of Nigeria, modeled after the federal Congress of the United States, has among its functons to guarantee equal representation of the 36 states of Nigeria irrespective of size in the Senate and proportional representation of population in the House.

House of Representatives Answer: The Senate is the upper house. The current House of Representatives has a total of memb ers who are elected in single-member constituencies using the simple majority or first-past-the-post system. Just like the governors and most political positions in Nigeria, House Members serve fouryear terms.

The Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives is the presiding officer of the house. Coat of arms of Nigeria Answer: In the coat of arms of Nigeria, The black shield with a wavy white p all symbolizes the meeting of the Niger and Benue Rivers at Lokoja,. This flower was chosen for inclusion in the coat of arms as it is found all over Nigeria and also stand for the beauty of the nation. Military ranks of Nigeria Answer: Military ranks of Nigeria — Army Ranks Note: This ranks are in ascending order.

That is, from lowest ranks at top to highest rank at bottom. Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant 9. Major 7. Lieute nant Colonel 6. Colonel 5.

Nigeria Current Affairs 2019 Questions and Answers PDF

Brigadie r General 4. Major General 3. Lieutenant Gen eral 2. General 1. Recruit 7. Private 6. Lance-c orporal 5. Corporal 4. Sergeant 3. Staff Ser geant 2. Warrant Office r Class II 1. Midshipman Sub lieutenan t 9. Lieutenant 8. Lieutenant commander 7.

Captain 5. Commod ore 4. Rear admiral 3. Vice Admiral 2. Admiral 1. Pilot Officer Flying Officer 9. Flight Lieutenant 8.

Squadron Leader 7.

Nigerian download latest current - free affairs ebook

Wing Commander 6. Group Captain 5. Air Commodore 4. Air Vice-Marshal 3. Air Marshal 2. Air Chief Marshal 1. Marshal of the Air Force. See and download the Nigeria current affairs questions and answers PDF below. Kindly drop your comment here in case of any heads up, questions or contributions. Good luck with your interviews and examinations! PDF Size: Results 1 to 13 of The December e-book edition of - Nigerian History and Current Affairs - is available for download www,promong,com.

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