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Department Das Gefecht. Department 19 (Series). Will Hill Author Wulf Bergner Translator (). cover image of The Rising. Read "Zero Hour: Part 1 of 4 (Department 19, Book 4)" by Will Hill available from Free. The Shadow Tribe: Book 1 (Parts ) ebook by Jaffrey Clark The Rising ISBN: ; Language: English; Download options: EPUB 2 . Read “The Rising (Department 19, Book 2)”, by Will Hill online on Bookmate – The To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. How do I.

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Department secretly saving you from vampires since The first three books in the explosive series from bestselling author, Will sidi-its.infoMENT. Download [PDF] Books Zero Hour Department 19 Book 4 [PDF, ePub, Mobi] by Will Hill Online for Free "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook. Department of Nineteen (Department 19 # 1) by Will Hill is a fun book for all vampire lovers and vampire fighters. . I will need to re-read this before I start on The Rising. .. once more turns his life upside down, and forces him into the world of Department .. Log in to get better recommendations with a free account.

Do you want to remove all your recent searches? Playing next. The best action horror story I have ever read according to Bookzoneforboys? That's 91 days to run. Or 91 days to pray for Department 19 to save you?

Something that could stop Dracula for good. But the clock is ticking. Night is falling. And Zero Hour is almost here….

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John Flanagan. The Silver Mask Magisterium 4. Holly Black. Lone Wolf. New Guard. The Trials of Apollo, Book Three: The Burning Maze. Rick Riordan.

Maximum Security. Michael Vey 4. Richard Paul Evans. The Academy - Love's Cruel Redemption. The Prey. Andrew Fukuda. Generation One. The Sacrifice: An Enemy Novel. Black Friday. Sherrilyn Kenyon. The Ghostfaces. The Killing. Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, Book 3: The Ship of the Dead. Island of Shipwrecks. Lisa McMann. Kingdom of Ash.

Sarah J. The Battlemage. Taran Matharu. Mark Frost. Island of Dragons. Divine Madness. United as One. Island of Graves. Michael Vey 3. Island of Legends. Oct 14, Stjepan Cobets rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fan Fantasy, Horror and Vampire. My rating 3. Vampires exist and secret organization The Department 19 is in charge of fighting with them.

The organization was founded by Van Helsing and several powerful people to stop the plague spread by Count Dracula. The writer leads us into a secret world in which the only shield against vampire hordes is the members of the Department The story begins with a teenager named My rating 3.

The story begins with a teenager named Jamie Carpenter who witnesses the murder of her father, two years after that event, his mother is kidnapped and vampire Alexandru attempted to kill Jamie but Jamie rescued Frankenstein who is a member of the Department In order to save him from the next vampire attack, Frankenstein takes him to the secret location of the Department But Jamie was not welcomed with ovations because his father was supposed to be a traitor.

Since membership was hereditary because one of the founders was his grandfather, Jamie became a member of the Department After a short training, Jamie tries to save her mother from the crap of the notorious vampire Alexandru who tried to kill him, but Jamie will have very little support from the Department Despite all this, Jamie will go looking for her mother.

If you love vampire stories this will be fun reading, I hope the sequels will be better because I have the intention to read it. But all in all this is an interesting and entertaining book.

May 23, Arlene rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fans of vampires and lots of blood, gore and voilence.

The rising will epub free 19 department download hill

Recommended to Arlene by: Lux E Tenebris — Light out of darkness. Remember that Well this book just proved it. I knew vampires were real! I just knew it! I could have called this situation a LONG time ago. So watch out!

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To say this book has it all is a huge understatement. Its pages are fully loaded with knuckle punching adventure, high stakes intrigue, constant mystery, mind blowing action and a light romance that is all perfectly blended and wrapped with glossy paranormal packaging.

I was actually a bit shocked to find myself sucked into this book no pun intended. The writing is smooth and constantly progressive, the characters are a great cast of entertainers, including Van Helsing, Frankenstein who I happen to be a big fan of Department 19 takes place in two time settings. However, Jamie is weighed down by the traitorous actions of his father who died two years prior during an event that endangered the agency; and this secret service is not easy to forgive or forget the acts of his father.

So when Jamie goes in search of his mom, with the help of Frankenstein and Larissa the vampire, he discovers he can redefine himself despite his past. All great stuff that is both unique and highly entertaining. Great read for paranormal fans that are looking for something different but fun.

Thanks Morgan for challenging me to read this. Great pick!! Song Choice: This song is pretty harsh and violent, but so is this book, so listen with caution. Breaking Benjamin - Lights Out Aug 15, Diabolica rated it it was amazing Shelves: A-freaking-mazing, that's what that book was. I'd read it again if it weren't so long, but it was so good. I absolutely loved every minute of this book. While this was definitely no James Patterson, or Anthony Horowitz, it was just as good.

I'll admit at some points I got confused with what was happening given how the chapters were organized so that the reader gets both the past and the present, but still it's so good. View 2 comments. Apr 08, Ad Rocks Socks rated it really liked it Shelves: I recently went out and bought my own copy. I will need to re-read this before I start on The Rising. Gore, gore, gore. That was exactly what I needed to get me out of this YA novel slump.

With recent uprise in dystopian novels and the forever tainted paranormal genre, I was beginning to give up on YA authors. That was before I picked up this beautiful debut by Will Hill. This book got me right f Edit: This book got me right from page 1 and stepped right over me at the end just so Mr.

Hill can enjoy a good cry from me. The ending, although too rushed, left something with me and made me want to hug my Artemis Fowl books because the relationship between Frankenstein and Jamie reminded me of the young mastermind and his Butler. Most of the characters in this book have my undying respect due to their "fight to the end" attitude and the honour code that they follow to their death. Every part gave incites into the story and build up to a fantastic finale at the end of the book.

A superb debut from author that I will no doubt return to time after time. Looking forward to April View all 19 comments. Feb 08, Lauren Stoolfire rated it really liked it Shelves: Jamie Carpenter discovers the existence of the secret government agency Department 19 the hard way after his father died and his mother was captured, and he was rescued by a giant of a man who just happens to be named Frankenstein.

The department was founded by Abraham Van Helsing and those who put a stop to Dracula over years ago in order to police various supernatural threats. If Jamie wants to save his mom from an insanely powerful vampire, he'll have to work with the Department and come Jamie Carpenter discovers the existence of the secret government agency Department 19 the hard way after his father died and his mother was captured, and he was rescued by a giant of a man who just happens to be named Frankenstein.

If Jamie wants to save his mom from an insanely powerful vampire, he'll have to work with the Department and come to terms with his family history. I'm so pleased to have stumbled upon this novel at a bargain outlet store. Thankfully, the vampires are also my sort, i. I also particularly enjoyed the alternate history lesson featuring Bram Stoker and those very real people who took that titular vampire, Dracula.

Plus, seeing how the secret government agency that combats the paranormal got started was great.

The only reason I knocked this down to four stars is that Jamie can be difficult to like in his anger and sullenness.

Overall, though, this is just the kind of vampire book that I was looking for. I will definitely be continuing this series with The Rising! What can I possibly say to do this book justice? It's not a horror story. It's not a love story.

It's not a historical story. It is all of the above. Woven so intricately and with an amazing cast of characters that it instantly transports you right into its pages with no effort at all.

The characters are incredibly real - especially Jamie, my heart went out to him countless times and I loved his ferocity and passion. Definitely topping my favourite reads for though this is not released until What can I possibly say to do this book justice?

View 1 comment. Devlet in Kurucusu Van Helsing dir. Apr 04, Jason Lalljee rated it it was amazing. It blends together old fashion horror with modern action, creating an excellent book for readers with hard stomachs. Though it is very violent and does go mainly for gore, it does not thin the plot, not in the least.

It was intelligently written and very well researched, which formed an overall very intriguing premise. Will Hill managed to carry the premise well, maintaining very complex characters.

Hill manages to go back and forth, from past to present, when keeping up his two stories. It was very clever plot manage it, and Hill deserves much praise, because he had quite a lot to manage. Department 19 starts out with year old Jamie Carpenter. His father arrives home early one day, acting suspiciously and trying to hide he and his mother.

A bunch of armed men break into the yard, and before they can take his father away, John Carpenter shoots himself.

Fast forward to two years later- Jamie is sixteen years old. He is told that his father was a terrorist, who unsuccessfully worked for a country that was trying to destroy Britain.

Jamie grows to hate his father- hates him for the lies he fed to him. Little did Jamie knows that he was right about the lying part. After being attacked one day in his home by a violent teenage girl, Jamie is saved by a large, wide man.

They go to Department 19, where Jamie learns what his father had been hiding all those years. After the discovery of vampires, the British government opened up an organization called Department It was a vampire organization, dedicated to hunting those who had been bitten by the first vampire, Dracula, and his vampire horde.

The two second and third oldest vampires, who were almost as evil as Dracula, still roam the earth. After weeks of intensive training, Jamie learns that vampire hunting is in his blood.

Department 19 hill free download epub will the rising

He is a natural at it, getting farther in his first simulation than any other operative. He leaves with Frankenstein, as well as an attractive female vampire who claims to know where Alexandru is.

Through a few plot developments filled mostly with flashbacks of how Department 19 was formed Jamie, frustrating himself as well as the readers, searches for his mother but unfortunately, to no avail. Again, Department 19 really was a great read. I cannot stretch how great this novel is—the internet hype over the past few weeks has been totally warranted.

The girl, Larissa, is a bit provocative, though, so no strong role models there. Read this book. Just read it. In that case, go see a Pixar movie. Jamie's life was turned upside down when his father was killed 2 years ago. Suspicion over the circumstances of his death is pulling Jamie and his mother apart but things take a turn for the worse when his mother is kidnapped. Jamie only survives an attack himself because he is rescued by a mysterious stranger, a stranger who takes him straight into the heart of a secret government agency.

It turns out that Bram Stoker's Dracula was not a work of fiction it was a true story, a story that prompte Jamie's life was turned upside down when his father was killed 2 years ago. It turns out that Bram Stoker's Dracula was not a work of fiction it was a true story, a story that prompted the creation of Department 19 - a secret agency that has protected UK citizens from supernatural creatures for over years.

Jamie's ancestors, including his father, have been working for Department 19 since it's creation and now Jamie has to decide if he's prepared to join the fight. There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Department 19 which left me feeling a little nervous when I first picked it up. I've read a number of books that have obviously had huge marketing budgets only to find I was disappointed by the story but that was definitely not the case with Will Hill's debut novel.

In fact I can happily say that this is one of the best debuts I have ever read and I'm sure it is going to be a huge success.

The story is an action packed thrill ride that will leave you breathless with anticipation for the next novel. Jamie is an incredibly realistic character and one that it is easy to route for. He is thrown into the middle of a nightmare world and needs a lot of courage to face up to what is happening around him. I love the fact that he isn't perfect, he makes mistakes and we even get to see a bit of his moody teenage side coming through but that just makes him easier to relate to.

We are introduced to Department 19 through Jamie's eyes as he slowly discovers more about the organisation's origins and how it developed into the high tech arm of the military that it is now.

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Trust me they have some very cool gadgets and weapons that would make anyone want to sign up just to play with them! For Jamie though the most important thing is finding a way to use these weapons to try and rescue his mother, if he can only work out where she actually is.

The vampires in the story are definitely the more traditional blood thirsty villains that we haven't been seeing as much of in fiction recently. They are often cold hearted killers who will strike with absolutely no remorse and kill their victims in various horrific manners. Department 19 doesn't shy away from the gruesome details and the fights are stunningly detailed and graphic. One of my favorite things was the use of flashbacks to show exactly how and why Department 19 was created.

Sometimes I can find that flashbacks distract from the main story but in this case Will Hill manages to build the suspense in both story lines simultaneously so you can't wait to go back for more. I already mentioned that the story is action packed and I wasn't exaggerating - there are edge of your seat moments that will keep your eyes glued to the pages. This is one of those books that I stayed up until gone 4am just to finish reading because I had to know how it would end.

Although this is the first book in a series I was pleased that some of the main plot lines are resolved by the end but don't worry you are left with plenty of questions that will have you itching to read the sequel as soon as I get my hands on a copy it will be jumping to the top of my to read pile! Department 19 is sure to be a massive hit with teenage boys but will have just as much appeal for female horror fans. The story is one that can and will be enjoyed by both teens and adults and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

View all 4 comments. Feb 23, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jamie Carpenter is a perfectly normal boy, with a perfectly normal life — until the night his dad dies.

It seems he cannot take much more when a creature from his nightmares once more turns his life upside down, and forces him into the world of Department Department 6 is the Army. Department 13 is MI5.

Jamie is a very likeable hero — realistically portrayed as he recovers from the death of his father, only to realise that life will never be the same again. His fear, bravery and even the teenage strops are perfectly portrayed, and I think that any teenage boy or, indeed, girl will be able to identify with Jamie.

And what villains! Did someone say sparkly vampires? With a T-Bone, Hill has wiped them from existence — his vampires are the real deal! No sexy mooning after teenage girls. We have here three dimensional characters, with motivations such as envy, revenge and bitter memories. No two vampires are alike, just as no two people can ever be the same.

With villains like Alexandru, you genuinely believe that none of these characters are safe as the blood begins to spill. Smeared across most of the pages in Department Vampires and their victims die, alike, in various bloody and imaginative ways.

This is a deliciously ghoulish read at times, with moments of horror that might give a child nightmares — but in a Doctor Who manner. They will recall wanting to turn their face away from the page as they read, just as I fondly reminisce now about hiding behind the sofa while watching Doctor Who.

Hill also shows a dab hand at portraying moments from history. Not only do we have the high tech gadgetry of a James Bond film, we also have a London from the s and a s New York — all feel so authentic that I believe Hill could turn in a decent historical novel as well.

The historical and military details are all woven into the story subtly, but convey the sheer amount of research that has gone into Department The prose is smooth and gripping — told so simply and directly that the pages keep on turning. Hill injects a number of moments with real emotional heart, as well as writing action sequences that have the blood pounding. I am gushing, but with good reason. This book is going to be a phenomenon — you heard it here first.

This is going to be huge. Get in there from the very beginning. Will Hill has loaded up on gore, violence, action, suspense and genuine horror - all the elements that lead to a successful and enjoyable form of escapism with even a hint of forbidden attraction I'm thinking along the lines of Stephen Leathers' 'Once Bitten' thrown in for good measure - while targeted at the YA crowd, this is definitely not your soapy run of the mil twilight romance.

Hill does a great job at controlling his characters emotions and building tension at every opportunity; no matter the mood or place-setting - Jamie's brutal battles or softer encounters are executed with the same precision and timing. As the first in a planned series, 'Department 19' brings the reader up to speed with cut scenes introducing the founding members of the top secret department and establishes Will Hill's own take on the vampire lore.

A number of familiar faces accompany Jamie in monster Frankenstein, Dracula and a few other tried and true namesakes commonly associated with the genre; though its the new faces in Larissa and Tom Morris which provided the most entertainment in this latest edition. Despite being aimed towards the younger reader, the over arching story and epic sense of proportion will appeal to readers of all ages.

You just have to put the teen-boy-obsessed-with-searching-for-his-mother element to the back somewhat and enjoy the gory ride minus the corny adolescent thoughts of Jamie. Jan 14, David Dalton rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really liked this book. To me, it is very much of an "R" rated Young Adult action thriller. The young hero Jamie may only be 16, but he could easily have been written in as a 21 to 24 yr old adult character.

This thriller also features a romance in the beginning stages, but that pales to the gruesome vampire carnage that fills this book. Very graphic at times. No clean vampire kills here. Good vs evil. The good is a secret organization Department 19 that is tasked by the British govern Wow. The good is a secret organization Department 19 that is tasked by the British government to track down vampires.

The evil is the vampires, followers of Dracula.

Hill the download department free 19 rising epub will

And these vampires are deadly and very cruel. Young Jamie gets caught into this world due to his father being a former member. Dept 19 likes to wait until a potential member is 21, but had no choice in this case. Also features a pretty cool version of Frankenstein as a Colonel in Department I read this an e-book epub via my Entitle book club.

But halfway thru I went out and bought the 2nd Department 19 thriller: Big deal? I could not pass by a sweet deal like the one I got for The Rising. Department 19 gets my off to a good start. I will be comparing all other books this year to Department Loved this not sure why its taken me so long to get around to it. Vampires and Frankenstein. Do I need to say more?

This is a glorious take on vampire tales, Dept 19 having existed in the shadows for years - Cue young Jamie Carpenter getting all caught up in the shenanigans by virtue of his family connection and lots of adventure ensues Highly entertaining, very enjoyable, beautifully written and incredibly imaginative. Characters are great. Adored Frankenstein, loved the vampire girl Larissa, Jamie as our main protagonist is mostly not annoying and often very funny and the mythology started with this book one of a series looks set to grow and grow.

Great plotting, both likely and unlikely heroes, a touch of class and a great deal of fun in and around some really quite scary, intense and emotional moments.

I do like clever. I have purchased more and shall be finding out what is next for Jamie very soon. Mar 14, Katyana rated it really liked it Recommended to Katyana by: I liked this book, even though there were some problems with it. Primarily, I felt that all the leaping around in time to tell every character's story in detail was a bit It took away from the primary story. I felt that so many pages were spent detailing past events that I only really got to know the main characters half as well as I should have, and in the meantime, I knew about 3 times more than I needed regarding most of the secondary characters.

It slowed the book down, signifi I liked this book, even though there were some problems with it. It slowed the book down, significantly.

It took away the adrenaline underlying the race to find Jamie's mom - with all the bouncing around, it felt like weeks had passed, instead of what was probably only days in "real time". Despite that, it was a fun story despite the villain being exactly who you suspected it was about 75 pages in. Not really twisty-turny, but then, not every book has to be. It did well in establishing the world of this series, and it should be fun watching it progress.

View all 7 comments. Did I read the same book as everyone else? The things that ultimately lowered my rating were: Yes, he's a typical teenager, but he was also annoyingly stubborn, strong-willed, and insolent.

The story would have been much better with original characters, rath 2. The story would have been much better with original characters, rather than using literary figures such as Frankenstein, Dracula, Van Helsing, etc. And it was SLOW. I actually had to take a break from boredom and read another book while in the middle of this one.

The break did nothing to improve my attitude about this book, however. View all 10 comments. Oct 19, Wendy Darling rated it liked it Shelves: I read roughly pages and skimmed a bit more before deciding that it just wasn't keeping my interest.

Die Jagd bleibt die gleiche. Nichts wird mehr so sein, wie es war, denn er wird in die geheime Basis des Departments 19 gebracht, die geheimste Organisation des britischen Geheimdienstes. Meine Meinung Das Cover hat mich vom ersten Moment an schon angesprochen. Der Schreibstil ist temporeich und man merkt, dass es ein Jugendbuch ist, auch wenn es einige heftige Szenen gibt. Jamie wird ja sehr unvorbereitet mit unglaublichen Entdeckungen konfrontiert, die er mir ein bisschen zu schnell annimmt.

Auch lernt er alles in einem Tempo, als sei er ein "Naturtalent", auch was den Umgang mit Waffen betrifft. Das fand ich sehr geschickt gemacht. Seward und sogar Stoker selbst hat hier eine kleine, wenn auch etwas undankbare Rolle erhalten. Auch Jamie zweifelt oft an ihrer Aufrichtigkeit und kann sich selbst nicht verstehen, weil er ihr mehr und mehr vertraut. Denn auch Larissa zeigt die typischen Eigenschaften, mit denen ich die klassischen Vampire verbinde.

Leider hatte die Handlung dann einen kleinen Einbruch. Nach dem Mittelteil wurde das Tempo dann wieder angezogen und das letzte Drittel wurde nochmal richtig spannend!

U Britaniji. Glavni lik je teenager Jamie Carpenter kojem je ubijen otac pripadnik Odjela 19 , a majku su mu oteli vampiri. I loved this book it has been awhile since I read a really good vampire story with no major romance plot more adventure and things like that I liked it a lot. I loved the characters and the whole concept was just done so well I really liked Jamie and everything that surrounded him.

I loved the story I liked the bits that lead back to classic vampire fiction like Jonathon Harker and Van Hellsing I loved how the story flowed with Jamie trying to get back his mother and the ending was good too.

So I loved this book it has been awhile since I read a really good vampire story with no major romance plot more adventure and things like that I liked it a lot. So overall I loved this book and want to continue the series sometime soon. The book, based on the cover and the plot, will probably be targeted at YA male readers but don't let that put you off girls.

This book will appeal to everyone with it's wicked use of cool locations, awesome horror action and battles and plus some fantastic and inspired ways of taken classic novels and bringing forward their stories for a new and younger generation.

I have read Frankenstein and Dracula whilst studying at University and if anything Department 19 will encourage young readers to ta The book, based on the cover and the plot, will probably be targeted at YA male readers but don't let that put you off girls.

I have read Frankenstein and Dracula whilst studying at University and if anything Department 19 will encourage young readers to take a closer look at these classic horrors and re think what they know about stories like Frankenstein and the common misconceptions of Gothic horror. This book is awesome.

Department Nineteen (Department Nineteen, #1) by Will Hill

It is an excellent addition to any Horror collection and perfect introduction for young readers to the more Classics. This is a straight out horror action packed tale of Jamie who discovers his father has a past within the secret British government agency known as Department Department 19 doesn't exist to the general public but it fights the supernatural evils and defends against the monsters that you think are scary stories.

Jamie is thrown into a world he never knew existed after his mother is kidnapped by one of the oldest vampires in existence who is out for evil doing and destruction.

Along side Frankenstein who is real, just so you are aware and the kick ass team Blacklight he tries to find his mother as he learns about the past his father kept secret, how and why he died and the history of Department 19's origins from Dracula's defeat.

The action and locations must have been so well researched because they were all tangible and believable to someone like me who's geography isn't the best. I was completely was drawn into the search for Jamie's mother and the unfolding history of Department 19 through the descriptive locations. The varied locations and historical settings, as well as military terminology mixed with classic literature makes for an extremely well woven story that could have potentially become too wrapped up in details but it's in the details that the story is built.

For a reader that has studied Gothic writing and specifically Frankenstein it was a relief that the original works were dealt with so carefully. Dracula's and Frankenstein's back stories very much relate to the Mary Shelly and Bram Stoker novels as a truthful basis and Will Hill develops them into to characters that fit into his world but don't diverge from how you know them; as monsters and creatures in the night. The relationship between Frankenstein and Jamie is fab and I loved how they bonded together gradually as Jamie learnt more and more about the world he never got to hear about from his father.

The action is slick and the gore is, well, very gory so perhaps not the best if you are of a weak stomach but I like my horror horrific so this was right up my street. The only problems sometimes I found was dealing with all the military terms, names and codes for the different weapons and planes because I have no clue about the difference between a normal gun, a machine gun or a big bazooka except some are bigger in size no doubt.

So those bits probably would have impacted me more if I'd know anything about guns and gadgets or if they'd not been there at all because quite honestly my eyes glazed over the technical stuff when it occasionally cropped up.