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Bookworm is a eBook reader supporting multiple eBook formats. A simple ebook reader for Elementary OS. Contribute to babluboy/bookworm development by creating an account on GitHub. Find File. Clone or download. Brief: If you are looking for an effective eBook reader for Linux, Bookworm will serve your purpose. Bookworm is an open source eBook reader.

Language: English, Spanish, German
Country: South Africa
Genre: Politics & Laws
Pages: 146
Published (Last): 08.07.2016
ISBN: 226-9-59497-999-2
ePub File Size: 25.88 MB
PDF File Size: 10.35 MB
Distribution: Free* [*Free Regsitration Required]
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eReader Model: Bookworm Online Reader. Bookworm is a free online platform for storing and reading [DRM Free] EPUB ebooks. The main benefit of using a. Get the latest version of bookworm for Linux - A simple, focused eBook reader. Love free eBooks? Share this page on FaceBook may change without warning. Please make sure the book is still free before downloading.).

The main benefit of using a reading system such as Bookworm is that you can read your ebooks from any web browser on any computer, including most mobile web devices, anywhere and at any time. Once you have your account you can start adding books to your Library. At first look, you might think that Bookworm is quite boring to look at, but this simplicity of design really starts to show its benefit when you actually begin reading your ebooks. There are three main views to the reading system, the default opens the book within the normal Bookworm website, however, if you click the small square icon next to the Font style button, you switch into the full reading mode. The layout here is at an absolute minimum just a tiny header and footer , which leaves the rest of the screen for the book page itself. To turn a page you just click in either the left or right margin. The layout is very clear, the two available font styles are nice to read and you have unlimited zooming options.

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A modern, minimalist eBook Reader for elementary OS. Run the following commands to install Bookworm: Project information Maintainer: Bookworm-team Driver: Siddhartha Das.

View full history Series and milestones Loading graph All code Code lp: Version control system: Git Programming languages: All bugs Latest bugs reported Bug Don't allow half lines of text Reported on Bug More contributors Top contributors Siddhartha Das 3 points.

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Get Involved Report a bug Ask a question warning. Then execute the following commands to install Bookworm sudo ninja install com.

If you want to build Bookworm from source on Fedora, the same build commands are required but some of the libraries are named different sudo dnf install gtk3-devel libgee-devel granite-devel sudo dnf install webkitgtk4-devel sqlite-devel poppler-glib-devel html2text curl.

Bookworm uses Weblate translation. You can contribute by translating Bookworm to your favourite languages and make the user experience better.

Use the badge below to navigate to the Weblate site for simple browser based translation. Bookworm is open source on GitHub.

Otherwise you can raise an issue for a feature request. Or you can buy me a coffee to keep me hacking away at Bookworm.

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Toggle navigation. A table of contents to easily jump to a chapter. Enable Night Mode: Turn on Dark Theme Enable Cache: Preserve the contents extracted from eBook for faster subsequent reading Library View at start: Always show the library view when Bookworm is opened Customize font: Choose font family from available fonts on the system and font size Customize reading profile: The text and background color for all three reading profiles can be customized Auto load books:

Download ebook bookworm