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by Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills. The #1 New York Times bestselling novel that picks up where The Last Man left off, The Survivor is a no-holds-barred race to save America and Mitch Rapp’s finest battle. Rapp quickly dispatches the traitor, but Rickman proves to be a deadly threat to. Fans of Cotton Malone, the main character in Berry's thrillers, will not be disappointed with this latest offering. Once again Cotton is hired by the Magellan Billet to. The Survivor by Vince Flynn with Kyle Mills - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Top secret data has been.

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#1 New York Times bestselling author Vince Flynn's “high-energy” (Booklist) political thriller The Survivor (Mitch Rapp #14) by Vince Flynn Format: ePUB A blistering novel that picks up where The Last Epub Love - Download Free Ebooks. Vince Flynn The Survivor Epub Torrent > DOWNLOAD. The Survivor ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Vince Flynn · The Survivor: A Mitch Rapp Novel by Kyle Mills. Vince Flynn & Kyle Mills. Atria/Emily Bestler Books.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Rapp quickly dispatches the traitor, but Rickman proves to be a deadly threat to America even from beyond the grave. Foreign Agent. Brad Thor.

I dont mean Gould. I mean I care about what we do with him, but for the moment, Im more worried about what were going to do with Mitch. Kennedy was growing tired of this. Shed talked to their resident shrink about the tension between Nash and Rapp and for the most part they were on the same page.

Rapp was Nashs senior by a few years, and through some pretty impressive maneuvering Rapp had been able to end Nashs covert career. The how and why were a bit complicated, but in the end it was plainly a noble gesture. Nash had a wife and four kids, and Rapp didnt want to see all that thrown away on a dangerous life that someone else could handle.

Nash for his part felt betrayed by Rapp. Their closeness was a natural casualty as Rapp began to share. I know youre worried, Kennedy said, but you have to stop trying to control him. Trust me, Ive spent twenty years trying and the best I can do is nudge him in a general direction.

Nash frowned. Hes going to end up just like Stan. A bitter, lonely old man whos dying of lung cancer. Look at Stan Dont judge, Mike, Kennedy said with a weary tone. Hes been through a lot.

How he chooses to go out is no ones business but his own. But Mitch Thats the road hes on. Kennedy thought about it for a long moment, taking a sip of tea. Were not all made for white picket fences and nine-to-five jobs.

He most certainly isnt. No, but each time he goes out the odds are stacked against him. I used to think so. Kennedy smiled. And then I came to a very simple conclusion Whats that? Hes a survivor. The Bosporus was directly below, streaked with boat wakes and divided by a bridge linking Asia to Europe.

It was a familiar viewthe densely packed buildings, the traffic-choked streets, and the ancient mosques representing a religion that had been subverted by evil men. A light fog condensed around the plane, obscuring his line of sight. He leaned back in his seat, closing his eyes and letting himself drift back to the first time hed been there. To his first kill so many years ago. The mans name had been Sharif. By outward appearance, hed been a successful and widely respected real estate investor.

In fact, his extensive property portfolio was nothing more than a way to launder the hundreds of millions of dollars he made selling arms to anyone willing to meet his price. Strangely, the particulars of the assassination remained more vivid in Rapps mind than all the others that had followed.

He could still smell the tiny apartment that had been rented for him through a maze of CIA shell corporations. He could recall how the Beretta 92F hed favored at the time felt heavier and colder in his hand than it had during training. The memory of the operational details brought a barely perceptible and slightly embarrassed smile to his face. Hed completely discarded Stan Hurleys plan, partially out of youthful arrogance and partly to stick his middle finger in the mans face.

His pursuit of the target into a park that he had only superficial knowledge of seemed hopelessly amateurish to him now. And his use of multiple rounds when a single properly placed one would have sufficed was something Hurley still rode him about when hed had too much to drink.

Well deserved, unfortunately. At the young age of twenty-four, Rapp had been one of the most highly trained and talented assassins on the planet. Two decades later, though, he could see how inexperienced and overconfident hed been. No wonder hed had the old cuss pulling his hair out. Normally, planes put Rapp to sleep. He preferred the roar of a C, but what the Gulfstream lacked in white noise it made up for with its plush leather seating. On this occasion, though, hed been awake for the entire trip from the United States Too much on his mind.

At the forefront was Stan Hurleya man hed once despised and who had undoubtedly wanted to quietly do away with the Orion Teams newest recruit after the Sharif job. Rapp had never asked, but he could imagine the knock-down, drag-out Hurley and Kennedy had over that.

The old man screaming that Rapp was already out of control and Kennedy calmly extolling their young recruits potential. It would have been interesting if shed lost that particular argument. Who would have come out on top? Him or Hurley? It was a question that would never be answered. His old friend would be gone soon. Rapp could smell death a mile away and Hurley stunk of it.

Just like everyone did eventually. Just like he would one day. Rapp opened his eyes, but didnt bother looking out the window again. Dwelling on Hurleys cancer was a waste of time. It was beyond his control and he had bigger fires to put out. Scott Colemans update two hours ago suggested that the Russian surveillance on Sitting Bull was getting more intense.

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As problems. What worried him was why the man was suddenly being tailed. Certainly not solely because of the brief mention of a code name on the Rickman video.

No, the only answer was that Rickman had leaked additional classified information before Rapp had put a bullet in his head. But how much more? The hum of the landing gear lowering filled the cabin. Rapp cleared his mind of the thousand disaster scenarios fighting for his attention and focused on the problem at hand.

The FSB had undoubtedly been following Zhutov to see if he would lead them to anyone interesting, but now Colemans team was seeing activity that suggested the Russians were setting up for a rendition. The question was what to do about it. Zhutov didnt know anything particularly useful about the CIAs network, and his cover appeared to have already been blown. That made sitting back and letting the FSB snatch him the option that most of the desk jockeys at Langley would go for.

Just another casualty in the game theyd been playing with the Russians for nearly three-quarters of a century. In Rapps mindand to a slightly lesser degree in Kennedys that was an unacceptable sacrifice. Sitting Bull had put himself in harms way to help the CIA contain Russias unpredictable and often self-destructive impulses.

Rapp had worked with many moles over the yearstraitors who betrayed their homelands for money, or sex, or revenge. They could be useful but were never to be trusted or regarded with anything but contempt. Zhutov was different. He was a patriot who loved his country and believed in its potential to be a positive force in the world. Hed made it clear from the beginning that he would never give up military secrets and he refused any kind of compensation.

Rapp admired him, and there was no way he was going to leave the man twisting in the wind. How many more Sitting Bulls were out there? All the assets Rickman had given up in his phony torture video were accounted for in one. What else had Rick known? Who else had he given up before Rapp had killed him? The rain started as they touched down on the private airports only runway.

Rapp walked forward as they taxied, grabbing a duffel from the closet and waiting for the plane to roll to a stop next to a parking lot scattered with cars. The cockpit door remained closed, as was his preference, so he opened the hatch himself and jumped down. A quick scan of the area turned up no movement. The cars all appeared to be empty and, as promised, no one from the airport was there to greet him.

He turned up the collar of his leather jacket to obscure his face not only from anyone looking down from the tower, but also from his own pilots. The weathered Ford was right where Coleman said it would be, isolated on the east corner of the lot. Rapp tossed his bag in the back and slid behind the wheel. The keys were in the ignition, and a wellused passport identifying him as Mitch Kruse was in the glove box with all the proper entry stamps. He started the engine and pulled out onto the road, staying well within the speed limit as he dialed his phone.

It was picked up on the first ring. Hows the car? Scott Coleman said. Whats the situation? Are our competitors looking to make a move? The phone was encrypted but neither of them trusted the technology.

In light of the NSAs obsession with vacuuming up every cell signal on the planet, it was best to keep the conversation in line with his cover as a sales executive. An hour ago I would have said the situation wasnt pressing. Now, though, things are starting to look more urgent. Im glad youre here to help close the deal.

Rapp managed to cover the fifteen miles to the center of town relatively quickly. Coleman had sent his coordinates to Rapps phone, and the turn-by-turn instructions were being fed to an earpiece camouflaged.

Parking tended to be opportunistic in Istanbul, so he pulled in behind some disused scaffolding and stepped out into the cool drizzle. The sidewalk was typically crowded with pedestrians, but no one gave him a second glance as he lit a cigarette and started up a side street. The leather jacket and dark jeans were right down the center of Istanbul fashion.

Combined with his black hair and dark complexion, he became just another local hurrying to get out of the rain. The clouds were too thick to get a precise bead on the sun, but Rapp guessed it had sunk below the horizon about five minutes ago. Headlights were coming on around him, glaring off wet stone and prompting him to pick up his pace. This is when it would happenthe short period of disorientation when the primitive part of the human mind adjusted from day to night. The foot traffic thinned as he entered an area lined with closed stores devoted to electronics and construction materials.

Sitting Bull would certainly be aware of the Rickman video, but he didnt know his own code name and would have no reason to believe that a man working in Jalalabad would have any knowledge of his existence. Because of that, he was still comfortable routing through this relatively quiet part of Istanbul to get home from his job.

Sharif had been cursed with a similarly careless habit of walking his dog in the same park at the same time every morning. And look what happened to him. The mechanical voice was still giving him directions through his earpiece. Another three minutes and he spotted the hazy but unmistakable outline of Joe Maslick crammed behind the wheel of a white panel van.

Rapp slowed and casually dialed Coleman, looking around as though he were lost. Have you arrived? Coleman said by way of a greeting. The meeting is about to start. Thirty seconds out. Why dont you come in through the back? Rapp disconnected the call and skirted around the rear of the van,.

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Maslick didnt look back, instead continuing to watch the street through the rainsoaked windshield. Coleman pulled his earphones partially off and pointed toward a shaky image on one of the monitors.

Bebes still following Zhutov. Based on what weve seen over the last few days, hell cross another two streets and then go diagonal into a small square. Theres a van parked at the north end with two men in the front seats. No way to know if anyones in the back.

Theyve been there for a half an hour, which is about the variation in Zhutovs schedule depending on if he stops for coffee. Luckily, he did today. Rapp nodded. Tie me into Bebe. Coleman flipped a switch on the console in front of him and held out the microphone that had been clipped to his collar. The heavily encrypted radio signal didnt travel very far, so Rapp felt comfortable being more direct than he would be on the phone.

Slow down when you start to approach the square. I dont want you anywhere near this when it goes down. Thanks, Mitch. The relief in her voice was obvious even over the static. Ill keep eyes on the subject as long as possible and let you know if anything changes. Rapp handed the microphone back to Coleman and went forward, slipping into the passenger seat.

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All right, Joe. Lets roll. Irene Kennedy scrolled through an email on the tablet in her lap, skimming over the details of the Istanbul situation. Sitting Bulls life or death, once one of the CIAs top priorities, was now largely irrelevant.

What mattered was that his situation was more evidence that her worst-case scenario was playing out. More and more it seemed to be the way the world worked.

What could go wrong, inevitably did. Horribly, catastrophically wrong. She shut down the tablet and set it on the seat next to her, staring straight ahead at her own hazy reflection. The limousines bulletproof glass was heavily tinted, cutting her off from the driver and turning the sunny streets of Islamabad to a dim blur.

She knew that there were two cars in front and no fewer than three behind, all filled with wellarmed and well-trained men.

The streets had been partially cleared for her motorcade and a Bell AH1 Cobra attack helicopter was flying close enough overhead that the thump of the rotors vibrated the vehicle around her. The modern state of Pakistan had been established in , carved from the Muslim regions of British India. In the decades since, it had become the sixth most populous nation in the world, with more than.

But while India had worked to modernize and democratize, its neighbor had toiled for much of its history under the rule of dictators and religious extremists. Now the massive country was on the verge of being a failed state. Powerful fundamentalist currents were undermining the government, countless terrorist organizations had moved in, and control of the north had been almost completely lost. With the economy in shambles, terrorists growing increasingly violent, and paranoia about India reaching a fevered pitch, it was hard to blame the Pakistani people for seeking order and stability from any organizations willing to peddle such hollow promises.

Unfortunately, those organizations were the army and the Pakistani intelligence apparatus. Both had grown in influence to the point that it was nearly impossible for the civilian governmentand indeed the United Statesto keep them in check. The chaos in Pakistan was becoming an impossible situation. A looming disaster that Kennedy no longer believed could be averted. Normally, the circumstances would cause her to push Washington toward a policy of containment. For a number of reasons, that was impossible in the case of Pakistan.

Movement of American men and matriel through the territory was critical to the war on terror. The country had one of the largest and most poorly controlled armies in the world. But both those issues paled when compared to the fact that the Pakistani government possessed more than a hundred nuclear warheads.

In many ways, it was a textbook example of the unintended consequences of Americas foreign policy. The United States had funneled billions of dollars into the country to fight the Soviets during their invasion of Afghanistan, but in its anticommunist fervor, it hadnt paid attention when much of that money was diverted to Pakistans WMD program. It was a self-destructive behavior that persisted to this day.

America continued to pump money into the country that had createdand still quietly supportedthe Taliban. A country that had sold nuclear. A country that had hidden Osama bin Laden and now hosted the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the world.

The simple truth was that the increasingly dysfunctional men and women in Washington werent interested in making the difficult choices necessary to win the war against extremism. Pakistan would continue to demand U. But was it enough? The danger posed by Pakistans nuclear program now came from every angle: And at the center of it all was the organization headquartered behind the nondescript gate her motorcade was approaching.

Her driver didnt slow as they headed for a group of men with dogs and low, mirrored carts meant to check for explosives. Instead of being alarmed by the vehicles barreling toward them, they moved back and offered a sharp salute as Kennedy passed. Undoubtedly, this would be portrayed as a courtesyan acknowledgment that an American of her stature was above normal procedures. In actuality, it was an admission that slowing could make her vehicle vulnerable to a rocket attack.

Once inside the walls, Kennedy rolled down her window and looked out over the manicured lawns, fountains, and carefully maintained adobe buildings. It always struck her that the facility looked more like a university campus than the headquarters of one of the most dangerous and secretive intelligence agencies the world had ever known.

Maybe someday one of her successors would come here to find it inhabited by young people with backpacks full of textbooks. She hoped so. But right now that idyllic world seemed a thousand years away. Her lead cars broke off and the limousine pulled up in front of a large, modern building with a lone man standing in front of it.

He hurried to open her door, nodding respectfully as she stepped out. Im General Tajs assistant, Kabir Gadai. He held out a hand and she took it. His grip had a practiced feel to it, as did the warmth of his smile. According to his CIA file, Gadai was an extremely well-educated moderate Muslim who had just celebrated his thirty-fourth birthday. A top college cricket player, hed spent five years in the military after graduation, two with the special forces. To top it off, his wife was stunning and his children earned perfect marks.

An overachiever in every sense of the word. With the exception of his still-solid physique, Gadais military background was no longer evident. His suit looked like Brooks Brothers, his stylishly cut hair was just a bit over the ear, and his admittedly handsome face was devoid of the mustache favored by many of his colleagues. If you could please follow me, he said, leading her into a massive circular lobby with a single security guard who seemed unwilling to even look in their direction.

Gadais voice echoed slightly as he spoke about the buildings architecture, the founding of the ISI by a British army officer in the late s, and the organizations importance to what he optimistically described as Pakistans continued success.

Of course, he was careful to keep the history lesson non- controversial, a light entertainment for his guest as the elevator rose toward the top floor. He didnt mention that the massive e xpansion of the organization had been funded with dollars that were supposed to have gone to supply the mujahideens resistance to the Soviets.

Or the S Wing, a loose confederation of largely retired ISI operatives in charge of liaising with terrorist groups. And he certainly didnt touch on the fact that the power of the ISI had grown to such proportions that a former Pakistani president had once referred to it as a state within a state.

The elevator doors opened and Gadai led her through a richly appointed hallway that had been cleared for her arrival. Ahmed Tajs suite was at the far end and Gadai led her through the outer office. Its been a pleasure meeting you, he said, before opening the ISI directors door for her. I hope to see you again soon. Kennedy smiled politely before stepping across the threshold. Ahmed Taj immediately rose from his desk and strode toward her with a hand outstretched.

Its wonderful as always to see you, Irene. I thank you for making the journey. I trust it wasnt too tiring. It was nice to get away from the office, Ahmed. I imagine youre one of the few people who can understand. Indeed, he said sympathetically and then motioned toward a group of couches set up in front of one of three stone fireplaces. The office was an opulent affair entirely at odds with the modern architecture of the building.

At least four times the size of her own, its walls were covered in rich wood paneling. Numerous bookcases were arranged with photos and other memorabilia, but few actual volumes. Yes, thank you. Kennedy examined Taj as he poured. The man was a stark contrast to the imposing surroundings, which she knew to be the work of his predecessor. At the Pakistani presidents urging, Parliament had chosen the ISIs new director not for his ruthlessness or cunning but for his spectacular mediocrity.

Tajs gift for military supply logistics, as well as his ability to navigate the egos and agendas of his superiors, had allowed him to rise to the rank of air force general.

When compared to even his own young assistant, though, Taj came up wanting. His suit was of average quality, he stood barely five six, and his stomach seemed to expand a little more every time she saw him. He had never been an athlete, and his grades had been good, but far from spectacular.

Most notable, though, was the fact that whereas Gadai met her eye and spoke in a clear, confident tone, Taj had a tendency to mumble and look at the floor. At first, she had been surprised when hed been named and thought that it was perhaps meant as a tacit apology for the Osama bin Laden. What shed come to learn, though, was that Taj possessed the one quality that the countrys president needed. He was controllable. Whether this was a good thing or not was, like everything related to Pakistan, a complicated matter.

The ISI was heavily factioned. It wasnt unusual for one branch to be hunting a particular terrorist group while another funded it. That incohesiveness weakened the organization and benefited the civilian government, but it also contributed to the dangerous chaos Pakistan was descending into. Mitch Rapp summed up the ISI situation as a simple question of whether organized crime or disorganized crime was preferable.

In his words, would she rather deal with the mafia or a bunch of shiv- wielding junkies? Im glad you agreed to come, Taj said as he finished pouring and took a seat across from her. I think a face-to-face meeting is better to put this matter behind us. So do I. She picked up her cup and took a sip, making it clear that she wasnt inclined to offer more.

In our last meeting you made a number of accusations. Accusations seems like a strong word, Ahmed. I would say concerns. His dull eyes fell to the coffee table. Concerns, then. Im afraid they were largely justified. Ive been authorized to tell you everything weve been able to determine about your man Joseph Rickman.

She didnt respond, letting the silence draw out between them until he felt compelled to start speaking again. He did not die in the video released on the Internet.

She let the surprise read on her face, despite knowing that Rickman had met his end like so many before him: Im sorry, I dont understand. He was, in fact, transported to Pakistan. Specifically, to Akhtar Durranis private compound. The deputy director of your external wing? To what end? His death video was a ruse to ensure that both you and I would stop looking for him. He was transported to General Durranis home and held there to give Akhtar time to extract everything Rickman knew about the CIAs operations.

And youre telling me you had no knowledge of this? Kennedy said, making it a point to allow a bit of skepticism to creep into her voice. None, Taj said emphatically.

It seems likely that Durrani wanted to use this information to inflate his own power and unseat me as director. Of course that is how he would see it. In truth, Durrani had been a thug. Not a stupid man per se, but hardly clever enough to be behind this scheme. No, Rickman had been in charge the entire time.

He would have allowed Durrani the illusion of control while he used the man and his organization to carry out his plan of gutting the CIAs worldwide operations. Can I assume youll be turning Rickman over to me immediately? Tajs dark skin took on a pallor. Im sorry to inform you that hes dead. As is Durrani, Kennedy said. The press release I read said a heart attack.

In fact, both appear to have been shot by Durranis man Vazir Kassar, who gained access to his compound with an unknown accomplice. Of course, well turn Rickmans body over to your embassy as soon as we can make arrangements.

Kennedy brushed her dark hair behind her ear and leaned back into the sofa. Tajs story explained his forthrightness. The operation against Durrani was highly professional and he had been unable to identify Kassars accomplice. He would have no choice but to consider the possibility that the CIA had been involved and that she already knew about Durranis plot.

Better to confess and place the blame on a dead man than be caught in a lie that could implicate the entire ISI. Yes, Taj said, looking increasingly miserable. Durranis men. They were interested in the banker Leo Obrecht, who, as you know, seems to have been deeply involved in what was happening. The one who escaped was Kassar. We are trying to find him but so far have had no luck. It was an unlucky streak that would continue. She had Kassar. Hed declined her job offer, opting instead for a new identity, a U.

What information did Rickman provide Durrani before their deaths? Was there anything beyond what we saw in the video? Im afraid I have no idea. All the computers were missing from Durranis house. I assume taken by Kassar and his man. An exhaustive search of his home turned up nothing of interest. Currently were working on his Internet usage, bank accounts, and known associates. Rest assured that were doing everything possible to dissect Durranis plan and determine whether he passed sensitive information to any of his people.

Im not aware of any additional revelations since their deaths and my assumption is that Rickmans knowledge was limited to your network in Afghanistan. My hope is that this incident is behind us. Kennedy sat quietly on the sofa. Unfortunately his hopes and her own would be dashed. Rickmans genius and years in the clandestine services had left him with knowledge far beyond his theater of operation. And the situation with Sitting Bull suggested that at least some of that knowledge had made its way into the wrong hands.

I appreciate your forthrightness, Ahmed. We understand the seriousness of this situation and acknowledge the friendship youve showed our country. We are entirely to blame for this incident and can only hope you understand that both I and President Chutani are doing everything we can to mitigate the damage. She decided to ignore what was undoubtedly meant as an apology, instead changing the subject.

And Qayem? Lieutenant General Abdul Rauf Qayem had ordered an attack on Mitch Rapp that had led to the death of one of Rapps men as well as twenty-one Afghan police officers. Were trying to locate him, but it will be difficult. My understanding is that he believes your Mr. Rapp is hunting him and because of that, he has fled to the mountains. Tajs information paralleled her own. Rapp had Commander Abdul Siraj Zahir of the Afghan police looking for the man, but Zahir reported that the general had disappeared into the hinterland and abandoned all electronic communication.

Of course, Zahir was a sadistic psychopath who had changed sides in the Afghan conflict more times than anyone could count, so who could say for certain? My problem, Ahmed, is that the Afghan police are blaming Mitch for attacking their men without provocation. Can I assume youll use your network to set the record straight? The rumors and animosity are making it difficult for my people to do their jobs.

Of course.

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Well begin spreading that message immediately. She doubted that was true but, at a minimum, his failure to grant her request would be something she could use against the ISI in their future dealings.

Id like to make something very clear Kennedy started but then fell silent when the door to Tajs office opened. When she caught a glimpse of the man in the threshold, she immediately rose to her feet.

For fans of the Rapp series, we know in many ways Rapp has been a tortured soul since the events in Consent to Kill. In many ways he became detached from his emotions throughout the novels that followed. In The Survivor, Mills begins to explore the evolution of Rapp and where he might go with himself in the future. From beginning to end The Survivor is a true hit. I can not recommend this book enough.

Mitch Rapp is in great hands with Kyle Mills. The book is a fitting tribute to Vince Flynn and his legacy. While Vince is no longer with us, the universe he created is still going strong. The Survivor (A Mitch Rapp Novel Book 12) eBook: Vince Flynn, Kyle Mills: Kindle Store

VInce created a character in Rapp that will always be the gold standard for the thriller genre. The great news is that in Kyle Mills we now have an author that will give us all something we have been in desperate need of.

Buy The Survivor now! Worth Every Penny. Kindle Edition. Before proceeding, I want to note that recent years have witnessed the death of several of my favorite singers, actors, and writers: With the passing of Flynn, it appeared one of the all-time great characters, Mitch Rapp, would become a relic lost to the dustbin of history. I will let you read this latest installment and decide just how closely the characters continue to replicate that bigger-than-life hero.

For this review, however, I will jot down my perspective insofar as this book, commenced by Vince Flynn but completed by Kyle Mills. Questions I had when I opened the book were: Is this a stand alone novel, or must readers read one or more of the previous books? Yes, it is stand alone, although I recommend reading the entire series first, simply because it is a great story.

Second, is there a cliffhanger ending? Despite the new writer having been commissioned to write three books, this is, thankfully, free of a cliffhanger. Third, does it feel, smell and taste like Mitch Rapp? Yes, but the basic storyline, other than Rapp, himself, does have a somewhat different feel. I'm grateful for this, for the writer is not merely counterfeiting Flynn. Mills is allowing himself latitude sufficient to stamp his own imprint upon the franchise.

I was concerned that Mills would so tightly parrot Flynn that the story would lose the soul, if you will, and be merely a means for the publisher to keep cashing in on the efforts of a great writer. I needn't have worried, for Mills is a seasoned writer of merit and has, for me, co-authored an incredible story worth my time and the money I spent. Can't wait for the movie!

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Best series I have read. If you enjoy political thrillers, this series is the mother of them all. I have read or listened to every book in the series and the only down side is that it is going to be hard to find another series as good. Trust me I have tried. Even with Kyle Mills at the helm, the story is still compelling and keeps the pages turning like a guy his first time on Tinder. I have already pre-ordered the next book in the series!

I hope to provide my own input on products in order to help others as well. I only give ratings that I think the product deserves. If you have any questions at all, please ask and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

Unfortunately Kyle Mills has taken the work of a great author ,Vince Flynn and turned it into a third rate mystery book. I have read all of Vince Flynn's books and this is a tragic attempt to cash in on a first rate author by a third rate author. He has turned Mitch Rapp, the hero of all Vince Flynn's books into a psychopathic murderer. I lost track of how many people Mitch Rapp killed in the first hundred pages.

The author has no insight into the Flynn characters. Irene Kennedy ,director of the CIA has been turned into a whimpering character unable to make a decision. Those of you who have read Flynn"s books know this is a travesty.

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To add insult to injury, the book has a price of I waited a long time for a sequel but this was a complete letdown. Save your money. See all 3, reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway.

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