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Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is free software that lets you add eBooks from a Kobo's reading apps and eReaders can automatically download and open most . Buying a book: You can buy eBooks on your eReader or from . To learn how to get started with Adobe Digital Editions and borrow books To borrow and read DRM-protected titles on a Kobo tablet, you'll need to download free. When you borrow a library eBook, you'll download the eBook's license file onto Use Adobe Digital Editions to copy the license file on to your Kobo eReader.

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Kobo's reading apps and eReader can automatically download most books to use Adobe's software, Digital Editions, to open and transfer some eBooks to. The Getting Started eBook is pre-installed with Adobe Digital Editions ; however, it will not be installed if you install as a standard user (non-admin user). It may just have been that the transfer got corrupted somehow. Try deauthorizing the Glo (ctrl-alt-E when in Digital Editions with the . Having a similar problem with my Kobo Touch; not with a library ebook but one i bought.

You can buy eBooks right on your eReader. All you'll need is a Wi Fi connection and a valid credit card. You can connect your Kobo eReader to your Windows computer, and then drag and drop books into your eReader Library. You can connect your eReader to your Macintosh computer and then drag and drop books into your eReader Library. Before you begin, add the books to your computer. You can use a Micro SD card to add books to your eReader. The following eReaders do not have a SD card slot:

You need to authorize device with your Adobe ID and redownload the book to your computer. You can follow the guide to authorize your computer. The EPUB book will be downloaded to your computer during this process.

To get the downloaded EPUB book path, click the triangle button on the left side of the book. The EPUB book is saved in the default path: If the downloaded Kobo book is ZIP file, simply rename the extension name ".

Kobo has changed their DRM scheme after Kobo 3. Thus our program, which just generated decrypting key according to that wrong Adobe ID , will fail to decrypt your eBooks.

How to Read Sony Kobo eBooks on Adobe Digital Editions

You'll receive a confirmation email confirming your pre-order very soon. You will be charged: When do I need to use Adobe Digital Editions? The exceptions are when: Ready to get started? Enter your Adobe ID and password, then click Activate. Click Finished when Adobe finishes authorizing your computer. The only times you need to use Digital Editions are when you want to read: Authorize your eReader with Adobe.

Adobe editions digital kobo download ebook

Add books to your eReader using Digital Editions. Authorizing takes only a moment.

To authorize your eReader: Connect your Kobo eReader to your computer and select Manage Library. Click Authorize Device. Click Finished to complete the process. To transfer a book: Download your eBook from the Kobo Store or another bookstore or library.

Check the type of the file you downloaded. Select Add Item to Library from the Library list. Navigate to the book you downloaded, select it, and click Add.

If the book you downloaded has an. Make certain that you're connected to the Internet. Using Finder Mac or Explorer Windows , navigate to where you saved your book.

In Digital Editions, drag your book from your library to the icon representing your eReader. To open your book and transfer it to your eReader: Make certain that: Then, once again, reauthorize using ADE. Nothing happened when I did Ctrl-Alt-E on my laptop. No option that I can see in Adobe Editions to deauthorize.

I haven't got a Kobo so can't verify details, but just in case check you been through all the steps mentioned in. I'm holding these possilbe fixes in abeyance at present as I don't to mess things up and I am also waiting to hear from the library I borrowed from to see if they have encountered this problem before. I'll let you know if I get anywhere.

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I got mine working this morning. This forced me to setup my Kobo again. When the setup was finished the book transferred and I was able to open it up. Many thanks to all. The library got on to Overdrive who, like sjpt, recommended a factory reset. I have done this and the book has now transferred OK. Thanks again. What did work was to move the files from the Adobe Digital Editions folder to the root folder of the Kobo.

Digital editions download kobo adobe ebook

I used Windows Explorer to I think copy rather than move the files in the "Adobe Digital Editions" folder up to the root, the highest level. I can't check this just now becuase it is my wife's Kobo that has the problem.

How to transfer library ebooks to an ereader using Adobe Digital Editions

The file names will be of the format "name of book". I coped them all to root and Kobo "found" them. Hope this helps. Having a similar problem with my Kobo Touch; not with a library ebook but one i bought. I added it to my ADE 3. The Adobe ID is the same on both devices and gives me no problem with other ebooks. Previous versions of ADE 2. Any other suggestions?

Understanding the OverDrive book borrowing process

I am having the exact same error code come up with every book I transfer over to my Kobo e-reader. The book is a solid black color in the e-reader and when you try to open it, it pops up this error code.

Could someone help us out here please.!!!! I have no interest in buying books - I have too many physical ones already, and that's what the library and book exchanges are for. I've been using the OverDrive app on my many-years-old-gifted-to-me Android phone and although it's slow for browsing the library site, in practice, using this app has been effortless. My sister gave me a Kobo Touch 2.

I check out a book in OverDrive, download it onto my computer since the Kobo doesn't support such an app and then it shows up on my Kobo. But of course that's not how it works. So I followed all the instructions on the Kobo site. Downloaded ADE 4. Tried getting help from the Kobo people, they were a bit slow, so I looked up a fix on my own de-authorizing everything, de-installing everything, deleting downloaded books, factory reset, re-installing everything, re-authorizing everything, re-downloading everything.

Did ALL of that and it still didn't work, so I followed some other advice that said to wait a few hours. THEN if finally worked and I was able to read a book or two.

Editions adobe digital download kobo ebook

Then discovered the Touch 2. So then a few weeks later, I go to download another book, and I even wait 24 hours before trying to read it.

Kobo Touch not opening a book transferred from | Adobe Community

Same bloody error. What the heck???? I had the same experience as everything listed above and I've found a solution.

Although it's definitely a work around and not really a fix, it seems to work every time. I download the book I want, and when I properly disconnect the the kobo of course I get the dreaded "this document is protected All I do is download another book. Doesn't matter if you actually want to read it, somehow after downloading a second book, the kobo can magically read the original book I downloaded.

It only shows the error for the last book I downloaded. So if I download a second book right away, I can read the book I want. Sounds weird, but it works for me every time. I sure hope this all gets fixed in future versions and I can go back to just downloading one book at a time. I have just started going through similar crap.

I have successfully used Adobe digital editions 2. I even ran digital editions 4. After not using my KOBO for a couple of months I wanted to start using it again downloading from a public library with digital editions 2.

Still didnt work DRM problems. I then decided to go to v4. Anybody have any advise?