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Download our free nonfiction and fiction ebook formatting templates for Amazon Kindle in this blog post. No opt-in required. The Kindle Formatting Book Template for Nonfiction Ebooks(Title). Super Easy Formatting Template For Kindle brought to you by Ebook Publishing School You don't need to download book writing templates to get beautiful ebooks for iBooks and Kindle book publishing; everything happens in our online tool. And it's.

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If you are starting to publish kindle books then I have created a word template and an open office template for you to download for free. There is a video where I . Kindle Ebook Template. In addition to all of our products and services for authors, we also regularly post free tutorials, articles, and videos to. Our Microsoft Word Kindle Ebook Template And Videos Will Allow You To Create are always updating and improving our template and videos (you get free updates) and we just . The download link is between the red arrows on that page.

I was writing another kindle book the other day and came across an interesting thing. Anyway yesterday I added some bullet points in my book. So I had to go back and change it. I then got into sorting things out and making it look better etc. The only thing you need to note is that if you are using open office to write your kindle books then you need to save them as. Download Word Kindle Book Template.

I recently looked at one solution for converting your text to Kindle format and there were literally 10 different steps and 3 different programs to use!

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There are no other programs to use, nothing complicated, and I walk you through the process with step by step videos as well. Our Kindle Ebook Template Has: Many people get excited about just getting their book up on the Amazon Kindle store but the fact is, if your book is poorly formatted you will either get lots of quick returns, negative comments, or most likely BOTH, which will kill your sales.

You will also receive access to all of our step by step training videos and you could have your Ebook completed today! I just watched your youtube video about adding interactive quizzes to my kindle book. Before I order your program I have several questions…. Do I need your program in order to do this? How do I upload this interactive quiz to kindle?

Is it part of my original word doc? Kindle - Ebook Landing Page Template. It is responsive one-page landing page template which highly suitable for showcasing and selling your e-book. Key Features. Sources and Credits.

Free Kindle Publishing Book Template

All images are just used for preview purpose only and NOT included in the download folder. Similar Bootstrap Landing Page.

Outing Travel Landing Page Template.

Template kindle free download ebook

Apex App. Alex April 14, Reply. Hello, how are you? Thanks and good luck! Md Altaf Hossain April 14, Reply. Select the file from your computer and click Insert.

Check your device settings. Most cameras and scanners offer high-resolution settings. Make sure they're set to high resolution before using them. Turn off image compression. To reduce file size, Word is set to compress images. To change the setting: Go to the File tab and click Options.

Under Advanced , find Image Size and Quality. Check the Do not compress images in file box. Check the image resolution. Don't know if your images are high resolution? Check the image details and calculate the pixels per inch PPI: Right-click on the image file and select Properties. In the window that opens, click the Details tab. Look for the number of pixels under the Image header. Divide the number of pixels by the image size.

Download template kindle ebook free

For example, the pixel count of your image is x , and the image is 4" x 6". That means your image has PPI. Create an active table of contents. We recommend doing this with Kindle Create , which is explained in step 3 of this guide.

As part of conversion, Kindle Create detects possible chapter titles and displays them for your review.

Here's how to create a TOC in Word: Click where you want to insert your table of contents. Go to the References tab and click Table of Contents. Select Automatic Table 1. When asked if you want to replace the table of contents, click Yes. Highlight the table of contents title Contents.

Go to the Insert tab, and in the Links section, click Bookmark. In the Bookmark name field, enter toc and click Add. Insert a page break after your table of contents. Quality check. After finishing your manuscript, check the following: Use Word's built-in spellcheck and grammar tools, but also proofread your file manually. The tools may not catch every error. Hard returns.

eBook Manuscript Formatting Guide | Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

A hard return is anywhere you press the Enter key while typing your manuscript. Hard returns can change the design of your book in unintended ways. To avoid this, only use hard returns when you want to start a new paragraph or create extra space between paragraphs. You shouldn't use them at the end of every line. Track Changes. Make sure the Track Changes option is turned off.

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You can check this by going to the Tracking section of the Review tab. Cover image file.

Don't include your cover image in your manuscript file. When you publish your eBook, we'll automatically add the cover image you provide during title setup. Page numbers, headers, footers. Also, eBooks don't have headers and footers, so you don't need to add them to your file.

Text boxes and shapes. We don't recommend inserting text boxes and shapes to create diagrams. If you want to include visuals like these, insert them as images. Drop caps. Drop caps are large capital letters at the beginning of a block of text with two or more lines of regular text. They're typically used for the first letter of the first sentence of a chapter. Drop caps are supported, but they may not appear the way you want them to if you add them in Word.

We recommend using Kindle Create to add elements like drop caps. Choose the type of book you're making and click Choose File.