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So, student here and love to read, I also carry alot of textbooks that I would rather just read from my iPad so if anyone knows any site please. Mobilism, free, direct downloads. Check out eReaderIQ (sidi-its.inforiq. com/), it's a website Local libraries are by far the best. The best wiuld be read them on kindle app for ios, but i don't know if it is possible, so it would Is it safe to download/pirate ebooks, generally speaking? I find that torrent sites don't have as many titles, and it's not really.

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Where can I download mobilism? These are websites BTW, not apps. Also RainBowNation Sharing is good private torrent for Ebooks. You can download pdf or ebook and when transferred to your device via calibre, you can convert to mobi. You don't use calibre to download. I used to download from Kickass torrents, but sadly they are history now. I am looking for language learning materials, history, programming.

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These apps give a better reading experience and some will even help in managing your ebooks. Lately, the demand for digital books has increased as people find it more comfortable in reading a book on their handheld devices, Kindle or PC. When it comes to the Linux users, there are various ebook apps that will serve your purpose in reading and organizing your ebook collections. In this article, we have compiled seven best ebook readers for Linux.

These ebook readers are best suited for pdf, epubs and other ebook formats. I have provided installation instructions for Ubuntu as I am using Ubuntu right now. If you use non-Ubuntu Linux distributions , you can find most of these eBook applications in the software repositories of your distro. Calibre is one of the most popular eBook apps for Linux.

With a powerful eBook manager and easy to use interface, it features creation and editing of an eBook. Calibre supports a variety of formats and syncing with other ebook readers.

It also lets you convert one eBook format to another with ease.

You can find it in the software repository of all major Linux distributions. For Ubuntu, search for it in Software Center or use he command below:.

FBReader is an open source, lightweight, multi-platform ebook reader supporting various formats like ePub, fb2, mobi, rtf, html etc. It includes access to popular network libraries from where you can download ebooks for free or buy one. FBReader is highly customizable with options to choose colors, fonts, page-turning animations, bookmarks and dictionaries.

Free eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices | Open Culture

You can install FBReader ebook reader from the official repository or by typing the below command in terminal. Or, you can grab a. Okular is another open source and cross-platform document viewer developed by KDE and is shipped as part of the KDE Application release.

Lucidor is a handy e-book reader supporting epub file formats and catalogs in OPDS formats. It also features organizing the collection of e-books in local bookcase, searching and downloading from the internet and converting web feeds and web pages into e-books. Lucidor is XULRunner application giving you a look of Firefox with tabbed layout and behaves like it while storing data and configurations.

You can look out for the definition from Wiktionary. It also includes options to Web feeds or web pages as e-books. You can download and install the deb or RPM package from here. Bookworm is another free and open source ebook reader supporting different file formats like epub, pdf, mobi, cbr and cbz. I wrote a dedicated article on features and installation for Bookworm apps, read it here: With features like basic chapter navigation, continuing from the last reading positions, importing from other ebook file formats, chapter jumping and more, Easy Ebook Viewer is a simple and minimalist ePub reader.

You can install Easy Ebook Viewer by downloading the source code from github and compiling it yourself along with the dependencies. I am not recommended you to visit them. If you perform any activity, I am not responsible for your any harm or damages.

It is your own risk. Always create an extra layer of encryption and anonymity. Follow below given steps to create untraceable and fully secure environment. If you are the person who loves to read the deep web books, then you are going to love this website.

I must say this is a tor directory for dark web books link. They keep updated their database with books onion links.

College Textbooks Are Ripping You Off — But These Sites Could Save You Thousands

Some onion links have huge collection of books. Give a try once yourself. This dark web site is the official Tor mirror of Library Genesis. It has a vast collection of several type books at topics like Technology, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computers, History and many more. This dark web link also has forum section, you can join that too, if you want to discuss about books or at any topic. They claim they have reached 2 million files mark.

It can be go to destination for book lovers. So it is hard for me to tell you what this dark web site is offering to users. You can visit once to make sure you understand offered language or not. If you understand then you can know exactly what they are offering.

If you are in mood of reading some crazy and far more interesting than simpleton assholes, then this fuck book is just for you. To enjoy this book, you can visit the dark web link and download this dark web book. Currently, it has 3,, books which you can download for free. Also, it has 52,, articles which is very large number in itself. All books and information are available for free for all users. This dark web book link has very vast collection of books.

For reddit ebook downloads website best

To see their books collection, you need to click given book image and you will get their hidden collection of amazing books. They have organized their database in very friendly way.

I really like it. They categorized as Alphabetical index of the authors, the series, publishers, tags, 9 ratings, 25 languages, books, 50 most recent books. You could take an idea of these records how large collection they have! If these topics interest you, then visit this website. This dark website is go to destination for your all needs. Another good place to read privacy, security and training based books. If you are looking for such stuff, then visit this dark web link.

To read any book, simple click on book image and you will get book pdf. If you are in mood of reading Comics, this hidden web link can be your favourite place. Currently, they have comics.

Ebook reddit downloads for website best

They have categorised their collection in a standard way for your ease. I must say this is the best place at dark web for comic lovers. This dark web link is offering a beginner friendly comprehensive guide to Installing and Using A safer anonymous operating system. Recently they informed Version 1. Beta1 is complete.

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If you are interested in testing then you can contact jetbalckcloud on Twitter. This is given info at their website. If you are interested in testing, once check website, in case they update contact info.