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02 The Sea of KB. 03 The Titan's KB. 04 The Battle of the KB. 05 The Last Olympian. Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade In this second installment in the Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Children's eBooks. Editorial Reviews. Review. Gr In this adaptation of Riordan's novel (Hyperion, ), Camp Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Children's eBooks.

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The Bibliophagist Reviewing young adult, new adult, and romance since Between Folded Pages Books. Post to Cancel. This site uses cookies. But, which book is the best one? My favorite are the 3 final books: Do you like the first or second book better? Kristina i liked the first one better! See all 47 questions about The Sea of Monsters…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. Sort order. Apr 01, Sasha Alsberg rated it it was amazing. Ahh so good! Rick does it again!

View all 36 comments. I enjoyed this so much! Though I will admit that I didn't enjoy it as much as book one. Percy is such a fun narrator and I'm excited to continue following his journey. View all 40 comments. Feb 10, Jayson rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 38 comments.

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Maria Great review, Jayson! All your wording is fantastic! Mar 29, Jayson Maria wrote: I appreciate it: Jun 07, Cara rated it it was amazing Shelves: A guy in Greek armor drew his sword and charged, but slipped in a puddle of pina colada. Really, who can not love a book with lines like that?

I actually had the urge take this book in my hand with a strong grip and whirl it towards my head for waiting so long to read this series.

Sea Monsters Unmasked, and Sea Fables Explained by Henry Lee

I just kept putting it off for some reason or other. Luckily I came to my senses. For the most part things have been pretty quiet this school year and Percy even makes a new friend named Tyson, a giant of a kid. Well, A guy in Greek armor drew his sword and charged, but slipped in a puddle of pina colada.

Well, this is the Percy Jackson series and things don't stay quiet for long. Monsters come in and attack the gym during a game of dodgeball and chaos ensues, and Percy learns that something terribly wrong has happened. The tree that signifies Thalia's sacrifice has been poisoned and Camp Half-Blood is no longer safe. Riordan has made quite a world here, but that's not the only thing you need to get a good story.

Characters are SO important and he doesn't forget that. All of them are typically well drawn out. We get to see some new characters, Tyson being my favorite and new powers and awesome mythological information.

What really impresses me is that it can be funny, witty, informational, believable, smart, suspenseful at the same time without the reader losing the sense of adventure and how much heart all the characters have.

What's so cool is that the action never seems to slow down, the action star in me is thoroughly satisfied. The ending is setup well for the next book, and just shows how tricky our villain is. I actually wish I could write a longer very concise and intelligent review about this book maybe I couldn't accomplish that but I don't want to give anything away, and really the book can stand on it's own without my help. Most people have read them all by now so this message is for you stragglers who waited so long like myself: I doubt you'll regret it.

Added later: Guess what? They decided to go ahead and make a movie based off the second book. The trailer looks promising guys! The bonfire was enchanted, so the louder you sang, the higher it rose, changing colour and heat with the mood of the crowd.

On a side-note: Uncle Rick if you read this, can I please have the lyrics for those songs? But worry not!

We all know that for every problem there is a solution and of course Annabeth already figured it out. I guess to have a daughter of Athena at your side really comes in handy sometimes. What do you get when you skin a ram? So our favourite demi-gods do what they do best: They go on a dangerous quest!

Sirens, hydras, a sinister sorceress, a woman with six dog heads or a sea monster that swallows entire ships?

What about guinea pigs? Guess they all count as sinister forces. Yes, even the guinea pigs! XD and in the end … Well, what did you expect? Immortal families are eternally messy. View all 18 comments. This is the last day in Percy's 7th grade. For the first time in his life, he almost makes it an entire year without getting expelled.

No attacks or anything that can make him expelled and tomorrow he'll be going to camp Half-Blood but then Percy's mother tells him that Chiron sent her a message last night saying that it might not be safe for Percy to come to Camp half-blood and 3. No attacks or anything that can make him expelled and tomorrow he'll be going to camp Half-Blood but then Percy's mother tells him that Chiron sent her a message last night saying that it might not be safe for Percy to come to Camp half-blood and Percy also gets this nightmare that is involving Grover.

Why does Chiron say that it might not be safe for Percy to come to Camp Half-Blood because Camp Half-Blood is like the safest place on earth for half bloods and will something bad happen on this last day? Okay, now let's talk about the book!

I'm not saying this book wasn't good. I'm just saying that the first book was better than this sequel. Grover is one of my favorite characters in this series, so for me a book without many scenes of him would kind of feel I don't know, lack of something.

Download sea ebook monsters of

But I still enjoyed it even though I didn't enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading the first book. But the plot of this book was exciting and I didn't get bored at all. I always found myself feeling excited and curious about what would happen next, But I still felt like something was missing when I didn't see Grover much.

I still don't like how she acted to Percy in the first book but in this book, she's I didn't expect him to be this evil. I hope he gets hurt in the next book. UGH, I hate him. I already ordered the fourth and the fifth book and I have a copy of the third book but I can't read it now!

Because if I read the third book now, then when I finish it and the fourth book still hasn't came, then I will be very very impatient. So I decided to read something else and when the fourth and the fifth book arrive at my home then I will read the third book. I appreciate it so much and I hope you all have a great weekend! I hope I'll see him again in the next books. I miss them so badly. View all 17 comments. Jul 20, Ahmed Ejaz rated it it was amazing Shelves: What an amazing adventure it was!!

I loved it! Percy's narration was still amazing! Now Camp Half-Blood's magical boundary has been weakened as someone has poisoned the Pine Tree which strengthen it. There is only cure to reverse the effect of poison. For this cure, Percy has to go on a quest to find it. A fatal quest! I loved everything in this book!!

Action scenes were amazing. Chariot Races were also amazing. Every single character in this book is enjoyable and interesting. Especially Wowowowo!! Especially Tyson is an amazing addition. I really wish to see him in the next book. Ending was shocking. I didn't see that coming. Titan Lord, again, fooled Percy.

July 20, View all 6 comments. Soooo, this book. This book was epic. For a middle school series, Rick Riordan truly went all out. The characters, the plot, the battles, the adventures; the pre-wedding it was all spectacular. But the fun is yet to start when Percy successfully though unintentionally destroys yet another school and getting expelled in the process.

To sum up, more action, more characters, more fun. You tried the diplomatic approach. You carry the hopes of humanity into the realm of the eternal. View all 26 comments. Apr 05, Mark Lawrence rated it it was amazing. I read this book to her out of order, having read book 1 then book 3 before it.

I hate it when people do that, but the books are pretty stand-alone and we picked the wrong one when leaving the house in a hurry. Actually I can now better appreciate the cross-book story and it's quite clever, so that's good. This volume continues the mix of Greek myth, modern America, and teenagers. Percy battles through various monsters in bloodless battles where the beasties turn to mist on their deaths and reform years later.

We're introduced to his half-brother, a cyclops, and a quest is launched to thwart the dastardly plan to destroy Camp Half-Blood. Hermes pops up too. It's all rowdy and fairly random fun raiding not only Greek myth but other periods of history to give us a Civil War gunboat and some famous pirates to boot. The twist is actually a clever one, neatly mirroring the villian's supposed victory with the heroes'.

Solid YA entertainment. Join my 3-emails-a-year newsletter prizes View all 3 comments. Loving this series. I am apparently newly obsessed with middle grade fantasy and comic books. Who would have thunk it.

And to know Riordan has three other series in addition to this one just makes me childishly joyful. View all 11 comments. What is it with me and not knowing how I feel about rating a book lately! I would like to give all the stars to Tyson!

I thought the rest of the book was good and I love reading about all of the creatures. Of course, Percy and them are usually getting in trouble with all of said creatures. Well, not the sweet ones. View all 9 comments. I need to take Tyson, wrap a blanket around him, give him a stuffed Rainbow and protect him from everything.

View all 8 comments. Like you could do a better job if you ran the world? Me running the world would be kind of a nightmare. It didn't grab me as I would have wanted and I didn't feel very connected to the characters. Something about it was just so, so much more appealing and fun then the first one. Suddenly I loved the characters and the plot and the world so much and I just had to finish this book as soon as possible. Sometimes the best we can do is to remind each other that we're related for better or for worse I think this book was so much stronger than the first because it really solidified the relationships between the characters Annabeth and Percy have so much time together and their relationship gets a lot of development which I loved.

I also really liked Grover in this and the scenes in which they were all together at the end were my favourite.

Of ebook sea monsters download

We also get so much relationships between the Camp Half Blood kids and Percy. I adore Clarisse, she may be a bit annoying and rude, but she's also kinda cool as fuck and I love her.

The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

The worldbuilding and the camp also made me fall so in love with this. I want to go to Camp Half Blood! And have chariot races!! The teachers and camp felt so fun and I liked how there was this dynamic with the camp being both fun and a home for them, whilst also being hard work and a little bit terrifying for them considering their destinies.

The worldbuilding in general just had so much development. This was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. If it hadn't been for The Last Olympian this would have been my favourite in the series. Apr 22, Kimi rated it really liked it Shelves: I think the humor is definitely my favorite thing about these books. I wish I had read them a few years ago but I'm still really enjoying them as an adult too.

I can't wait to read the next one! Also, can we just talk about those Goodreads emails "You've finished the book! I just told you that myself. See this review and more on www. Percy Jackson Series Review: See below! The Titan's Curse: RTC I always get a bit nervous going into the second book in a series.

There's a lot of pressure on the author to prove that the first wasn't just a fluke, and that they can keep the story compelling over the course of a number of middle-books in the series before reaching the grand finale. I h See this review and more on www. I had faith in Rick Riordan though - considering the legacy of popular series he's written - and I'm happy to say that he didn't let me down.

Percy remains one of my new favorite narrative voices I've encountered over the course of this year. He's so sarcastic and full of good humor that I find myself chuckling over the things he thinks or says. Knowing that this series is written for children, I appreciate his character even more.

Percy is easy for boys relate to which is great. There is a distinct dearth of strong male figures in reading geared towards kids in my opinion, so I'm definitely glad Rick Riordan's characters and stories somewhat fill that void.

The story is slightly less compelling than the first book, only because we've already been immersed in this world where the Gods exist. There's less to learn about now, so in some ways it feels a bit less mysterious and more familiar. I wasn't as invested in the sideplot with Grover or the cyclops either, but I definitely think it's silly and lighthearted enough that children are sure to enjoy it. Truth be told,, I'd love this story just for introducing the Hippocampi: They were beautiful and the perfect addition to the world and its magic.

Then again, I'm a total sucker for magical creatures in general, which is a big reason why this series appeals to me so.

My only real complaint about this entry to the PJ series is that the stakes felt a little bit low. All in all though, this was a worthy continuance to Percy's story, and I'm so excited to see where it goes next! Nov 06, James Trevino rated it really liked it Shelves: Look mom!

Fetus May was wrong this deserves 5 stars and more I love my children s o mu ch o h myg od I was literally tearing up at the end over the characters is this allowed.

View 1 comment. Apr 11, babyhippoface rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I don't get it. I just don't really like this series. My two kids would argue to the death with me about them, and I don't know why I don't like them, I just Maybe I don't like ancient Greeks mixing with 21st-century Americans.

Maybe it's Annabeth's recurring refrain of "oh my gods" that drives me insane, or maybe it's the fact that you can't turn 3 pages without Percy being in mortal peril. Too much adventure is bad for the heart. Maybe I can't buy into so many perfectly-timed rescue I don't get it.

Maybe I can't buy into so many perfectly-timed rescues-from-nowhere when Percy is just about to bite the big one, or the way Percy goes into every new situation thinking, "maybe I shouldn't do this," but does it anyway and it's ALWAYS a trap by some monster.

I know he's just an 8th grader, but golly gee Perce, wake up and smell the Cyclops Spit. Anytime you meet a new person, trust me, you should just turn and run. But you never do. I'm just not interested. I don't care how he gets out of the next life-threatening situation. Just get out of it and let's move on to the next life-threatening situation, already. With The Lightning Thief I thought maybe it was the audiobook's narrator that made me not enjoy it much, but I read this one myself, and I still just wasn't into it.

I just wanted it to be over. That's not to say that I don't like Rick Riordan, because I like him fine. Total contradiction, I know, but it's true.

And because not every book is every person's cup o' tea, I'll keep recommending this series to kids, because they think it's awesome. And that's good with me. View all 70 comments. Feb 12, Malanie rated it liked it Shelves: