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Y3T+eBook+EDITION+2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read This eBook is brought to you by world leading bodybuilding coach, Neil Hill. Y3T. Official Guide To Training EDITION 2. By Neil Hill & Dr Paul Rimmer. Get The Book Immediately. $40 - Available For Immediate Download. Wait Until You . Neil Hill is a bodybuilding visionary who wasn't afraid to go against the grain, when his body was trying to tell him something. Injuries from.

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Neil Hill's Workout Program - Gettin' Huge With Y3T. Y3t Program - Free download Ebook, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files on the. Y3t Program - Free download Ebook, Handbook, Textbook, User Guide PDF files Neil hill - y3t - any one bought the ebook or tried it. Y3T Mass Edition 1 Ebook. Download: Neil Hill Y3T Similar searches: Neil Hill Y3t Ebook Neil Hill Y3t Neil Hill Neil Hill. Y3t Pdf Y3t.

This eBook is brought to you by world leading bodybuilding coach, Neil Hill. Neil is also trainer to athletes including 3 X Mr. Today Neil is regarded as one of the most sought after coaches in the world of bodybuilding and has actually gained recognition in other arenas, having been hired for over 2 years by various celebrities and VIPs from around the world to get them into shape for movies and TV shows. Also contributing greatly to this eBook is Dr. Rimmer has worked very closely with Neil Hill to create what is regarded as one of the most advanced online distance learning courses in the world of fitness, under the Neil Hill Academy.

Paul Rimmer The energy systems described at the beginning of this section are very relevant and important to our training. This is the energy system you would use whilst jogging for example.

The full oxidation of glucose and fatty acids releases large amounts of sustained energy but at a very slow rate Willmore and Costill. Lactic acid is often perceived as a waste product of anaerobic glycolysis.

Energy system recruitment and integration is quite a complex topic. It taps into glycogen stores to re-synthesise ATP. The rate of energy production for the lactic acid system is moderate and has a reasonably high work capacity. Paul Rimmer Energy system recruitment We need to piece this information regarding energy systems together now. The rate of energy production is very high. Of course. The rate of energy production from this system is very fast however it is depleted very quickly typically within 10 seconds in an average person Willmore and Costill.

I feel it is very important you are able to grasp this because it will help you appreciate the value of each individual element of Y3T training and the impact it can have. Obviously the higher the intensity. In our rest periods the lower demand for energy allows for re-synthesis of ATP within our muscles using aerobic systems.

Interaction of energy systems: Rate of energy production versus time to system fatigue. You can appreciate that every energy system is comprehensively worked during the different situations presented in weight training.

By knowing which energy systems are working predominately in a training situation. Paul Rimmer So what does this all actually mean? This energy system involvement is compounded further when using Y3T because of the higher variation in workout intensities.

Y3T Training Guide When we lift weights. By being more efficient at working within set intensities and repetition ranges. This would be in the form of stored glycogen meaning the lactic acid energy system will come in to play. By contrast. These factors include: Muscle Group: Exercising bigger muscle groups has demonstrated larger releases in testosterone.

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When lifting heavy weights over a prolonged period of time. Within the human body we have over 30 identified hormones. It does this as a natural reaction in order to enable us to recover more easily and to build more muscle tissue. This increased demand for testosterone is caused by the higher metabolic stress caused by compound movements creating more demand for testosterone to up-regulate muscle building pathways Kraemer and Ratamess.

Free testosterone as opposed to bound testosterone is available for use in the body. When specifically considering resistance training for muscular hypertrophy. Take my word for this. Training intensity and volume: It is also important to note that training near to 1RM has shown little or no elevation of testosterone in the period immediately following training Kraemer and Ratamess. The endocrine system is simply an umbrella term for all of the glands within the body where hormones are produced.

An association with lactic acid accumulation also appears to exist. IGF-1 is also released in the acute phase after resistance training from the stimulated muscle tissue itself in the form of mechano growth factor MGF.

Following their choice to starting working with me and using the Y3T system. Elevations in growth hormone have been demonstrated in both males and females and seems to last for a period of around 30 minutes until returning to basal levels. What is of particular interest. Testosterone and growth hormone are responsible for promoting muscle growth. I have worked with a significant number of clients who have suffered with low sex drives for a long period of time. I firmly believe this style of training has been a big factor in these improvements.

Repeated exposure of increased GH caused by resistance training is important for muscle hypertrophy. This has a marked effect on increasing muscle protein synthesis. These elements of Y3T mean that you are constantly dealing with new stress factors when training which will.

This is released as a response to tension on and contraction through the muscle. This hormone reaction will encourage testosterone and another key hormone.

As with testosterone. GH stimulates the release of insulin like growth factor 1 IGF-1 at a time periods of hours after release and is responsible for many of the actions of GH on muscle tissues.

The type of muscle contraction also seems to influence GH release. As a real life testimony to this. As you know there are different time phases I prescribe for eccentric phases depending on the week. Insulin can be regulated and manipulated through diet with great success. For certain individuals they will be better fuelled in their workout as a result.

Paul Rimmer This body of evidence really highlights to you the importance of eccentric loading when you train which is why I place great emphasis on controlling the negative part of the repetitions. The hormonal impact from weight training will be more significant for some individuals. The reality is from my experience by understanding something you are going to be more likely to apply it because you appreciate the importance of it and secondly. When lifting weights with enough intensity we can up-regulate the output of a group of proteins known as GLUT4 proteins.

As a result. Rimmer has made to specific key scientific points. Although you have gone through this section I want you to revisit this and digest each part properly. It also has the capacity to bind and activate to insulin receptors on cells. Conclusion That brings the science of Y3T to an end. These transporters open up channels in phospholipid cell membranes. Fundamentally this is a very crucial part of the puzzle because ultimately promoting the natural production of anabolic hormones within the body is going to have a broad range of benefits on your results and the time it takes to see them.

Sticking to one training methodology is like sticking to one form of meat in a diet: As we have discovered resistance training at the intensity demanded in Y3T is a much more effective way to burn fat in the short and long term. I turn people away every week if I feel they are not suited to my methodologies. Depending on the point within their schedule and how imminent they are to their next fight. Women looking to be healthy. Bodybuilders or those looking to add size! Rugby Players Having worked with a variety of rugby players I have found that their strength and overall muscular endurance has improved dramatically when including Y3T into their training.

However the overall ideology and training split remains the same when I programme their plan. Y3T can help a lot of different people with different goals. These clients have a significant cardio-conditioning programme away from the weights room as well.

I adjust certain elements to suit their specific needs. Building lean muscle tissue will provide you with the ability to add muscle and curves to areas where you want them developing a strong yet feminine look. Both forms of hypertrophy are targeted as you train the entire muscle fibre population within each muscle.

Can Y3T training benefit you? Before I share this with you. Paul Rimmer On a final note many women are worried about getting too muscly! Most women do not need to fear this as they have naturally low levels of testosterone when compared to men.. All I will say to you. Fundamentally an athlete wants to build lean muscle tissue. Through the multiple-faceted approach Y3T uses to stimulate muscle fibres.

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Y3T Training Guide It also has its health benefits. TRY IT. Paul Rimmer Conclusion Due to the fact Y3T is a very diverse training programme which really takes in to account a broad spectrum of training goals it lends itself very well to a lot of different athletes.

Resistance training loads our bones as well as muscles and this helps them remodel and become stronger.. We have covered some of this in the eBook previously. Ultimately this is where you are going to see results. If you start missing parts or removing them then the rest of the things you are doing will become compromised. Before we go any further I want to retouch upon some basic key terms again so you are able to understand the application of Y3T as I explain it below.

Take everything on board and apply it as I suggest. This section is all about helping you gain an understanding of Y3T from a practical perspective in order to allow you to apply it correctly. Basic Training terminology Rep tempo — this simply means the speed at which you perform one repetition and is broken down into 4 phases.

I want to reiterate that no matter how small you may think one part of the puzzle is which I have explained EACH part is of great importance. Y3T Training Guide Triple drop set — the same as above. I often stipulate specific tweaks to any given exercise.

The energy systems used during the lifting element of each workout will mainly be the ATP system and the lactic acid system whilst the aerobic system will also come into play during rest periods and the latter stages of the workout. When we train. During Week 1 the focus is primarily on myofibrillar hypertrophy. Y3T Training Guide Week 1 The first week of your training cycle is based around lower rep ranges and more working sets. If one goes up. Plus with the target rep range only being Reps.

However this is only for raise exercises which means on pressing exercises on shoulder day you must stick to the prescribed rep tempo for that week. In my experience if you use negative for seconds on these exercises you are in danger of loading the shoulder joint and connective tissues rather than the target muscles. However the lactic acid energy system will be involved more as the ATP system will struggle to meet energy demand during the higher rep sets.

During Week 2 the eccentric phase is reduced to seconds. The concentric phase is set at 1 to 2 seconds. Week 2 You will aim to stimulate sarcoplasmic hypertrophy almost exclusively during Week 2 workouts: All 3 energy systems will be utilised. Structuring your Week 2 Y3T training schedule: However I want you to aim for 2 seconds to maintain control of the weight at all times.

You will be very tempted to start to cheat once your muscles are flooded with lactic acid and hydrogen ions. By the time you have finished reading this book and understand the correct application of Y3T and all of the training techniques I use Week 3 will demand every fibre you have to offer! Structuring your Week 3 training schedule: Week 3 The third and final week of the Y3T training cycle has gained an infamous reputation.

The emphasis on the third week is. This is where mental toughness comes into play. For example A1. If you have done a straight set. However if you have just done 5 exercises back to back you will need the longer rest period to enable the energy systems to recover.

I prescribe a wider variety of training tools in Week 3 to really take to the muscles to the point of failure. Simply because there are so many different rep ranges. I certainly cannot give you set rep tempo for Week 3 training. Week 3 With the high rep ranges in Week 3. Week 2 With moderate rep ranges you are looking to pick a weight. This is the single most effective training tool I can teach you for forcing the muscles to adapt. At this rep range. In the first edition of this eBook I brought some of these points out in public for the very first time.

Make sure you do. By making minor tweaks to the WAY you train once in the gym you can have a very positive effect on your results. Week 1 With low rep ranges. That gives you an indication of the brutality and level of intensity required: If you are not following a straight set.

If you are aiming to complete 50 reps. Each exercise in the sequence e. Below I have outlined them for you to follow. Hence if you are going for 15 reps. However what cannot be numerically prescribed is the effort that you engage towards contracting the targeted muscle properly.

This eventually leads to more adaptation and more muscle hypertrophy. If not. Here is a quick test for you — right now in your chair. Now do another 10 squats. This will also allow you to go beyond your usual point of failure. By applying a brief rest of 2. By doing this. This does not recommend training them exclusively from the other muscle fibres: Y3T Training Guide In case you are curious. The idea behind using partial reps is that you are.

By actively focussing on tensing the muscle whilst moving through the range of motion with resistance. Time and time again I see people literally throw away their chance to build muscle because they miss out on this very simple tip.

So this should highlight to you just how important it is to constantly squeeze your muscles when you do EVERY rep. The application is relatively simple: I want to emphasise that I always advocate using the broadest range of motion available whilst maintaining tension on the target muscle. If you discover that once you introduce weight you cannot feel the muscle. If you are interested in building muscle tissue and getting stronger. Sometimes we can even do both. Practice by tensing the muscle with isometric holds.

I will often reduce the weight that somebody uses when they train with me because their muscles are not working hard enough: In my opinion. All because the recruitment of the muscle fibres and tension was there. I will explain how to select the right application for any given exercise in a moment. The great thing is you can do this at a point of great fatigue. The level of progress you will experience. Y3T Training Guide Which hurts more?

Which is harder? When I get people to do this I often find that more muscular individual finds it harder. The key to doing partial reps correctly is to pick the right time to use them. Learn to utilise small adjustments like this and experiment what works for you. Y3T Training Guide When looking to choose the correct range of motion I want you to refer back to Point 2 in this section.

Another major point to consider when choosing the range of motion is the stress that the exercise places on the connective tissues. If you start with the bench at an incline of 45 degrees and perform ten repetitions and then move the bench upwards to say 80 degrees and do another 10 repetitions with the same weight.

Take the pec-dec. When picking the right point at which to apply partial reps within the movement. Leg press with a narrow stance and your outer portion of your thighs will take more of the tension and you will quickly feel this. In contrast. The story is the same with stance.

The idea is to create more time under tension. Because it is such a broad. These are very specific training tools. Rimmer have emphasised the importance of correct rep tempo. As a final pointer on this. Something I like to do. The purpose of this is just to get extra blood volumisation. Ultimately these are ways in which you can inflict more stress and destruction on your muscles so choose wisely before using them all at once!

Even the science is very solid behind this. Y3T Training Guide Basically. This particular training tool is best used during week 2 and 3 rather than week 1.

From the name you might have already guessed what is in store for you. First of all: Starting with a lighter weight. You can do this once. I would not suggest that you regularly use short ranges of motion because I believe that this would be counter-productive.

This is a great training tool which is quite advanced because it enables you to work the same muscle through different planes of motion. My personal approach to training means you will isolate each muscle group once a week. The first reason is injury prevention. In the description for each week I have made it clear about the type of exercise i. This is something which really overwhelms me and I often wish I had the time to sit down and reply to each and every one of them.

I believe that this is beneficial because it gives you adequate time to improve your performance with a given exercise. This would be a secondary workout. It would involve sets of higher reps with greater emphasis on slower negatives.

Triceps with shoulders. Why do you use a lot of dumbbell work over barbells? This is typical of my training programming. I prefer using dumbbells because they enable you to increase the range of motion.

In the first edition I included a broad range of questions which I often get asked. What do you think about training a muscle group more than once a week? If you look at a typical training split.

I get the client to repeat the 3 week Y3T Training Cycle times. How do I choose the right exercises? In the template workouts that I shared with you I have obviously only included a small selection of the possible exercises that you can use. Y3T Training Guide 4. This is simply not true for most people. Decide what your goal is. Using the same example.

The reason you struggle is because by slowing down the movement. Rep tempo is very important and possibly the most overlooked training tool. Why do I need to stick to specific rep tempos?

A large number of people believe that by merely moving a weight from A to B. So use as much weight as you can whilst: Using specific rep tempos creates a range of stresses on the target muscle.


There is a variety of ways by which we can achieve this. This applies wherever you reach the point where the pectoral muscles feel like the tension is lost. You should use the fullest. Always ask yourself. The answer is no but I will give you some absolutes to go with that so that you may appreciate why. When I apply the slower rep tempos I cannot lift my usual weight. I would argue that going all the way to the top of the movement. I would argue the main emphasis then becomes on the shoulder joint and connective tissues.

The same applies when pushing a weight upwards. To make a muscle grow we need to force adaptation. I would be sick on leg day regularly. Provided that your Doctor has said you are healthy to train. If you cannot recover then address the above points. Y3T Training Guide 7. How long can I use Y3T for? During Week 2 and Week 3 of Y3T. You will feel sore. This might be achieving 7 reps with the same weight as last time.

I feel sick when I train legs. How often should I be getting stronger on my Y3T training rotation? Every third week I would expect you to experience marginal progress.

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It would be reasonable to progress up to 8 reps on the next cycle. It might be that you have an imbalance within your muscles or that you are too inflexible or that you need soft tissue work or all! Something else to consider is the impact of psychology on your workouts — you will feel better equipped mentally as the weeks progress.

I genuinely believe. What should I do if an exercise irritates me? After this point. How do I know if I am recovering properly? There are SO many facets which will dictate your rate of recovery.

What I always say is. Where does cardio training fit into all of this? Cardio is a very subjective thing because it depends on your goal.

Y3T Training Guide Why are a lot of the Y3T chest workouts based around incline work. However I have to emphasise that every athlete of mine who does this is very experienced in working within such low rep ranges. Most of my athletes will start their cardio at around minutes. From here we assess progress and change accordingly.

Many of my athletes are strength athletes so we have to modify their Y3T training plan accordingly. The short answer is yes. How can I fit this in with Y3T? This is a really common question I get. The reality is the upper chest area is where most lack.

As always I want to hear about your progress and thoughts on this eBook. It also makes Y3T more effective and understandable to you which is very important to me.

I would also like to publicly thank Dr. Paul Rimmer because it shows the evolution of Y3T and the science behind it. Neil Hill. I want to really thank you for taking the time to purchase and read this eBook.

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American Journal of Physiology. I hope that it gives you a great insight into furthering your performance in the gym. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. MIX - Workout Sheets - 3. The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America.

Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta. Quads and Hamstrings. Warm up. Leg Extensions. Leg Press. Hack Squat.

Front Barbell Squat. Lying Leg Curls. Stiff-Legged Barbell Deadlift. Day 2: Back and Biceps. V-Bar Pulldown. Lying T-Bar Row. Low Pulley Row To Neck. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown.

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Barbell Curl. Dumbbell Bicep Curl. Day 3: Chest and Triceps. Incline Dumbbell Press. Incline Dumbbell Flyes. Dips - Chest Version. Cable Crossover. Triceps Pushdown - Rope Attachment.

Lying Triceps Press. Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press. Day 4: Seated Dumbbell Press. Seated Side Lateral Raise.