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Nov 10, Pernah tahu cerita detektif Pasukan Mau Tahu (Enid Blyton) Berikut ini kumpulan-kumpulan ceritanya: Berikut ini download. Fatty baru saja kembali dari liburan. Wah, asyik, karena itu berarti Pasukan Mau Tahu siap beraksi lagi. Ern juga ikut bergabung lagi, dan ia tidak sendirian. Books shelved as pasukan-mau-tahu: The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat by Enid Blyton, The Mystery of the Missing Man by Enid Blyton, The Mystery of the.

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Tetapi kali ini, misteri justru muncul setelah anggota PASUKAN MAU TAHU lainnya yang menyamar. Padahal sebetulnya, Fatty menyuruh teman-temannya. - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. OG Enid Blyton PASUKAN MAU TAHU MISTERI KUCING SIAM ilustrasi oleh. Disini merupakan tempat download gratis; download peta, download ebook . Enid Blyton (The Famous Five) # . Pasukan Mau Tahu: Misteri Kucing Siam.

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Sort order. Findouters Challenge: Book 1. They and th Findouters Challenge: Towards the end they also make the acquaintance of Inspector Jenks who turns into a good friend to the children, as the series progresses. This was a fun first book in the series but for me lacked the full flavour of the later books.


Fatty is of course a bit of a boaster and one can see why the other children find him annoying but I thought they treated poor Bets rather shamefully, considering as in the other books in the series, it is she that finds the most important clues. Bets in this one is eight years old but EB seems to have made her a little too young for her age. Still this was a good beginning to the series, and a nice enough mystery which I enjoyed revisiting. Three and a half stars.

View 1 comment. Having read most of these delightful whodunnits by the age of 10 I still hadn't got hold of the first book in the series which gives a lot of important background for a fan. For some reason the local bookseller never had it in stock and when I asked about it he told me that they'd had some in, but they went like "hot cakes".

He didn't offer to order me a copy and I didn't realise that he could have done. No wonder independent booksellers go out of business. I had to resort to re-reading so many Having read most of these delightful whodunnits by the age of 10 I still hadn't got hold of the first book in the series which gives a lot of important background for a fan.

I had to resort to re-reading so many books I felt I knew them by heart which is why I can recall this one 40 years later. It's why I never throw or give books away; I know they'll be read again, perhaps by my sons fat chance.

When I found this book at long last I was so excited. The pattern for the series is set in this story. I thought Enid Blyton was a genius for her ideas, not realising that they are hardly sophisticated crimes and any policeman other than the hapless Goon would have wrapped up the cases by the end of chapter 2.

The framework is; "Crime" happens; Self-important policeman tells pesky kids to "Clear Orf" before jumping to the wrong conclusion; Fatty isn't convinced and leads a parallel investigation in which he makes use of a bewildering array of disguises; Larry, Daisy and Pip are there so that Fatty can show off and help to pad the stories out by following up unimportant leads ; Various clues are found and discussed; Bets solves the case without knowing why; Fatty realises this like Poirot who sometimes needs Hastings ; The Find-Outers go over Goon's head to a superior Inspector Jenks who recognises Fatty's brilliance and the criminal is arrested.

Very satisfying. Cute but enjoyable short story from the mind of Enid Blyton.

Mau tahu blyton download ebook pasukan enid

It's always a joy to read her novels - even when I disagree with a lot of the attitudes portrayed by the characters. Look forward to reading more of this series c: Hicks was the villain after all - tadaaaaa! What a surprise: P hide spoiler ]. I expect more from this children detective story but i think it is good enough for me: Thank you Bookmate!

Pertama ketemu Fatty, lucu juga. Masih anak-anak banget semuanya. Ketika disuruh tutup mulut karena jelas sekali sombongnya, Fatty masih tersinggung.

Misteri Di Tally-Ho

Dibuku-buku selanjutnya Fatty sudah agak cool kalau digitukan, sedang Larry dkk juga sudah tidak terlalu sebal kalau Fatty sudah mulai menyombongkan diri lagi. I just found myself really connecting with the stories and used to make my own invisible ink or hide in dens after reading them.

This isn't as good as the later books in the series, mainly because the mystery is a little mundane. The kids go around questioning suspects and looking at a couple of clues before the solution is handed to them on a plate.

The Mystery of the Missing Necklace

Mainly this is a set-up for the introduction of the characters, who are a lot of fun. Bets and Fatty stand out as having the most characterisation while Buster is lovably roguish. Mr Goon is a delight every time he's on the page too. Sebelumnya gw udah baca buku tentang pasukan mau tahu. Ternyata buku ini awal mister dan juga awal terbentuknya Pasukan Mau Tahu.

Red and White Cross: Enid Blyton Revisit , Rare Story and Portrait (Part 2)

Cerita kali bisa dibilang mengambarkan awalan dari serial novel dari Enid Blyton, Pengenalan tokoh- tokoh yang akan ada di novel- novel berikutnya. Namun Ilustrasi di novel detektif ini kurang begitu banyak, mungkin karena ini novel pertama kali ya Pondok kerja pak Hick terbakar dahsyat malam itu. Para tetangga di lingkungan sekitarnya tampak heboh dan berkerumun, termasuk Larry, Daisy, Pip dan Bets.

Mereka mengasihani kemalangan pak Hick karena tentunya akan ada banyak dokumen penting yang tebakar habis. Namun ketika pihak asuransi datang untuk memeriksa TKP, ditemukan bahwa peristiwa kebakaran tersebut terjadi karena disengaja.

Hal ini berarti ada seseorang yang telah membakar pondok pak Hick. Lalu siapakah mereka? Mereka menelisik kejadian ini atas dasar penasaran dan kecurigaan yang tinggi. Banyak tersangka telah masuk dalam daftar. Banyak petunjuk juga telah ditemukan. Namun seringkali kelima anak tersebut selalu gagal menemukan tersangka yang sebenarnya.

Hingga pada akhirnya petunjuk penting yang mereka cari datang sendiri ke hadapan mereka. Siapakah dia? Tak hanya pandai menulis cerita bergenre fantasi dan realistik, ia pun juga pandai menulis kisah petualangan detektif bagi anak-anak. Menyenangkan rasanya membaca petualangan khususnya misteri dengan tokoh anak-anak. Para pembaca pastinya pernah melewati masa kanak-kanak, dimana tersembunyi rasa ingin tahu yang kuat dalam jiwanya.

Rasanya ingin sekali melalui berbagai macam petualangan kemudian mengakhirnya dengan hati puas. Jika hal ini tidak kesampaian, biasanya anak-anak seringkali berkhayal mengarungi lautan luas menjadi bajak laut atau menjelajahi langit luas dengan balon udara dan terdampar di hutan Amazon. Bagi anak-anak perempuan, biasanya mereka mengkhayal soal menjadi putri raja yang pada akhirnya bertemu pangeran tampan. Balik lagi ke petualangan detektif. Pada awalnya saya menyepelekan buku ini dalam artian jalan ceritanya mudah ditebak.

Ternyata saya salah. Enid Blyton benar-benar lebih ulung. Ia sudah memikirkan segalanya dengan detail. It's nice to read some more of Enid Blyton at the height of her powers, but I do think her skills at crafting a coherent and compelling detective story are far inferior to her skills at crafting exciting adventures, wonderful childhood holidays and fantastical fairytales, often at the same time.

It's true that the Five Find-Outers are very much like the Secret Seven on a much larger scale, and consequently this series has many of the same problems as the Secret Seven series, also on a much larger It's nice to read some more of Enid Blyton at the height of her powers, but I do think her skills at crafting a coherent and compelling detective story are far inferior to her skills at crafting exciting adventures, wonderful childhood holidays and fantastical fairytales, often at the same time.

It's true that the Five Find-Outers are very much like the Secret Seven on a much larger scale, and consequently this series has many of the same problems as the Secret Seven series, also on a much larger scale.

At least these guys make some attempt to conduct a proper investigation and follow the clues to solve the mystery, but they also share the Secret Seven's terrible habits of working on assumptions, jumping to conclusions, contaminating crime scenes, and stealing evidence before the police can find it.

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The main characters have a lot of potential, but I know from past experience that only Fatty and Bets are going to end up with anything like the development and exposure they deserve. It's interesting to read in this book the initial stages of the group dynamic, with everyone reluctant at first to admit the rather boastful Frederick Algernon Trotteville to their inner circle, and Bets getting unfairly treated as a bit of a baby, but then as they start working together they develop a good relationship as a quintet, and each starts to recognise the strengths and weaknesses in themselves and the other members of the group.

The final clue that reveals the culprit is rather pathetic because it's completely unrelated to the rest of the investigation, and it's also horribly contrived and unrealistically stumbled upon. This situation sums up the shortcomings of Enid Blyton as a crime writer rather nicely; the series could never have reached its full potential, which is rather a shame as I did enjoy this first one more than I thought I was going to and I don't believe things are going to get any better.

Salaisuus sarjassa seikkailee viisi lasta ja koira aivan kuten Viisikoissakin. Konstaapeli Goon aiheuttaa lapsille harmaita hiuksia.

Itseriittoinen ja nokkela poika eroittuu muista, tuiki tavallisista, lapsista. Think I read this a few times as a child, but I have re-read it now, with a view to reading the whole seres in order, for the first time.

I am actually not sure how many of these ones I have read. I do remember as a kid this salon with the Barney mysteries being my favourite Blyton's and this is better than the Secret Seven books I have recently endured, ah read. Her fans have to pay 6d. It shows that this prodigious yarn-spinner, still in her forties, has books in print. When Edgar Wallace died at nearly 57, his output had reached Wallace's daily 12, words were put on paper with the help of two lightning secretaries and a dictaphone.

Enid Blyton uses no such aids. She sits on a chintz-covered swing couch in her garden at Beaconsfield with a portable typewriter on her knee, and the story pours from the production line at the rate of 10, words a day 15, at full pressure.

Mau pasukan ebook tahu blyton enid download

She has six books at the proof stage to correct. She has just finished writing another, a nature book begun six days ago. Letters arrive from children all over the world and she answers every one in her own hand. She Is A Company. She calls in no lawyers; herself drafted the standard contract 15 per cent royalties for herself except in special circumstances when she may reduce it for the sake of getting better presentation which she imposes on all her publishers alike.

One stipulation she makes-no niggling about numbers. The first edition must be 25,, or the deal is off. Several of her books have sold more than 1,, copies. How much does she make? Like other individuals making a lot of money, Enid Blyton has turned herself into a limited company.

That, she says, takes care of the receiving end. That is one cheque she does not receive. It goes to a children's charity. Not to mention the card and board games she devises as a sideline. Plus royalties on over school readers and other educational textbooks, lt's a dizzy sum. Sometimes a snooty critic lashes at the Blyton books. Sometimes a children's librarian wails that his clients are too Blytonised to read Dickens. Enid Blyton types serenely on.

She started to write as a schoolgirl in Beckenham, where she was born, treasures a collection of rejection slips. Her first published work was a love poem in "Nash's Magazine," for which year-old Enid got one guinea. She was a competent pianist, and her father disapproved of the writing; planned a musical career.

Instead, she broke away and took the Froebel training, taught in a kindergarten. Subconscious Cinema. SHE sits down at her typewriter without plot or synopsis.