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Aug 15, Kami Garcia Caster Chronicles and Beautiful Creatures Untold Stories 1. Beautiful Ceatures Kami KB. 2. Beautiful. Jul 17, The Caster Chronicles is a four-book series written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. It was published by Little, Brown on December Feb 23, Download [PDF] Books Beautiful Creatures (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Kami Garcia Read Full "Beautiful Creatures" series (The Caster Chronicles).

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The Beautiful Creatures Complete Collection (Caster Chronicles, #) .. I got these four books on my Kindle on the 16th and couldn't put them down until they . Editorial Reviews. Review. Ethan Wate is struggling to hide his apathy for his high $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. $ Free with your Audible trial · Hardcover $ Used from $ 16 New from $ 12 Collectible from. Apr 20, Beautiful Creatures Book 1 (Caster Chronicles) Download Ebook Mobi file format below: Mirror 1 For updates and more Ebooks 4 Free.

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Beautiful Redemption is a solid ending to a very good YA series. You might not start out a hero, and you might not even come back that way. But you change which is the same as everything changing. The journey changes whether or not you know it , whether or not you want it to.

I had changed. View all 4 comments. Feb 10, Kristen rated it liked it. After awhile I would skip the details yearning for more conversational points. I'd like Lena to have more character. I found her distant and detached. I am looking forward to the movie. The series kept me intrigued enough to finish them all. Thanks to my little sister for the suggestion!

Oct 30, Kayla Marie rated it it was amazing. One of the best series I've ever read. Apr 02, Emily rated it it was amazing. I cannot even begin to explain my love for this series It's been a long time since I've found a series of books that I literally fell in love with.

This series is always on my mind so much to a point where I can't sleep for hours, that's probably not healthy. The characters are fabulous and the writing is beautiful. I'm actually completely in love with Ethan Wate he's perfect.

Lena as much as she can be stupid in the second book is also very likable and relatable despite the fact the she is a I cannot even begin to explain my love for this series Lena as much as she can be stupid in the second book is also very likable and relatable despite the fact the she is a caster she's also just a teenage girl who wants to be accepted.

The way that Ethan loves Lena and would do anything for her is absolutely adorable and I often find myself squealing while I'm reading these books. The romance is portrayed in such a way that makes it not cheesy and just perfect. Uncle Macon is frigging awesome, like seriously best uncle ever!

My heart broke a little for Link each time Ridley rejected him. Of course Amma the epitome of the perfect mother figure, she loves Ethan with all of her heart and will not let anything lay a hand on him, she's sassy slightly terrifying but also very loving and strong. Liv of course I love she was such a great addition in the second book I love how her relationship grows with Lena.

John Breed I love after reading the third one and I wished Ethan would just forgive him already. John and Liv's relationship is just so frigging adorable. Each character in this series has a purpose in the long run, there are no random side characters that don't matter because that really bothers me when that happens! The stories were captivating they got under your skin and stuck in your mind, I found myself physically not able to put the books down and go to sleep at night.

These books are truly magnificent and I am so grateful that I came across them. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl are geniuses. They are the best team ever! They're writing is just so beautiful and it works together so well! Aug 08, Anna Kis rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No one. I personally did not enjoy this book series at all. I had to force myself to finish reading all four books; I had wanted to give up after the first few pages.

The writing is incredibly bland, the characters 2d, and not only are you completely unable to relate to them, make a connection with them at any given time, you feel like punching them because of multiple reasons, one of them being their inability to express their feelings and explaining exactly what is going on with them.

It would save so I personally did not enjoy this book series at all. It would save so much time if they could do just that. All of the relationships have so much potential in the book, there are many couples you can root for, many different romantic story lines, but it is all ruined because of the poor writing.

Instead of shipping the characters, you end up being annoyed by them - the couples that should be cute are just plain horrible, because of the forced romance the author forces on them. Instead of feelings gradually surfacing, instead of the characters staying true to themselves and their personalities as they fall in love, we have bland, dry romance that is not only incredibly sudden and uncalled for, with no background flirting, conversations, etc, but it is also so incredibly out of character, it hurts.

There were many times when I had to read a passage over and over again - and that is most definitely not because of my ability to read, but because it just made absolutely no sense. Events would happen so quickly, so much information would be dropped on you in one paragraph, but it would not be explained properly, and it ends up confusing you, and making the book less enjoyable.

Overall, the characters, the romance, even the slightly-cheesy and very-typical plot line has so much potential, but it is all ruined by the horrible writing. I do not recommend the Beautiful Creatures series, I really do not. It is most definitely not worth your time. Feb 21, Michelle rated it it was amazing. Just wow! I got these four books on my Kindle on the 16th and couldn't put them down until they were finished. The character build is fabulous. I absolutely fell in love with the Ethan and Lena love story.

I enjoyed reading this series. I'm not a teenager and haven't been for quite some time but I was hooked. From book to book - the authors' voice was very strong and clear.

I could really feel Gatlin as if it were my home town. The end of book three made me cry and I found myself crying throu Wow. The end of book three made me cry and I found myself crying through book 4 as well. And yet, even though it made me cry, I desperately had to know what happened next.

The number one sign of a great series! I wasn't planning to see the movie before I read the series - now I have to see if they did the book justice! View 1 comment. Feb 20, Jhoots rated it liked it.

The series left me with a lot of questions. Why didn't Link ever complain about the pain touching Ridley caused him before he turned? Didn't his car crash during the 18th moon? What happened to Macon's father, Silas? How did Ridley get John in the Archlight?

Why did Edward Snakehands write a page in the chronicles for Ethan, just because Angelus said so? Jan 13, Katrina rated it it was amazing. Loved the books. Started off quickly and you get attached to the characters. At the end of the 3rd book, I had to go to work the next day with swollen eyes. Not going to spoil it for you. I really enjoyed reading the adventures of the Gatlin above and below ground. A great, easy, fun read! Oct 26, Allie rated it it was amazing. I read this entire series in a few days great amazing it always kept me on the edge of my seat.

Feb 25, Liz rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Yeah, I admit it. I'm late to the party but I still read this series. The entire thing. On purpose. Call it research- I'm writing a teen supernatural romance. The fact that the movie was supposed to come out about 2 weeks after I got the first book was a good impetus to speed through the whole series.

And it was a sur Yeah, I admit it. And it was a surprisingly enjoyable read. I'd give it a 5, but Garcia and Stohl really didn't get Ethan's voice quite right, imo. I know it's teen Goth, and I know that teen boys can be very soulful creatures, but Ethan knew a little to much about clothing, was a little too chaste, and a little too vague.

Ethan says he wants to get out of Gatlin, but boyfriend doesn't really say where he'd rather go or what he'd do- which weakened his characterization considerably and makes him a bit of a lame duck protagonist. So in general, the Lena POV portions rang truer for me. I liked that they tried, though, and that the protagonist was a boy: Rather than have an odd girl move into town and fall in love with a local boy, they flipped the script and had the local boy woo the new girl in town.

Who just happens to be supernatural and conflicted. Yeah, that. I liked that the character deaths were justified and made sense- Lena's mother, Abraham, and Hunting didn't need to be redeemed and the authors wisely didn't try. Sarafine got a bit of forgiveness at the end, but she still had to go. The ending was less saccharine than I expected- having the protagonist die and then come back from the Otherworld might have been cloying if it weren't worked out so well.

That said, I'm not the target audience, so if I scoffed at the ease with which Ethan communicated his need for the river's eye to Lena and the way he got it from her from beyond the grave, where the Book of Moons retrieval turned out to be way more complicated, well, I'm a cynical old broad. I still liked it. Ridley, the evil cousin, played by Emmy Rossum in the movie, was hard to get a bead on.

Her constant smack talk was tiresome- but again I'm older than the target audience, so for all I know she's a dream character for your average teen girl. Will have to ask a few teens what they thought. I enjoyed the world they built. The parameters were neatly explained, they treat their teen readers with respect- apparently they had a few teens go through and cut out "cheese" and generally act as betas, which served them well. There was one cheesy line and a few words that were just plain used wrong, and a bit of the denouement came right out of Halfblood Prince and there's a reference to one of the characters' moms wanting to ban Harry Potter at the local library but otherwise it's good.

I'm sure I'll reread all four books and I can see myself passing my Kindle or an actual paper copy on to my girl cousins when they're old enough. Better this than Twilight, seriously. Sep 28, Camille added it. So I realize I sorta missed the boat with this series as I believe the first one came out in like, But whatever. I feel like it goes so much beyond that. They make mistakes. The Caster Chronicles go beyond a superficial, paranormal romance story.

Who believes in her, who travels through these dangerous and terrifying adventures just to get back to her? I want them to be remembered. But she learns. And she is powerful, and she gives everything her all. Jan 31, Julie rated it really liked it.

I really enjoyed this series. But, it isn't a "canned" series by any means. I appreciated the various struggles that the characters went through - and that there was depth and complexity to the characters and many of the situations they faced.

You want to think it's black and white - that Sarafine is just evil and that's all there is to i I really enjoyed this series. You want to think it's black and white - that Sarafine is just evil and that's all there is to it, but that's not the case. I was a little disappointed in the final book - "Beautiful Redemption". It was a good read, but I thought it fell a little flat.

The whole time I was reading I knew how it would end basically and perhaps because of that, the challenges along the way seemed to be too easily overcome. But, we all love a happy ending and we definitely got that.

Mar 07, Marion Wilhelm rated it it was amazing. More than anything it is a good vs evil and, as I do not want to throw out a spoiler, you will have to read them to decide what is really evil and what is truly good. I read through the other reviews and given that they are mostly written by adults I think it is safe to say that this YA series translates very well into a grown-up series.

Apr 13, Charlene rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this series although for me the first book had all the impetuous and the subsequent books were just for the fun of hanging out with the characters in a very well-realized setting.

There are some plot quibbles it's never explained how a supernatural could become mortal and then non-mortal again, magic wand waving, do not look behind the curtain but if you want to sink into some southern gothic YA, this is for you.

Dec 27, Victoria Woods rated it it was amazing.

I loved this series, totally didn't have it on here until someone reminded me by lending me a copy of the first book how much I loved reading them. You fall in love with the characters and want to keep reading until it's all finished. Nov 08, Ethan rated it it was ok. I have three pretty big problems with the book, though.

Firstly, it bums me out to read books where a vast majority of the characters are bad people, especially when they take it much further than I've experienced in reality.

I find it really difficult to believe that a whole town would gang up against someone when there is seriously zero evidence against him or her. The major vendetta of all of the students and parents against the Ravenwoods and Duchannes is extreme and worrisome. Additionally, their association with real-world organizations the DAR, for example is a little bit rude toward those organizations.

I'm sure there are many DAR chapters that would never dream of ostracizing and criminalizing a family in their community the way these characters do. Secondly, a lot of it is derivative of Carrie, Harry Potter, and some other fantasy staples.

When Ethan drives home, he almost runs over Lena, who is standing on the road in the middle of the storm looking for someone to help with her broken down car. When Ethan notices that she smells like lemon and rosemary, he realizes that Lena is the girl from his dreams. He soon learns that Lena is a "Caster," a person who can use magic, and that on her sixteenth birthday she will be claimed for either Light or Dark.

Ethan tries to find a way to save Lena from going Dark and solve the mystery of how he is connected to Lena. At the same time, Lena is trying to handle the whole town turning against her: You can read online here: Beautiful Creatures. His thoughts and they way he thought about things were certainly not coming from the mind of a teenage boy. Take the Garcia and Stohl books as an example. If you are a woman, and you write from a male POV, please, know what you are doing.

I did picture Ethan as a girl eve after I realised he was a dude. They made a nice lesbian couple. Both idiots. Ethan also did absolutely everything without logic. He was perfectly fine with the fact that he could speak to Lena telepathically, he did not even question it. Who the fuck does this? He also, went to see Lena over and over and over again after he was told not to.

I understand that teenagers are like that — I am too — but when you consider yourself crazy with the real dreams you had previously, I think staying away from the person is a good idea, because you yourself Ethan could a be potential hazard to her health. S He might know. We have to.

Download free caster epub chronicles

We have no choice. Even after Lena told him not to? Since when do teenagers talk like that, let alone think like that? Last time I checked, teenagers and adults were not on the best terms when it comes to things as serious as this — or even talking! Not to mention the fact that he was even gullible enough to trust everybody to talk about what was going on. You do not just walk into a room hear the person say hi and then just pour out your whole life story to them.


It just does not happen. The relationship development between Ethan and Lena was He saw her stranded in the rain when the car broke down and gave her a ride. He takes her home.

Beautiful darkness kami garcia free ebook - Google Документи

Are you kidding me? Why did he follow her? In that field they find a locket, they both touch it and it gives them some sort of vision into the past. They have no fucking clue what it was about or why it happened.

At all. Why did he even take it in the first place? Please explain that to me. A normal person would have ran away from that place as fast as s he could, and would never go back there again. But what did Ethan do? Now, that is just fucked up. It was annoying. It was written from a female POV. There were SO MANY unnecessary details and descriptions it made me grit and grind my teeth so hard that I had to hope my dentist will be gentle the next time I go see her.

It just got on my nerves. Not my cup of tea, I guess. There was also this Guardian Angel club petition thing at their school That whole thing was so screwed up The way it was done was only annoying. Everybody in the Gaitlin community is so fucking closed minded and idiotic it hurts.

Chronicles free caster download epub

I literally could not sit there and read through any of those scenes without grinding my teeth. The stupidity was just too much.

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I skim read most of this and I gave up on page I might not even like Beautiful Chaos. Because I hate everybody in this book. View all 83 comments. It's not often that a book has me cringing, wanting to throw it down in frustration and never to return to it again.

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Unfortunately, Beautiful Creatures was written so badly and unconvincingly so that's what I would have done, if not for a reading challenge I was trying to complete.

You'd think such an interesting and unique premise about witches and warlocks would be difficult to get wrong. Unfortunately, the book was written in such a bland, boring manner that it failed to grab me at all. Not t It's not often that a book has me cringing, wanting to throw it down in frustration and never to return to it again. Not to mention that some of the writing is just plain bad.

It was contradictory, involved one too many broken sentences, and was rather confusing at times, making it a chore to understand what the author is trying to get at. Unlike most YA books, it is written in the point of view of a teenage male, but the authors trying to put themselves in a teenage boy's shoes mostly involved talking about how hot some cheerleaders were at the school. There's barely any character development and you're just meant to accept that Ethan just falls in love with Lena, because he's been dreaming about her all of this time.

The plot or lack thereof just seemed to drag on and on forever. So much so that at the end, I wondered why I bothered wasting my time on reading this book when there are so many other more interesting things to do. Also at the most crucial moment when the plot is meant to take off, the authors throws us into a random, unimportant, and rather frustrating side track in the form of a surprise party.

Who cares about the other school kids when you are meant to be finding out what happens to Lena after ramping this up for the ENTIRE book? Save yourself the trouble, and skip this title. Check out Happy Indulgence for more reviews! View all 20 comments. Nov 12, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it really liked it Shelves: This is another one of those cases where watching the movie motivated me to read the book. Overall, I enjoyed this book immensely, and I found the two main characters to be endearing, down-to-earth teenagers just trying to find their way.

The pace of 4 stars!! And in his small hometown of Gatlin where secrets become common knowledge and unspoken agreements become law, Ethan wants nothing more than to escape this stifling place and explore the world.

What ensues is a tentative friendship turned relationship where the romance is pure and heartfelt. This book was such a delight to read. There is sarcasm and dry humor sprinkled among the pages, and with some Civil War history and family dynamics in the background, this book engaged both my mind and my heart. I have a feeling that the following books will be just as good or even better than this first one. The ending is not a cliffhanger and concludes on a high note.

View all 73 comments. Mar 18, P rated it it was ok Shelves: Beautiful Creatures sounds promising at first just like Twilight, a forbidden love story where two souls find each other in the darkest moment of their lives.

But I didn't like Ethan, he's uninteresting and can't even deliver the story properly. That made this book so boring and I didn't want to continue around the half way through it. Anyway, I wanted to know about that little riddle about the curse and why everyone seems to be alerted by this cause, so I kept reading. And I was doomed. I asked myself about why I read BC in the first place if view spoiler [the ending just goes back and meets the beginning again.

For Lena, your power was very interesting but when you get involved with Ethan, it exactly goes downhill. I now understand why the movie isn't popular, because of many things being so messed up and unbelievably scattered.

No way. Even though I already bought the first three books, I feel like this is a bummer and I don't want to waste my time on this series anymore. Thank you! View all 23 comments. So I'm giving this the 4 stars I think I would've given it if I had read this book before I saw the movie. The pacing was kind of slow for me, but I think seeing the movie before reading the book really affected how the story played out.

There really wasn't any mystery or suspense since I knew most major plot points. This is WAY better than the movie, though. But I still enjoyed this story!

It took me a long time to get to these books because I thought it would be another Twilight: Yes, this story does have those aspects to it, but it's SO much more! It wasn't necessarily instalove, either So the story starts with Ethan living his boring small town life and then Lena moves to town.

He's been dreaming about her before he meets her and then lots of weird things start happening like she can hear his thoughts? Ethan finds out she and her gothic recluse family are Casters like witches and on Lena's sixteenth birthday she'll be claimed by the light or dark.

Lots of plot twists ensue The story really takes the time to build a rich world! I really have no clue if this feels like an authentic southern small town or not, but it totally did to me. I absolutely loved the setting how it mixed in with the Civil War time period. I also loved how the story was narrated by the guy instead of the girl And I appreciated how all of the characters and their backstories were so well developed.

Even the secondary characters were strong. And honestly if you don't know the overall plot, the pacing is good. It's slow but not dull and the writing just pulls you into a really original world. I'm sure everyone's already heard of this series at this point, but I'm still throwing it out there as a recommendation if you like modern or paranormal YA stories! View all 10 comments. Aug 23, Sandra rated it did not like it Shelves: How the heck is this book turning into a movie?! It's slow and painful.

But, before i'm gonna go all ballistic, and talk about how much i didn't enjoy reading Beautiful Creatures, i'm gonna say what this book is about for those who don't know.

So the main protagonist is Ethan, he dreams of this girl that he doesn't know more like has nightmares. Then one day he goes to school, and hears there is a How the heck is this book turning into a movie?! Then one day he goes to school, and hears there is a 'new hot chick', when he sees her, he somehow knows it's the girl from his dreams. But as they grow closer together, Ethan 'realizes' that she hides a dark secret, and is not whom she really seems she is.

I would highly suggest you keep on reading my review if: You'v read this book. Fist things first, doesn't the plot sound somehow similar? I'm seriously getting tired of that same old crap. The only reason why i was even thinking about buying this book was because of the movie.

I'm sure lot's of people had the same reason that i did. Let's go onto the characters. Gosh, i'm actually shivering of detestation when i think about them. I think they were the most unrealistic characters i had the misfortune of ever getting to know. They were described and developed ok-ish.

I could not connect to the characters AT ALL, any one of them, well if you count a dog as a character, then yeah. I couldn't care less if all of them died on the next page.

Ethan was the worst. I wanted to punch him in the face, or strangle him to death most of the time. Here's my prove - Ethan getting ready to leave for prom. A little protection never hurt anybody - not even you, Ethan Wate. She gave me a bone crushing hug, and i ran down the steps and into the night. Don't get carried away. What kind of stupid teenager wouldn't understand what she meant by that?! Even fucking 10 year old's would know what she meant! What is he, like 4 years old? Maybe he should go back to school for toddlers.

It was SO obvious she was talking about him having sex and carrying protection just in case it happened. Lena breaking up with Ethan Then she turned and fled down the hallway that was so quiet you could have heard a pencil drop. But there was nothing to hear. She was gone, Ethan and Lena having a fight. Then she goes into her house and slams the door. I hadn't had a girlfriend before so i wasn't prepared to deal with all this - i didn't even know what to call it. Especially not with a caster girl.

Not having a better idea of what to do, i stood up and Maybe like try and talk to her. Show her that you actually bother and care about her. TRY to understand. Not leave like you don't give a fuck in the world, and go back to school like nothing happened. So, yeah. As you can see, i wasn't very 'fond' of Ethan. The characters weren't the only reason why i didn't like this. It was also because of the slow pacing.

I despise slow paced books! And Beautiful Creatures? However, i have to give this book the credit of making me want to fall asleep. I usually don't fall asleep very easily, but with this book?

Not a damn problem. The very ending sucked as well. I can't believe i even finished this book. I should damn well get some reward for that! I hated it especially when Ethan was trying to save Lena, and went searching for Granny, Ryan and all that. He had like, what? He was walking cautiously and taking his damn time. He even had a nice chat with 1 or 2 people. Like no worries!

Beautiful Creatures

My beloved girlfriend is just trying to not get killed by her own mother and turn into some kind of monster. But who cares right? Overall, Beautiful Creatures wasn't a big disappointment to me, because i had a feeling i wouldn't like this book. Turns out i was right. I'v very curious as to how in the world this book is turning into a movie, since most people seem to hate it. I will most likely not buy the second book any time soon, although i might give it a go since i'm a nice person who gives 2sc chances.

I will definitely see the movie, because it looks like a million times better than the book, and i want to see what they changed about it. I don't think i recommend Beautiful Creatures to anyone. And just in case one of the authors is reading this review happened to me more than once! View all 49 comments. Apr 17, Melissa Marr rated it it was amazing. My blurb sent to the editors of the book: I devoured it.

View all 4 comments. Jul 25, mark monday rated it it was ok Shelves: View all 38 comments. They made a schlocky movie out of an equally schlocky book and you guessed it right Jul 15, Kerry rated it it was amazing Shelves: She had an extra copy and gave one to me and so I have to say Thankyouthankyouthankyou to you I'm sorry I don't know your name for your random act of kindness that I will pay forward.

I haven't been able to put this book down. It's absloutely fantastic. The combination of tension, humour, mystery and the paranormal have made this a real page-turner. I love the style of writing and the authors have created charac I acquired a copy of Beautiful Creatures at ALA from a teen who was my super hero.

I love the style of writing and the authors have created characters that are real and people you want to care about. I'm a little more than half way through and I'm getting concerned because the book is going to end soon!!!

I just don't want that to happen. I really hope this team puts out another book really soon like tomorrow: The other thing about this book is the role of the library and librarian. It's made me laugh becuase these ladies have it dead on especially when the Aunts discover there are computers at the library.

I laughed out loud! Genealogy also plays a part and it's made me think about getting back into it and tackling my own family tree again. In the end all I can say is everyone needs to pick this one up. This was FUN! I vaguely remember seeing the movie many, many years back. Thinking the primes was awesome I got myself all four books; but never got around to reading them. Now I'm kind of glad it took me so long to get around to them.

I know, most people say the opposite thing, but I'm glad I can't recall everything form the movie, it made the book so much more interesting. I knew the ending, but all the other details were fussy, so this was kind of like a refresher - just way more detailed and so This was FUN! I knew the ending, but all the other details were fussy, so this was kind of like a refresher - just way more detailed and so much better that the movie.

I really enjoyed the narration - the fact that this book was written by two women and still the male protagonist was so true and realistic just blew me away! The humor and the writing style was so addicting, I caught myself a few times mimicking the sarcasm. I must say this was an unexpected jewel. And quoting my friend Deedi: Jul 29, Alethea A rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl have written a seamless and utterly absorbing tale of a cursed romance: Meaningful thoughts about love, loyalty, and prejudice unfold from this intricately parsed novel: Better yet, get the print version and the audio, both.

The music and sound effects particularly for the dream sequences in the audiobook version add yet another dimension to the Gothic atmosphere the authors have built. Man, I love watching things trend. Like birdwatching. May 18, Kimberly Derting rated it it was amazing. From the language to the characters to the settings, I felt like I was part of Ethan and Lena's journey as they navigated their way toward her 16th birthday.

I relished every moment I spent with this lush gothic tale. Jan 10, Kristen "Kirby" rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Got to page Here's my beef. Ethan sounds like a woman--or a very, very, feminine man. He notices things like pink finger nails, too dark tans, whether someone is too fat for their skirt, or what kind of purse she has. And, tell me, what 17 year old boy has a thing against blondes?

Now, I'm not a guy myself, but I really doubt teen boys are that observant. To me, he sounded like a petty woman. Ethan hangs with old ladies. I understand he has to take them to church and all, but why does he com Got to page I understand he has to take them to church and all, but why does he come to them for gossip? Sure, they're old so they must know everything, but why not ask his jock friends about the new girl?