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Dec 18, Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia (The Story of Lex and Livia #1) In a world of the far future, the great city of Indra has two faces: a Indra_ The Story of Lex and Livia - Kendall Jenner & Kylie where can i download Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia free ebook pdf kindle reader online textbook epub electronic summary of the book. where can i download Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia free ebook pdf kindle online textbook epub electronic book Rebels: City of Indra: The .

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May 27, BOOK REVIEW: Book title: Best [TOP] Rebels: City of Indra: The Story Download Kendall Jenner epub Best [TOP] Rebels: City of Indra: The. Mar 27, Indra | Download eBook PDF/EPUB rebels city of indra Download rebels city of indra or read online here in PDF or EPUB. Please click button to. Compra online o livro Rebels: City of Indra de na com portes grátis e 10 % desconto para Aderentes FNAC. The Story of Lex and Livia Lançado em junho de (ePub) em Inglês Milhares de livros disponíveis para download.

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And then the next twenty pages are Lex thinking about her entire personal history and infodumping even more nonsense on us, and it's all so boring.

The tears. The tears, you guys. And how horrifically derivative it all is! It steals worldbuiling elements from The Matrix and Kastle in the Sky and The Archived and, well, basically everything with words in it. Seriously, this poor ghostwriter.

I hope you were fully kompensated. But then again, you were responsible for the atrocious sentences to follow, and my eyeballs were forced to read those sentences, so maybe not Still think I'm being too harsh? Well, decide for yourself. All kuotes come from an advance, uncorrected proof: His hope was foolish. He could show them only through action that testing his might was immensely foolish. I raise my eyebrows, noting her abilities in Conversational Intercourse are limited as well.

But doesn't she see the respect with which I hold my zinger? With every slash it barks. My mouth is impossibly bitter, so I spit again, and with it comes rushing too much anger. I'm the only one who remembers them. And yet, I have no memories of them. Most refer to [my horse] Veda as white, but they're mistaken. Veda is ivory.

And that is altogether different. Well that's a horse of a different color! The ones that lurk beneath the earth, that are cloaked in shadows and hidden within the eaves of the cavernous mantle. At the point where the City of Indra doesn't care what goes on--we are that far beneath. There are greater worries. Behold Indra: Whose mind dreamed her to life? View all 39 comments. Jun 09, Callie Rose Tyler rated it did not like it Shelves: These two idiots got a book deal?!

Clearly this book is actually written by someone else Maya Sloan. It truly blows my mind. What the hell is the world coming to?

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Updated Oh my goodness this is going to be an entire series! View all 30 comments. Jun 05, Anna Nemous rated it did not like it. Kendall and Kylie have written a sci-fi novel. Really now. These vapid teenagers feel like they can do anything and now they've decided to take on the world of literature which I'm sure is a place that is absolutely alien to them.

First of all, there is no way they actually wrote everything word for word. Even if they did, it would have probably been heavily proofread and edited by people willing to take their cash and have no shred of dignity.

Oh wait, apparently there were two ghost writers. S Kendall and Kylie have written a sci-fi novel. So now it takes 4 people to write a trashy novel, huh? If they were going to hire ghost writers they should've hired good ones but then again a good writer wouldn't have that much of a lack of self respect to tarnish their credibility on this trash.

I want to roll in the grass and soil my spotless white frock. Nothing is more pointless than a white gown. And probably too much for her word vocabulary to handle. Oh, and to make things worse, she proclaimed to the world: She doesn't know how to read yet she wrote a book that's a fucking amazing feat and you expect me to believe she could write a page long book with her sister who can't even tweet anything with proper punctuation.

Second, it's obvious that they're vicariously portraying themselves through these two protagonists. These characters lacked complexity and actual personalities which, you have to give it to them, is an accurate, vivid portrayal of the authors themselves.

That was the only facet of the novel that hit the bullseye. The plot was predictable, overused and, euphemisms aside, absolutely terrible. Third, the story obviously had heavy influence from other young adult dystopian sci-fi novels. Ladies, if you're going to put out trash, at least have the decency to put out original trash. The thing that irks me the most about this is that these 'authors' who have probably never even read a classic novel or a good book in their lives suddenly decide to venture into writing, which obviously, their fans will worship like every other thing they do.

These fans would wipe the shit off their pretty bleached asses if need be. These 'authors' probably couldn't come up with anything remotely profound to say to save their lives. They can't even form literate and coherent sentences as you can see from their twitters and instagrams. Have they even read the likes of Salinger, Tolkien, George R. Martin, and even Rowling? Point is, this book will undoubtedly and unfortunately, be a best-seller but for all the wrong reasons. They're going to be showered with praise and empty compliments for this "contemporary work of fiction" when they should know upfront that it was a terrible attempt that is questionable in the sense that they probably didn't even write this whole body of work themselves.

But no, instead they probably get undeserved compliments for shit like this. That's the problem here- these idols that these teens look up to get so smothered with assurance that everything they do is great so they become self-entitled little pricks who think they can do just about anything.

What do their fans even gain or learn from these people? How to show side-boob and the perfect angle for a selfie? This generation doesn't need any more horrid literature, especially from these imbeciles.

Rebels: City of Indra - Compra ebook na

They've polluted and corrupted this genre. Write what you know. If they were going to write a book they should've written about fashion, clothes, cosmetics or maybe even an autobiography which would probably be hard to write or have about 10 pages considering they've had little to contribute to society and have practically done nothing worthy of note nothing good and groundbreaking at least and leave the actual writing to authors who know how to write and who actually work hard to put out a book.

I've read better fan fiction out there put out by teens younger than them -actual original stories that are so ambitious and well-written yet these two 'authors' just 'write' and put out garbage like this because they can afford to. I could write a book about the menstrual cycle and it would still have a better plot development and climax than this book. Everywhere there are far better writers who could be living off of nothing but the sheer hope of getting their potential masterpieces published yet these girls who are only known for exploiting their personal lives and flaunting their precious bodies around which promotes a rape culture and over-sexualization of females, but that's a completely different story and probably the only thing they've contributed to humanity just put out a pathetic excuse for a book that will undeservingly be a best-seller.

Well I hope it's becoming a best-seller because people are running out of toilet paper to wipe their shit with. These two 'authors' need to know that they're not invincible- that they can do just about anything as long as they can pay for it.

If they weren't famous and rich, there'd be no chance of this even hitting shelves- no publisher would risk their credibility on this half-assed, unoriginal story.

These girls should learn an actual skill and leave opportunities like this to people who actually deserve it and who have actual TALENT. I'm a 17 year old girl who has always loved books, and this, this thing they've put out is an absolute disgrace.

They can buy everything like high fashion clothing and even get a shit book published but what they can't buy is class and intellect, that much is apparent. And fuck my life, looks as though it's going to have a sequel. I don't hate them. To hate someone, you'd actually have to care enough and I don't give two dusty fucks about these narcissistic imbeciles.

I just want them to stop putting out trash like this, for everyone's sake and while there are still good books to be salvaged for this generation to read and appreciate. View all 23 comments.

Rebels of epub city download indra

Feb 20, Kath S marked it as lost-interest. Feb 20, K. No one actually thinks they wrote this, right? I want to see what caliber of ghost writer they hired.

View all 5 comments. May 09, Sandra rated it did not like it. Media guru on twitter: Kind random stranger on twitter: Kim Kardashian's youngest sisters. Okay, I sadly obviously know who the Kardashians are, but was a bit lost with the "Jenner" last name.

Whatever, who cares? They are the same family. I don't want to sound mean or whatsoever with what I am about to say, but it's obvious these girls didn't write the book.

Maybe there's a ghost author? Man, I don't know. I just know that any celebrity nowadays can be published and it fucking pisses me off. YES, I will read this, out of curiosity and if it happens to be any good, I promise I will apologize publicly But that's unlikely.

No apologies from me will be issued. No more comments.

View all 3 comments. Jun 09, Angela rated it did not like it Shelves: Jun 03, Mia Mckenna marked it as to-read. Stop being so horrible. They're both young girls that wanted to try something new. They have extremely busy lives being in the spotlight and all, but they managed to complete the book anyway. How many other readers say that they can write a book with a busy life? I'm going to give the book a go, because as a teenager myself, I would want people to enjoy something that I wrote too.

View all 8 comments. Feb 19, Ella Zegarra marked it as to-read. I'm so excited, yep. View 2 comments. May 30, Angel rated it did not like it Shelves: I give one star for trying. Apr 21, Hayley Arens rated it did not like it. It is as awful as you'd expect it to be—the prose is stiff and dry. The characters aren't fleshed out and trying to get inside their minds is impossible. View all 11 comments. Apr 11, Sara Bauer rated it really liked it.

Oh, I wanted this book to suck due to the whole Jenner-Kardashian connection. Too bad. It didn't. The book was really good. Great futuristic storyline. Awesome female characters.

Hot guy. Action action. More to come from this twosome Lucky wenches hit this one out of the park. View all 12 comments. May 07, Angela marked it as to-read Shelves: I didn't know they had a big enough vocabulary to write a book.

A girl who wants to run away with her horse wtf Also, the blurb sounds so boring, lame and down right flat. Where's the arch??? Actually going to read this to see if it's worth being on goodreads. That sounded way more interesting. I stopped reading this book at chapter 14, about half way through, and to be honest, reading that much was a struggle. I literally had to force myself to continue until I realized that there is no point in my finishing it.

So I decided not to. And here's why The Plot: What plot? I didn't realize there was a plot. Kim Kardashian Hollywood has a better storyline. I think that the story has to do with rebelling against an oppressive government because that's what dystopian novels usually entail, but I can't be certain. When there is no plot at the half-way mark of a book, you know you're in trouble. A Great Catastrophe has occurred in Indra thousands of years ago.

What's the Great Catastrophe? Fuck if I know. Either way, because of this, the people that survived created a city underground. People live near the core, mantle, etc.

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Rebels: City of Indra

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