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Disabled. Other books by Jaci Burton. The Final Score ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Jaci Burton. The Final Score. Jaci Burton. Berkley, September Jaci Burton - [Play By Play 12] - Rules of Contact (retail) (epub) - dokument RIDING THE NIGHT Play-by-Play Series THE PERFECT PLAY CHANGING THE . Author: Jaci Burton. 29 downloads Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB The Perfect Play (A Play-by-Play Novel). Read more.

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Jaci Burton is a bestselling, award winning author who lives in Oklahoma and spends a fair cover image of One Perfect Kiss cover image of The Perfect Play. play play by play 1 by jaci burton doc, the perfect play play by play 1 by jaci burton epub. Book download library, library genesis ebook download, book. Posted by Mason Epub on May 1, File Namelove-me-again-by-jaci-; Original TitleLove Me Again; CreatorJaci Burton Have you followed Jaci Burton's Play-By-Play? Download now One Perfect Kiss by Jaci Burton.

All rights reserved. The Perfect Play. By Jaci Burton. Berkley Publication date: February Buy ePub.

Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Chapter 26 Chapter 27 Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31 Chapter 32 Chapter 33 Chapter 34 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Bonus excerpt of The Final Score Visit a town called Hope Find out more about Headline Eternal.

Read Online Swipe version. Read Online Continuous version. Download now. Buy a paper book. Scrooge Me Again by Milly Taiden. Love Again by Kelly Elliott. Love Again by Kathryn Kelly. Marry Me Again by Nicole Snow. Tara was overly judgmental of Mick when she had no reason to be. I understood she was scared and weary, but it was OTT.

The scene towards the end at the carnival is a great example. She judged the situation so harshly it was comical when to anyone else it was obvious Mick was oblivious. I know I'm being hard on Tara, but if I don't like the heroine it pretty much ruins the book for me. She didn't want her heart broken again? But that happened what, view spoiler [when she was 15?! To a drugged out, idiotic crackhead? News flash, Tara: Had she felt unworthy or afraid of love because of her upbringing it would have been more believable.

In the end, it seemed Tara was looking for a reason to leave Mick. Another of my irritations with Tara was her oddly out of place, take charge attitude in the bedroom. It'd been a long time since she was with anyone, doing anything, but all of a sudden with Mick she became this other woman.

My problem wasn't her taking charge but how unlikely that would be considering her lack of experience. She kept declaring when she was going to come, how close she was to coming, how what Mick was doing would make her come, how she wanted to come It also blemished Mick's alpha vibe when I would have preferred him to take charge in the bedroom especially with someone who hadn't been with a man in ages.

Anyways, this was disappointing and dragged in some places. I started skimming then skipping the sex scenes because once you've read one, you've read them all in this book. The only thing I did like was seeing Mick, the bonafide playboy fall for an average woman and that woman, having had a hard time with life, getting a jackpot in Mick.

There was some sweetness and Mick's treatment of Nathan was admirable, therefore this book wasn't a complete bust, so 2 stars. View all 35 comments. I suppose I should bump it up to four for the cover cos that is serioulsy HOT. Loved Mick and his family.

Tara was a bit harder to like - why was she trying so hard NOT to have a relationship with him. OK, she was a single mother of a teenage son but she was entitled to a life and happiness too. Don't know the first thing about American Football but I wouldn't mind being down the dressing room after a game View all 52 comments. Mar 11, Pamela rated it it was amazing.

Jed Hill is among the wonders of nature, and I will never grow tired of staring at his absolutely ripped physique. Fortunately, the book lives up to the cover. Mick is a star quarterback at the height of his career and his carefully orchestrated fame.

Tara is an event planner single mom with a year-old son she gave birth to as a teenager. When the two meet at an event Tara plans, neither of them have any idea where they're going to end 4.

When the two meet at an event Tara plans, neither of them have any idea where they're going to end up. Tara doesn't want a parade of men in and out of her life because of the bad example it will set for her son — and because she's never really had any reason to trust men.

Her life is her work and her son. That's something I can relate to! Mick, on the other hand, is wealthy, famous, a star — but he's sick of the bulimic models and vain starlets his agent has arranged for him to "date. Those of you who love erotic love scenes will enjoy the book, because there is a lot of super-scorching sex in this story. But the emotion isn't lacking either, and by the end you'll be delighted, as I was, when Tara opens herself to the possibility of being with Mick and Mick straightens out his priorities, making a firm decision about what matters most to him in life.

My only quibble with the book is that I wanted an epilogue. I wanted to see Tara have the family and support she's never had before. Given that the next book involves Gavin, Mick's brother, a pro baseball player, I'm guessing we'll get some of that then. This is the first book I've read on Kindle, so that was an adventure, too. I recommend this to contemporary romance fans, romantica fans, and those who love sports-star heroes. A quick update: A reader friend e-mailed me privately to ask whether there was anal action in the love scenes because she doesn't like to read that.

There is. It's a great story, and I'd hate her to miss it for that reason. View all 34 comments. Aug 02, NMmomof4 rated it liked it Shelves: Sadly, this kind of fizzled out for me. The beginning sucked me in and had me intruiged, but by the end I was tempted but didn't to skim. I liked the H. He was great. The h, however, ended up pushing all my buttons -- and definitely not in a good way.

She was constantly bringing up other women, even though the H never behaved in any way to deserve that only hints of a man 2. She was constantly bringing up other women, even though the H never behaved in any way to deserve that only hints of a manwhore past.

She also was pushing him away for most of the book. It drove me crazy! This is Tara and Mick's story. They meet at an event that Tara's event planning company put on for his NFL team. They hit it off and end up sharing a steamy night.

What Tara didn't expect was for Mick to find her after she snuck out of his hotel room, and for him to pursue a relationship. There is some dancing around each other, but eventually they start dating and fall in love.

There is some family and career drama, lots of sexy times, and a few funny moments This alternated between focusing on Tara and Mick in 3rd person narrative not my favorite. Overall Pace of Story: Good until the end see closure section. I never skimmed and I thought it flowed well. H rating: I liked him.

He was sweet, loyal, and hot. I really liked how he jumped right in with her son and how he was with his family. I appreciated how she seemed to be a good mom and brought herself out of a bad childhood, but her constant pushing away and bringing up other women all the time really irked me.

Sadness level: No tissues needed. Yes view spoiler [The h is hesitant because their lifestyles are so different. She pushes him away for most of the book. The H pursues the relationship throughout. There is a good bit of sex in this one. Sometimes it even felt like too much, as I wanted more of a emotional connection between them. Descriptive sex: Yes Safe sex: Mentions of condoms being used.

No view spoiler [Closest is that the H's female agent causes some drama, but it is because she wants better for his career no romantic feelings hide spoiler ] Sex scene with OW or OM: No Cheating: No Separation: Yes view spoiler [There is a short separation couple weeks?

Yes view spoiler [H is an alcoholic, brief mention of past drug use by h, and h has child with OM not present when she was This had one of those endings with the conflict being resolved right before the end. There wasn't even an epilogue, and I think it really would've benefited the story to have one. I'd call it a HFN ending view spoiler [but they do get engaged hide spoiler ]. How I got it: It was on loan through my public library.

I'd say that this should be Safe for most readers. View all 13 comments. Jan 30, D. The problem with the plot was that there was no conflict. This behavior has put her in the running for "Dumbass Heroine of the Year. Seeing her confront her fear about public speaking, meeting new people, etc. I did like a few things. The rest was just predictable and boring.

So if you want to imagine how it feels to be swept up your feet by a gorgeous, famous, rich man, then this book might be enough for you. La historia de amor y los personajes me han gustado mucho. Seguro que pronto leo la segunda parte: May 15, DarienMoya rated it liked it Recommends it for: Erotic Contemporary Romance Fans. I mean body. Those abs would have me saving money, and hand lotion.

I would be doing my laundry on those suckers; it is just one freaking HAWT cover. I am not really into muscles and all that, but I am very into this cover model, and find myself hoping that he would come into….

I mean be into me. It gives me hope, that one day some sexy man will come and sweep me off my feet. I can say I enjoyed the book a lot more when they were out of the bedroom. I read it without any interest, and this book was one of those. Just call me crazy, but I think Tara is like the luckiest woman in the world. This woman comes like three times in a row. I sound envious cus I am, just a little bit. Mick I really liked, he seemed like a true genuine character, and as I said really liked the book when they were out of bedroom.

I found the sex too plentiful, and tooo odd. By odd I mean, it just felt like they were trying to go too far with it, and then it just sort of fizzled out, by the third sex scene I was pretty much done for. Therefore, I had a hard time with the five-hundred that followed not that much but you get my meaning.

This one will be hit with most of GR friends; it was just an ok read for me. I loved learning about football because in reality I could care less. I am considering being a party planner, in reality not the best idea.

The Perfect Play

I loved the whole single mother aspect of the book, as a mother myself I can easily understand the doubts with wanting to get into a relationship. The questions that go with it, will the man accept my child and be respectful. I thought Jaci Burton handled that part splendidly.

Overall, liked it just could have done without all the sex. View all 12 comments. Many of the characters were cardboard cutouts with no real personality, especially Tara.

Tara was predictably annoying the entire book, the basis for her character was that she was a single mum working to support her teenage son, but for the majority of the book she was either apologising for her son being a burden or burdening him off to othe 1. Tara was predictably annoying the entire book, the basis for her character was that she was a single mum working to support her teenage son, but for the majority of the book she was either apologising for her son being a burden or burdening him off to other people.

That kid spent almost the entire book which spanned across a 'summer' sleeping at other people's houses, often so Tara could spent alone time with Mitch such as a tropical weekend getaway for just the two of them.

I hate criticising parenting because 1 I am most definitely not a parent and I know that you can't really give much of an educated opinion until you've been in that situation and 2 , mum shaming has always been a pet-peeve of mine. I don't think she was a "bad" mum in any way, but I think she was built up to be such a selfless character and it missed the mark for me.

I found her to be quite self invested and absorbed. I honestly finished this book maybe two hours ago and I've already forgot the majority of what happened. There was no real plot lines apart from the 'romance', which felt fake and annoying.

It was more just a pile of sex-scenes and moping characters, rather than a real, exciting romance story that brought out the feels. I was not invested one bit in what happened to the characters, the only people who had real personality were Mick's family, everybody else was predictable.

I will definitely not be moving onto the next book because Liz was a character I hated. I didn't hate her decisions but more so that the author than tried to spin her character to just have 'accidentally' been a bitch in her quest to help Mitch's career. I think her motives were never as pure as that, and for the next book to based on her never owning up to her mistakes would kill me inside.

I don't mind if there are characters who do bad things, admit them and try to make up for it in one way or another, but Liz was a character who was spun to have just 'lost her way' and never really admitted the selfish reason behind it. She was an underhanded and manipulative character who I do not want to read about.

View all 4 comments. I love The Perfect Play. It's very erotic, emotional, and captivating. I really love this book! The characters are fantastic and realistic.

Mick and Tara, the hero and heroine, are full of flaws and strengths. I easily believed in their struggles, in their triumphs, and in their relationship. There's enormous chemistry between the two, and I simply couldn't get enough them.

I thoroughly enjoyed I love The Perfect Play. I thoroughly enjoyed Tara's son Nathan. The author captured the essences of a teenage boy.

The Perfect Play - PDF Free Download

Nathan was delightful and brought many humorous moments to the book. Tara relationship with Nathan was realistic and poignant. As a single mother, Tara's insecurity and concerns in raising her year-old son alone, brought a vulnerability to her character that made her extremely endearing to me.

Jaci download epub perfect the burton play

Mick was fabulous. I fell head-over-heels in love with him. You can't get a more determined, hardworking, protective, refreshingly honest, and sexier than all-get-out hero.

He was wonderful to Tara and Nathan, and helped Tera see herself as she truly was. A remarkable woman. I also love Mick's family. I'm excited we'll get more of them in the next book.

They were interesting, well developed, funny, and easy to love characters. Mick's mother, Kathleen, was exceptional for a secondary character.

It felt abrupt and left the story somewhat hanging. I needed an epilogue. Something to give the story more closure. Other than that, I love this wonderfully written, extremely erotic, and very endearing love story. This story is extremely explicit, and at times made me uncomfortable.

Read with caution. View all 7 comments. Aside from this book being uninteresting, I was baffled that two grown-ups were having such simple misunderstandings when they can just text or call each other. Tara Lincoln was an event planner who was trying to make a name in San Francisco when she landed a huge contract to plan a preseason party for a professional football team. There she met a nice guy Mick Riley and they ended up in bed together.

She later finds out that Mick is a quarterback for the professional football team, but they didn Aside from this book being uninteresting, I was baffled that two grown-ups were having such simple misunderstandings when they can just text or call each other. And that was part of the problem for me. There was very little or unclear communication about anything other than sex and career aspirations.

Tara and Mick were good at having sex but discussing life and how to have adult relationships, they were quite juvenile in their actions. She was just one of those heroines you want to slap.

The characters were not developed that well and the writing was so inconsistent for me. The narration made the story worse that I considered quitting on the audiobook several times and just reading the paperback. Honestly, this book was forgettable because there are plenty of better done sports romances with single parents finding love.

I received this audiobook for free from in exchange for an honest review. View all 3 comments. Jed Hill. I have no saliva left. Look at those abs! Those chesticles! I thought the beginning was engaging enough. Tara Lincoln, an events planner finds herself under the watchful eye of Mick Riley, the star football player who is just pure sex.

I loved the beginning and thought they had amaz 3. I loved the beginning and thought they had amazing chemistry. But when Tara starts making lame excuses to stay away from Mick, I started to get annoyed.

Epub play download burton the perfect jaci

I could stare at the cover forever. View all 69 comments. Dec 18, Andrea Lujano rated it really liked it Shelves: View 1 comment. Oct 10, Susana rated it it was ok Shelves: This ended up being, for me, one strange book In a way, this is the typical boy meets girl, kind of book What he wants now, its a real woman. Good for you, Mick. Tara is a single working mum, who has placed her romantic life on hold, due to some ghosts of her past, and due to the fact that she This ended up being, for me, one strange book Tara is a single working mum, who has placed her romantic life on hold, due to some ghosts of her past, and due to the fact that she wants to protect her almost fifteen old son, at any cost..

So far, so good. The characters were likeable. Their chemistry believable, and i really liked their dialogues.

Jaci Burton

So what ruined this for me?? So, some people would probably point out, that this an erotic book. But most of these scenes weren't erotic, they were just blah and ughhh. It was like the characters had a double personality disorder.

You have interesting, level headed people. We get to see their development as characters, and then all of a sudden, they're at it, in a hotel, in the car, in her house, on a plane, on a freaking beach, on his parents house, in his house doing wild monkey love sex Its like they're porn stars, who have spend the last decade in a convent or a monastery!! And then there's the language You want to call that sexy??? First time Oh, shut up already!!

So while we see their relationship developing, that situation is never transported to what they do behind closed doors And then there's the view spoiler [tongue Don't read the following part, if you're easily embarassed: And prone to a number of diseases hide spoiler ] So, for the story, for the romance, i would give this one a solid 3 stars Jan 06, Splage rated it liked it Shelves: How do I rate this?

I think the cover is tainting me because it is the hottest cover ever and because of it I want to say "I really liked it" but, the book wasn't as good. I have read every sports romance I can get my hands on and loved most of them, I would actually call myself a Sports Romance connoisseur.

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I love the sportsman type, basically man whores with incredible bodies that are easy going and fun loving, but eventually tamed. This book just didn't rank up in my top sport's romance reads How do I rate this?

This book just didn't rank up in my top sport's romance reads. I definitely liked the book- did I mention the hot cover- and I will read the next in series but, the story just felt forced, predictable and too perfect.

I like perfect, but not "too perfect". View all 14 comments. Soooo, let's just say I got disappointed over this book. I was too bored, too annoyed over the characters' ways of doing things. I kinda wanted to slap Tara Lincoln 30?

Stuck in her own mind? I don't know. I understand that her son come first no matter what, but that doesn't mean you can use him as an excuse, woman. Also felt that I didn't really get a connection with the characters. I felt like I was on the outside looking in and the story wasn't all that fascinating to watch.

Way too predictable, too lovey-dovey, and worst part was that I felt that insta-love feeling. Though it was more insta-lust , but still Will I read this again in the future? Rating - 2. Jan 21, Alia Ros rated it really liked it Shelves: Perfect, indeed.

So it sorta surprised me when i could read it! Jan 18, Somia rated it liked it. Apr 29, valee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Why have I not read any comments about this book before!? Seriously guys, I constantly get recommendations but no one recommended this amazing work of art to me and I want you all to know I'm extremely annoyed by that.

So now I'll just have to recommend this book to you all, lol, so you don't wait anymore to go and read this freaking amazing book. I just have no words to express how much I adored it.

I had been on a reading crises, rating many books with less than 3 stars and just being unable Why have I not read any comments about this book before!? I had been on a reading crises, rating many books with less than 3 stars and just being unable to find a read that really compelled me.

The Perfect Play was one of the best books I have read in a while. The characters were amazing, all of them. This is one of those books which actually gives you the whole package: Let's not forget the amazing sexual tension and chemistry between this 2.

No bullshit between this two, just a great relationship developing before your eyes. I has such an amazing time with this book.