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Sep 7, Legends/EU Download Masterpost Ok instead of harping on you guys to - Jedi - The Clone - Clone Wars. MEGA links found on other sites cannot be reposted directly here, please download the file(s) then reupload [Books] Collection Of Star Wars Ebooks (self .megalinks) And also quite a lot of fiction books by certain authors. Nov 26, Free Official Star Wars Stories, Ebooks and Comics (PDF) Gathering by Eric Johnson (42k words) (EPUB, Online reading) [View / Download].

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Star Wars has entries in the series. cover image of Star Wars: Jedi Academy cover image of Die Legenden von Luke Skywalker: Journey to Star Wars. Feb 3, refined by the size of the file. No cover for Star Wars Books Ultimate Epub Language: English. Fast Download · MIRROR1. readership. Free ebooks are commonly given files, which work on most devices. Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith #7: Pantheon - Free eBook.

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John Ostrander.

[PDF] Download Star Wars: Original Trilogy Graphic Novel Ebook | READ ONLINE

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Jedi Apprentice Series pdf & ebook download

Jan 09, If anyone votes for the Darth Bane books high they should have their votes eliminated. Those two books were the worst books I have ever read in the Star Wars theme. The author has no concept of what Star Wars was or is. Jul 12, Joseph wrote: The author has no concept of was or is. I can't possibly see how you can think the author doesn't know about Star Wars. The references to an even older time period should be enough.

Sep 12, Yeah I think that Joseph just has plain bad taste. I'm still catching up on many of the Star Wars books, but that's a pretty bad remark about the Darth Bane series. Personally, I found the 1st book in particular to be one of the best Star Wars stories I've ever read. Zahn is definitely king, but to read about the grand history of the Sith kept me anxious to get the 2nd and 3rd books!

So screw you Joe. Hey Deadnaut-screw you to. It is a joke if you think that a person of Bane's age can just pick up the Sith training and not only the top student, but all the other Sith Masters and Lords are not as strong of him and also scared of him.

Of of this because he draws from childhood memories. Then there is the whole Think Bomb he is able to do figure out reading old texts from the past Siths that kills all the Siths.

The worst is the ending where he finds a 10 year girl to make her his apprentice. She killed 2 jedi's because they killed her cousins. If this author had any idea about Star Wars he would have known Jedi's don't just kill people. But then this little girl decides yes I want to join the Sith side and learn the evil ways. I find this hard to believe. So, Darth Bane takes the title and claims this 10 year old girl to be his apprentice.

Novels download epub wars star

Then he leaves her on the planet and says if you want off the planet to be my apprentice you have to get off the planet yourself. So he somehow gets picked up by this rescue team of 2 adults and 2 boys because the Jedi folks would allow 2 boys to accompany them on a rescue mission and she kills them with the force that she just learned. She meets up with Darth Right, most 10 year olds are lost and could never do this and he finds what he is looking for, but gets this creatures stuck on him almost like in the movie Lost in Space.

But don't worry they are said to give him strength and won't kill him. Then it takes you 10 years later, the little girl is grown up, he says she is hot he made another reference on a Sith in the first book of how hot this other girl was , and somehow Darth has this creatures to multiply all over his body even though they were supposed to grow slowly , AND that Darth has this wealth of contactss and spies through out the galaxy even though he was this poor miner who knew no one.

Then there is this crap about casting spells and such. And he should know that the Chiss don't venture outside their galaxy very much and I am sure they didn't 1, years before Luke, Leia, etc. He has no concept about the overall story board. Basically there is no story or plot. It never tells you why Darth was such a bad ass like he said he was. Sure he kills some Jedi's in the book, but he doesn't do much against them as a whole or the Republic. The book ends with Dartha and the girl escaping, not being found out and ready to do more in the future.

Oh wait the last part was in book 2.

Joseph, you either skimmed over the book or were just disinterested when you read it. The reason Bane could pick Sith training so easily was because he was the Sith'ari, the chosen one of the Sith similiar to the chosen one prophecy of the Jedi.

You also criticize the author for not knowing anything about Star Wars. You must have missed the part where the Jedi killed the 10 year old girl's friend, a telepathic species native to the planet, not her cousins. The rescue team that found her was comprised of a republic soldiers, and their two sons. There were no Jedi on the shuttle. You talk about spells and such are not part of the Star Wars universe, but what do you think the Force is?

Is a Jedi Mind Trick not a type of spell, and could it not be twisted by a Sith to be used for evil?

Novels star epub download wars

Path of Destruction is the first in a three book trilogy, and to understand the whole concept you have to read all three. This trilogy covers the Dark Side of the Force and how the Sith came to be as we know them in the movies. I just didn't like it, what is the big deal? Nov 24, I like the books, and I agree with Infamous, but Joseph does have a point in that Darth Bane unrealistically has a lot of contacts that he has accumulated.

Even with him having ten years to get them Jul 13, I like the books too, but each person is entitled to his or her own opinion. Even though I liked the series, there were parts in the Bane books that made me go "Huh? Aug 22, I never cared for the Zahn trilogy. Very dry and uninteresting except for Thrawn, who I think most people think of when they think of these books - that character solely elevates the material - the rest doesn't read like Star Wars.

Mara Jade is particularly one of the worst characters I've ever read in a book - a total one-upper The River Song of Star Wars. I think Brian Daley and Kevin J. Anderson best captured the feel of the original Star Wars. Matthew Stover did the most to 'push' the material. All his contributions are amazing, even Traitor, which is set in an era I don't much care about. Shatterpoint is fabulous and his novelization of RoTS surpasses the original material.

Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor is his sole stumble - I didn't find that very interesting. Where's the Medstar Dulogoy? I loved those as well. Feb 23, I think it is funny how you bash what the author is writing in the Darth Banes series when the only thing he did was flesh out an already existing story from the Star Wars comics in this case published and years before the work on these books began.

The author does know his Star Wars I would say, he was even involved in the KotoR franchise which have the most interesting story and the most interesting characters in the Star Wars universe todate. Besides the books where many are crap and the movies there are many more sources for star wars fiction like the many many comics or games created around the universe and they sometimes give a better view than even the books.

Download epub wars star novels

The comment was 3 years ago. Let it go everyone Mar 02, Why is star by star higher I would say top Apr 25, The author has no concept of w I'm glad you posted this comment.

I've been a fan of SW for thirty years but just started reading these books. My first experience was this trilogy specifically chosen because of reviews I found here. I'm very disappointed. May 31, I've only read 32 books up to the date of this posting. And what is the incredible secret of the Terrible Machine? There are dangers, discoveries and deadly games in store for the Ewoks — but beware Captain Krag!

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