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We continuously improve our device performance. Please download the latest user manual and firmware for your BOOX here. Read the instruction carefully. Onyx has officially released a new fairly major software update for the Onyx Boox Note models (Note , Note S, Note+) and the Onyx Boox Max2. You can find the update files on Onyx’s website, or you can auto update from the settings menu on your device. I installed the update. A description of the Onyx Boox ebook reader. and Wi-Fi that includes a Webkit Browser for searching and downloading from the internet. And for free ebooks you can visit our free ebooks page for a comprehensive listing of websites that.

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ONYX BOOX electronic readers based on E-Ink technology. BOOX is presented by Onyx International Inc., which has a group . Browser. When WiFi is on, users can browse webs or download files .. services for free;. At the time you come up with an excellent idea, you catch it and write it down on the paper immediately. How about with an Onyx Boox E-reader.

Last updated on December 3rd, 17 Comments. Onyx has officially released a new fairly major software update for the Onyx Boox Note models Note The new 2. I installed the update on my Onyx Boox Note over the weekend and so far I absolutely hate it. The text seems thinner and more washed out, for one. The Kindle app no longer works.

Optimal for PDF documents students and avid readers! Best choice. Great product. Probably the best for its purporse on the market right now.

Blog Posts recents. With top hardware and front lighting CES If you would like to get to know new our products or to ask questions directly to representatives - welcome to Hanover! Coordinates of the booth at the exhibition Feedback of a professional Artist A lot of Max2 users are professional musicians and are using this device in their daily work as replacement for paper music sheets. Here is an review from sight of a satisfied concert piano player.

File manager - Neo2 open and reading of different documents - Navigation: Review By Craig , Australia.

Firmware Update v2.0 Now Available for Onyx Boox Note and Max2

I was very impressed with the excellent customer service from eReader Store after I discovered a manufacturing fault with my new Boox Note e-reader. The eReader Store staff provided helpful instructions on returning the device and receiving a re Review By Marina Sasheva , Russia.

The best shop to purchase Onyx products ever!

Please download the latest user manual and firmware for your BOOX here. Read the instruction carefully before updating your BOOX. Do not mix up the firmware for different models. If you mistakenly update wrong firmware that is not for your model, your device may have to be sent back to us to re-program. There are two methods to update your BOOX. Applicable model: Fix the bug of cannot open certain PDF files.

Fix the bug of system crash when to export certain annotations; Fix the bug of cannot close the specific document of multi-document; Fix the bug of cannot open web novels after purchase; Fix the bug of word meaning capturing function not working with the Internet connection; Pop up a window for the third-party DRM documents and data corruption documents;. Fix the bug of stroke joggle after enlargement; Fix the bug of lag caused by too many searching pages; Fix the bug of part of keys not working after wireless keyboard connected; Fix the bug of touch area is too small on the both sides of text frame; Add the function of thumbnail jump.

Allowed to switch to the "Recently read" or "All books" tab in Library; Add Library list mode; Add remote optimization function for every individual app.

students and avid readers!

Add a function of enterprise wifi, like hotspot input and others; Fix the bug of incorrect book order sorted by book name in Library; Fix the bug of jumping out of current page after deleting books in Library; Fix the bug of cannot open files after renamed; Fix the bug of incorrect display of power percentage; Fix the bug of inaccuracy of synchronized time; Fix the bug of icon and menu loss; Fix the bug of instability in A2 mode, and A2 not working for videos; Fix Google Play bugs including invalid register, invalid download of purchased apps.

And add Google account management; Fix the bug of interruption during Bluetooth transfer;. Please keep your password on your own. If you forget it, you can't get it back and need to reset the system to unlock it, all user data will be cleared.

Fix bug of when note-taking menu is extended and retracted under Sidenote mode, notes may be lost. PNG format is supported.

Ebook free download onyx

Add feature of when devices are restarted or shut down, handwritten notes are saved automatically. Add optional choice for users on Google Play store. It is disabled by default. Neo Reader 2.

Onyx Boox 60 - Touchscreen and Wi-Fi

Move writting toolbar to the left to avoid accidental touches; Add writing Pressure-sensitive effect default in toolbar; Fix first-line indent error for specific fonts; Fix uneven spacing problem between characters in some txt files; Fix the error that punctuations appeared in the beginning of line in some files; Add go-to-page function for multiple pages in sidenote; Add paragraph spacing setting. The shortcut icon has 3 choices: The default is set to be 0. The default is set to be on.

User can turn it off in Application Setting - Screen - enable crop region; Fix export failure when exporting handwritten png file individually in pdf; Add pen automatically switch back to writing mode after erase all;. Move Note toolbar to the top to avoid accidental touches; Add writing Pressure-sensitive effect default in toolbar; user can switch non-pressure sensitivity in toolbar;.

Fix the problem that template changes do not take effect immediately; Change default sorting method of notes from create time to last-update time; Optimize the erasing speed with massive contexts in Notes;. Add virtual page turn button and fullscreen switch button on the left side of browser. User can turn them off in browser setting menu; Prohibit auto-openning third party Applications at startup; Fix fullscreen errors in third party applications; Update version of Google Play store.

Support Google service; Adjust the size of one-click-to-clear notifications icon on notification bar, to make it more conspicuous; Add page cycle for lists current reading list, recently added list, library and etc. Neo Reader2. Reference test data: One page per second: Neo reader2. Supports multiple documents , 4 files can be opened and quickly switched in the same page by default; multiple document bar can be expanded or collapsed; support close single document: Improve opening speed of epub files and etc.

Add image zoom in function for epub files and etc.: Fix reading data recording error of mobi files; 6.

Free onyx download ebook

Divide text font list into Chinese and English lists; 7. Add dragging function to page bar and chapter jumping function to reading status bar; 8.

Add new mode to browsing mode: Optimize font size setting, all files opened after font size is set will have the same font size; Fix inaccurate problem of TOC jumping; Adjust weight of bold font 1, decrease the boldness; Add auto-extracting directory function to txt files and etc.

Ebook free download onyx

Fix extra spaces in txt files; Change annotation sorting order to sort by page number instead of sort by time in the past ; Add function to automatically export annotations and generate X-annotation. When using Wi-Fi the battery lasts a few days or so.

Onyx Boox 60 eBook Reader

Some additional features include note-taking, audio player, running text searches, portrait and landscape modes, five adjustable text sizes, dictionary support, and some additional apps.

There are several ebook readers that have Wacom Penabled touchscreens these days, and the Onyx Boox is one of them. Wacom screens utilize a sensor board that detects the stylus's movement using electromagnetic technology.

The sensor board is placed behind the E Ink screen so as not to affect the clarity of the text like other touchscreens that place a layer over the top of the epaper. The only downside with these particular screens is that you must use the stylus for the sensor board to detect input; nothing else will work.

The Boox has decent PDF functions as far as 6-inch readers go. It can zoom in, crop margins, has active hyperlinks, pdf reflow, landscape mode, and can run text searches, annotate, draw, etc.