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Pages Home. Monday, 11 March Italian Scooter Helmets. Italian Scooter Helmet. Italian Scooter Helmets. These Borsalino Motorcycle Helmets are proof that Italian scooter and motorcycle gear design is years ahead of the American market. This Designer Motorcycle Helmets by Borsalino including are all made of high quality leathers and the Borsalino Lapin is even adorned with real cony fur! The Borsalino look is just right for aficionados of urban glamour, those who want something more than just a traditional helmet.

Also select whether you want a dressy or casual vest. The best way to decide what vest to purchase is to take a serious look at your wardrobe and decide which pieces you will wear it with the most.

This should help narrow the vast selection down to a few styles.

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Select a color. Choose a vest in the same tone if you want it to blend with your wardrobe, or add some pop to your wardrobe with a new color that will stand out.

Faux Fur Vest

We've seen vest in every color of the rainbow. You might want to accent a winter black outfit with some color, such as a purple fur vest. Or you might want to highlight your shades of cream with a vest in creams and whites. Again, the best way to make sure you are buying a key piece of your winter wardrobe is to look carefully through your closet before you shop. Once you have a few outfits that you think would look good with a vest, snap a few photos so all your hard work doesn't go out the window when you fall in love with a vest.

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If it doesn't work with what you have, you won't wear it or you'll just have to do more shopping to build a wardrobe around it! Set a budget. Again, you might not want to splurge on a trendy item that might not be in season next year. Or maybe you do. But whatever price range, make sure your new vest is soft!

There is such a selection that you can scour the stores until you find the exact one you crave. Wearing it is easy, pair it with everything from jeans to dresses. Just be sure to keep your top slim fitting, unless you want the bohemian Rachel Zoe look, in which case go for a flowy dress or peasant top. Two super-hot looks that start with a basic outfit: See also www.

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Posted by Blog Admin at 2: Links to this post. Faux Fur Vest , Fur Fashion. Rachel Zoe Faux Fur Vest. Fur has always been a controversial aspect of the fashion industry and everyone has their opinions on fur's pros and cons but one aspect of fur fashion that everyone is unanimous on, is faux fur!

It is better for the environment and of course better for animals. Designer Rachel Zoe feels faux fur should be something luxurious ad something that people want to buy so with this opinion in mind she started a line of faux fur clothing.

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The line features faux fur vests, coats, purses and outerwear accessories perfect for that touch trend to any outfit. Posted by Blog Admin at 4: Faux Fur Sweater Vest. The perfect balance to stay warm but cool at the same time is to wear a faux fur sweater vest.

A womens faux fur sweater vest can be the perfect of clothing to wear on a warm, but chilly day. Womens faux fur sweater vests can also liven up any outfit, and make that boring white turtle neck into something more exciting.

A womens faux fur sweater vest, like a sweater, comes in all shapes and sizes, all colors and fabrics. Certain faux fur sweater vests are only meant to be worn over button down dress shirts.

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These types of sweater vests are generally V-necks and do not button. They typically have skinnier straps and allow for the lapels of the dress shirt to show through. Wearing a complementary shirt with your sweater can really add style. Posted by Blog Admin at 8: Brown Faux Fur Vest.

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Coffeeshop Women's Faux Fur Vest. Things which go wrong while migration:.

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