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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. You can now brew beer at home that tastes just like Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Cookbooks, Food & Wine. Scott R. Russell shows you how to brew in your own kitchen clones of Moosehead Lager from Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Our eBook, The Ultimate Jumpstart Guide to Homebrewing, was created for those who are interested in learning how to brew their own beer at home.

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Jan 8, Clone Your Favorite Beer Or Try One Of The Hundreds Of Original, Mouth Watering Home Brew Recipes. instantly download home brew recipes clone your favorite beer or try Secrets Of Wine Ebook For Beginners. Jun 27, Download PDF The Brew Your Own Big Book of Clone Recipes: Featuring Homebrew. DOWNLOAD Arrow of God PDF By Chinua Achebe Ebook Full Online DOWNLOAD PDF The Brew Your Own Big Book of Clone Recipes: Featuring

I bought the 2nd edition of CloneBrews in Kindle format in July , soon after I restarted homebrewing following a nearly seven year hiatus, with the idea that I would brew some clone recipes which I could then compare with the actual commercial examples in order to calibrate my brewing skills. I will not replicate the entire recipe list in this review but if you look at the books. I will say that the book contains a nice variety of styles however some of the recipes, particularly in the Light Lagers category appear to have little variation in their ingredients and procedures. Another quibble is that there are recipes, again principally in the Light Lager category, which are for exceedingly uncommon even obscure beers e. Each recipe starts with the name of the beer being cloned and the name and location of the brewery followed by a one or two paragraph description of the beer.

I made a Gumball Head clone with my oldest son. I had high hopes for it coming out of the fermenter.

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The Amarillo Hops certainly made it smell like Gumball Head. Some are closer to the commercial versions than others my guess is their level of research, communications with the brewers, adjustments to the ingredients. I do the AG versions and will do the math on the hops or let BeerSmith do it for me. The beers from this will be good. That said, I share all of the gripes noted above about the presentation of ingredients, etc. It is unnecessarily challenging to make sure you have everything you need, and in the correct amounts, when doing an all-grain batch.

I think this would be very confusing, especially for a beginning brewer.

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I believe the major flaw with the recipes is that no information is provided with regards to fermentation temperatures. It seems the common wisdom has it that fermentation temperature control is a MAJOR factor in the quality and character of the finished beer, and this book fails in this very important area. Part 1 Thanks for purchasing our book, Clone Brews. When my wife Tess and I first wrote the book in the publisher wanted us to include beers from every country possible, that is why there are so many lagers in the book.

The first version had beers and we updated the book in to include 50 more beers. To get the beers in the book we tasted and tested around beers, selected the ones we liked the most, created the recipes for them, brewed them, compared them to the originals and then brewed them again when necessary to tweak the recipe.

We visited breweries both in the USA and in Europe and bought beers whenever we traveled. We started our homebrew shop, Maltose Express, in and it has grown into the largest shop in the Northeast.

Once the internet became popular, customers started showing up with recipes they downloaded off the internet, some of which were not very good. We started cloning beers so that customers had a good starting point for their brews. More of our customers brew extract than all grain so the main recipe is based on extract. More advanced brewers who brew all grain just have to substitute pale malt or pilsner malt for the extract and adjust the bittering hops for a full boil.

We brew these clones and our own recipes often and we always have two beers and two wines on tap at our store and sell over recipe kits a year of our clone recipes.

We have many more US beers and only a few lagers in our second book of clone recipes, Beer Captured. Since we have probably brewed over batches of beer. These have been extract with specialty grains, mini mash and all grain and we will be opening our brewery in Monroe Connecticut this fall after three years of changing zoning laws and working with the town of Monroe.

Locally we offer free home brewing classes and give all grain brewing demos throughout the year and teach classes at our store, at libraries and other locations around 20 times per year. We also run 4 or 5 homebrew contest each year to help brewers make better beer. The main focus of our books is to help home brewers make better beer and to give them a starting point for a particular style.

For our brewery we started all our recipes by taking great examples of the style and then making it our own. We are on our 16th version of our pale ale and our double IPA. Each time we tweak the hops or grain or yeast a little to see what result we get. We also make a lot of single hop beers to see what flavor and aroma come from each hop.

Each recipe does have the recommended yeast and the temperature the beer should be fermented at. Of course this is just a suggestion and home brewers are very creative and can adjust the temperatures for experiments.

We did not put the Belgian Saison yeast in the Saison du Pont recipe for three reasons.

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The main being the fact that when we published the book the Belgian Saison yeast was a seasonal product and we were not sure it would continue being produced. The second is that we liked the outcome of the clone with the French yeast.

The third is that the Belgian Saison yeast is difficult to use, requiring fermentation temps of 85F plus and most brewers get stuck fermentations at around the 1.

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We have brewed quite a bit over the last 23 years and have not done step mashes with wheat beers. Our wheat beers have always come out fine with great body, mouth feel and head retention. However, home brewing is about doing things your own way so brewers can mash however they want. We will have our clone of Aventinius Wheat doppelbock on tap this fall so stop in and sample a single step wheat beer. People have also said that many beers in the same style appear to have little variation in their ingredients and procedures.

This is true but each change by each brewey is what makes their beer unique. We also split each brew into two 5 gallon batches and use different yeasts in each. Some brewers find discrepancies between what our recipe stated and what the brewery specified for that beer.

When we first brew the beer we taste it and often start with the IBUs that the brewery suggest. Many times however, we find that the IBU level stated does not work for the homebrew version of the beer. So we brew the beer again with the new bittering units until we like the clone.

With each recipe we have included a Serving Notes and Food Pairing section. We recently attended a beer dinner with Stone beers and it was great to see how the beers paired with the courses. Recently breweries have been changing recipes a bit and our book does not reflect these changes.

If you look on our website maltoseexpress. Some of the beers are no longer brewed but we believe part of the beauty of home brewing is to be able to re-create a beer that is no longer brewed or no longer brewed well. There are a few typos in Clone Brews which we or the editor did not catch. We have been helping brewers for over 23 years now and have enjoyed it. Click here to cancel reply.

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