SIDI Week September ended with a trip to Mount Bromo and shipyards that produce boats using fiber materials. The trip to Mount Bromo began at 18:00 from the Department of Naval Architecture Institute of Technology. Stopped for having dinner at Tempo Doloes restaurant and the journey continued to the hotel where we would take a rest. We arrived at the hotel at 00:30 am, the location of our hotel was in the Bromo area because thatt the air temperature was cold. Bromo temperature range in the dry season is 5-6 degrees Celsius, but during the rainy season temperatures will be a little warmer. Watching the sunrise is kind of beautiful moment for the tourists when visiting Mount Bromo and it's not a secret that the beauty of Mount Bromo is one of the loveliest Montain in the world.

Sunrise can be seen starting at 4:00 to 4:30 am, and trip from the hotel to the place where we could see the sunrise took about 30 minutes trip by Jeep. We must awake after a short break to leave for Pananjakan by using Jeep as a powerful vehicle to conquer the sea of sand. At the top of Pananjakan is a very suitable place


SIDI WEEK dated on September 10 - 11th 2016 along with the SIDI team officials and the committee, traveled to the island in order to see the location-related and to get some supportive data, in this case we visited Poteran’s island with several activities such as visiting and doing seminar at University of Wiraraja. We are doing discussion while dinner, visiting to the planting location of Moringa and Seaweed projects also to the estimated-location of the Moringa plant, discussion with the local village chief, as well as some traditionally Madura’s food such as Campor, Apen and Nasi Jagung. 

At 10:30 pm the journey began with the first aim to the University of Wiraraja to conduct a seminar and discussion with lecturers and students of University of Wiraraja, but due to unforeseen bottlenecks that cause deterioration of the originally scheduled starting at 15:00 becomes 17:00. Nevertheless, the spirit of the students and lecturers who follow the activities of the consortium did not abate, it is evidenced by the spirit of


SIDI Week which held this time was focused on the discussion of the results of the visit to Germany which has been carried out by SIDI team toghether with partners from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) and the Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB) from May 18 to 24, and also the establishment of the first batch of Student Research and Development Team (SR&DT).



The series of events began with the students’ proposal seminar. Students’ presentation at the seminar which held on Saturday, 14 June 2014 presented by 7 students of each island (Maratua & Poteran). The students had previously passed the document selection, set aside a dozen of other students. After going through a rigorous consideration, then chosen 5 students for Maratua Island, and all 7 students for Poteran Island.

On Wednesday, 18 June 2014, there were a series of events that take place sequentially and events that take place parallelly. Starting from Hochschule Wismar team visit to the Rector of ITS, the event continued with a discussion of the results of the visit to Germany, plan ahead, and SR&DT program implementation. In those discussions, in addition to the SIDI team and Hochschule Wismar team, the attendees were KKP, Sumenep Government, Delegation of Faculty of Pharmacy, Airlangga University, Delegation of Wiraraja University Sumenep, and industry partners.



After joint discussion, then the event continued with group discussion consisting of Maratua group and Poteran group to discuss what concrete steps will be carried forward in accordance with the existing cooperation scheme and recent developments including the results of the visit to Germany. From the results of the visit, the Germans offer Indonesian-German cooperation is the development and fabrication of appropriate technology to be applied in Maratua and Poteran Island.

Marked the end of SIDI Week June 2014 in Surabaya, the Hochschule Wismar team gave guest lectures and training on June 18 to 19 to ITS students, especially students participating in SR&DT.

After a series of events in Surabaya have ended, SIDI Week June 2014 was followed by a visit of SR&DT team to Maratua and Poteran Island. Visit to Maratua Island held from June 21 to 25, while a visit to Poteran Island held from June 20 to 22. The purpose of this visit is to collect data with respect to the research needs of each team/student. [JA]