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Lynsay Sands is a Canadian author of historical, paranormal, and horror novels. Vampire Most Wanted: An Argeneau Novel ePub (Adobe DRM) download by. Lynsay Sands is the nationally bestselling author of the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter cover image of Vampires Like It Hot . cover image of Vampire Most Wanted. Title: [PDF] Download Vampire Most Wanted An Argeneau Novel EPUB York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands For Basha Argeneau.

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vampire book by lynsay sands. vampire most wanted: an argeneau novel [[ epub download]] vampire interrupted argeneau vampires book 9. Save as PDF version of vampire most wanted argeneau 20 lynsay sands. Download vampire most wanted argeneau 20 lynsay sands in EPUB Format. Vampire Most Wanted book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. For Basha Argeneau, anything is better than facing her estrang.

Lynsay Sands is a Canadian author of historical, paranormal, and horror novels. Many of her books combine elements of romance novels with other genres, including vampire fiction. Sands was born in Southern Ontario and studied at the University of Windsor. Though she had submitted a manuscript years earlier, she had mistakenly thought the request for a rewrite was a rejection. The Deed was the start of a series by the same name. As an author, Sands is best known for her Argeneau series of novels. These paranormal romances feature the Argeneau family of vampires.

Sands has been nominated for several Romantic Times awards. All rights reserved. Avon, July Our price: Zebra, October Immortally Yours: An Argeneau Novel Lynsay Sands. Avon, September Immortal Unchained: Avon, March List Price: Falling for the Highlander Lynsay Sands.

Avon, January Immortal Nights: Runaway Vampire: Avon, February About a Vampire: The Immortal Who Loved Me: Avon, June Knight of My Dreams: Avon, April Vampire Most Wanted: One Lucky Vampire: Immortal Ever After: The Fairy Godmother Lynsay Sands.

Under a Vampire Moon: All I Want Lynsay Sands. Three French Hens Lynsay Sands. The Husband Hunt Lynsay Sands. William Morrow, October The Reluctant Vampire: HarperCollins e-books, May The Loving Daylights Lynsay Sands.

HarperCollins e-books, April The Heiress Lynsay Sands. HarperCollins e-books, February The Countess Lynsay Sands. HarperCollins e-books, January Hungry For You: HarperCollins e-books, November Born to Bite: HarperCollins e-books, August The Deed Lynsay Sands.

HarperCollins e-books, July Always Lynsay Sands. Lady Pirate Lynsay Sands. The Switch Lynsay Sands. Sweet Revenge Lynsay Sands. The Key Lynsay Sands. I can see the end in sight. It's go time! Yeah, that'll help. View all 9 comments. Feb 21, Paulina rated it it was ok. Lynsay Sands should really start on a new series, as she's clearly tired of this one. The book was okay, fluffy and formulaic. Boy meets girl, one or both realize they're lifemates, one or both reject that as a possibility, they start eating and lusting and accept the fact, drama-drama-drama, stupid decisions, hot sex, resolution and they live happily ever after.

But the couple ne Lynsay Sands should really start on a new series, as she's clearly tired of this one. But the couple never actually get to the hot sex in this book - they come close, but no cigar. It just seemed like Sands is tired of writing these scenes, which is not great for an adult PNR series. It also ended a little abruptly - not a cliff-hanger ending, but a slightly unfinished one. They don't get the bad guy, any of them really, they just make plans for future foiling.

And we never find out who set her trailer on fire, and whether it was an attempt on her life or on Marcus'. Seems like a rather large plot hole. I keep on reading this series because of sentimental reasons, and because I have made it this far, so I'm going to finish the series, dammit! But they are feeling more and more tired. I think she should definitely wrap up the series once she finishes this Leonius arc and hopefully finishes it quickly.

I don't hate the book, but I didn't really enjoy it either. View all 5 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Please do NOT read this review if you plan to read this book! I plan to bleach my brain by writing this and will not hold back! Plus I expect to set a world record for using the f-bomb so don't bother if you'll be offended. What the ever loving fuck did I just read?!?!

In the beginning when I started making the connections to who Basha could be. Connecting her to the woman in the earlier book connected to the no-fangers. I was like "this is going to be awesome".

And the overarching story was total Please do NOT read this review if you plan to read this book! And the overarching story was totally fascinating. But it went horribly wrong in several ways. I refuse to excuse it because of her horrific childhood.

She has had over years to get a clue. Her idiocy drove me crazy. I wanted her to die. So, so fucking dumb. Because he turned into a pussy and was not at all how I remembered hiim.

Vampire Most Wanted

What a waste. Months until she got pregnant at the age of 12!!!! So many things that I cannot write them all down, but let me say that I have zero interest in reading about it in a "romance" novel. The rapist was her first lifemate not Marco. You are fucking kidding me, right?! Sands your lifemate "standards" already kind of sucked you could have more than one - even at the same time!

That is totally disgusting. Just makes me want to vomit. I find it hard to believe. But having read this damn series, I know it should have been impossible for an immortal to get pregnant under these conditions! Nehemiah author explained in detail in a prior book that the nanos see pregnancy as a deficiency so the immortal has to be in peek condition and overindulging in blood in order to keep the nanos happy enough to leave the fetus alone.

Basha was being tortured and raped and kept week on purpose. There is no way she became pregnant at age 12 if the author's own words are to be believed! Did I mention that already? Well I could mention it about 50 times and still not get across how dumb she is.

She is the "mother" of a serial killer and has no clue. So inexcusable. So many "hints" that she did not get but were glaringly obvious. Zero novel thoughts in her head. Everything she was told by the sick motherfuckers she believed. Your beloved kid almost gets you killed, you say nothing. You are asked to help apprehend him, you hesitate.

Total waste of air. Ok I have run out of steam but I feel I should write a novel about all the things wrong with this book. Aside from the above, I think I am most upset because the story was really, really good and the author ruined it with the characters and some plot devices. But the child rapist lifemate thing ruined everything. I just cannot give a positve review in any way after reading that.

View all 21 comments. I took a little break from the Argeneau series. The stories where all started to feel like the same thing. Nothing new and exciting. I very much enjoy the series and I own books 1 - 15 and have reread several of my favorites.

See a Problem?

I just needed a break. What drew me to the Argeneau series is that the vampires are different from the typical vampires. They are genetically enhanced humans, so they are still human, just they have nanos running inside them that help keep them young and I took a little break from the Argeneau series. They are genetically enhanced humans, so they are still human, just they have nanos running inside them that help keep them young and fit.

The story on how they became to be is one that is retold in each book, so you can get the full picture on it. The other thing that pulls me into each book is the humor. I love it. Also the stories are sweet, easy to read, and enjoyable. I also love that some of the previous characters come into the stories and help out the characters.

As a couple neither of them stood out. They where ok. Divine was painfully naive. Why is she hiding? We find this out and more.

Epub download sands most lynsay wanted vampire

I felt that she really should have talked to an immortal sooner and not hide like she did. Her past is traumatic, but how can she not question things. She knows the difference between right and wrong. He does show up in several of the previous novels, but their is nothing all that remarkable about him. All of them. I will say Vampire Most Wanted was an ok read. Feb 20, HR readsNstuff rated it did not like it Shelves: When you start a series and it's a nice and fluffy entertaining read, I have an expectation that the series will continue on like that.

So i get really MEGA i mean throw the book acroos the room MEGA annoyed when all of a sudden i'm having to read about rape and torture and things that I fee before i start hiding the review for spoilers i just want to say that Lynsay Sands has been found guilty of one of my pet peeves yes i do have a lot of pet peeves, thanks for asking in the romance world.

So i get really MEGA i mean throw the book acroos the room MEGA annoyed when all of a sudden i'm having to read about rape and torture and things that I feel i need a shower and a good bit of brain floss to get out of my head. So now, not only do i need to scrub myself in a really hot shower to feel clean again and a good does of brain bleach to get the sick and twisted images out of my brain images that i would never voluntarily put in there and am really freaking aggrivated that they appeared in a series which before this has been full of quirky fun light-hearted reads Sands has also sharted all over the magical yummyness of the nano lifemate bond!!

Because you know By the way her son was not her son and her baby daughter was murdered just after she was born Seriously all the revelations come out and the book ends.

View all 10 comments. I adore this series! In celebration of 10 years and 20 fabulous books, we've put together a little something special for readers. Sep 08, Stephanie G rated it it was ok Shelves: Real name Basha Argeneau, Basha is considered a rogue by immortal law and fears what her uncle Lucian will do if he finds her so she remains in hiding but her cover may soon be blown with the arrival of Marcus Notte.

Marcus is in the southern California carnival as a favor to Lucian Argeneau to find his long lost niece. While searching for proof that Divine is indeed Basha 1.

Download epub lynsay vampire wanted sands most

While searching for proof that Divine is indeed Basha, Marcus learns that she is his life mate and sets out to convince her they belong together and to finally stop running. For someone who is 2, years old, Basha is painfully naive.

By the time she was 12, she was nearly killed by her mother and a few years later was captured, tortured, and gave birth. Yes, she was young so she was easily swayed but she knows right from wrong. Did I mention she keeps this up for 2, years! I could not wrap my mind around her not asking questions or searching out information about her kind. Instead of getting closer I finished the book frustrated. Something that also bothered me was the feel of the book. If I was to pick up this book without knowing the title or the author, I never would have guessed this was an Argeneau story.

Nov 15, Beth rated it it was amazing Shelves: Marcus is sent to find a rogue by Lucian, but its not your average rogue its an ancient member of Lucian's family, Basha Argeneau. When Marcus discovers someone kind of fitting Basha's description playing a fortune teller at a carnival, he can't believe this woman they call Divine is the rogue.

She is kind and everyone loves her at the carnival, she goes out of her way to help people, and he thinks he might be her mate. Divine may have finally found her mate but with the secrets of her past she ca Marcus is sent to find a rogue by Lucian, but its not your average rogue its an ancient member of Lucian's family, Basha Argeneau. Divine may have finally found her mate but with the secrets of her past she can't even think of pulling Marcus into her future.

Will duty out weight love? Will Marcus and Divine have their happily ever after? You are going to have to check out Vampire Most Wanted and find out. Vampire Most Wanted is a dark paranormal romance. Divine's past was littered with constant abuse and manipulation.

The evil is deplorable and hits closer to home than you might anticipate. The story is fast paced and action filled with romantic tension that can be cut with a knife. I was riveted to the pages from start to finish and loved how Sands drew in past characters.

This book is set for publication February 18, Written by: Lynsay Sands Series: Argeneau Vampire Sequence in series: Book 20 Page Count: Avon Publication Date: February 18, ISBN Paranormal Romance Find this book on: View all 3 comments.

Mar 10, Anna's Herding Cats rated it really liked it Shelves: She does make me love vampires all over again. It's been a while since I've read in this series and Vampire Most Wanted reminded me how much I've enjoyed them. The Gist: Marcus has a job. Check out a carnival fortune teller and see if she's possibly a rogue vampire.

He just has to make sure it's the right vampire he's hunting and to do so? Well, he joins the carnival. Basha and Marcus were fun characters.

They're both good vampires. They take care of the people around them.

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Keeping them safe, lending a hand, doing whatever is needed. They were good together. They both needed each other's personalities. To bring a little fun out, to make them feel again. And oh man. The heat. It's hilarious. Yeah, the vampire quirk? Well, when they find their mate and, erm, boink Doesn't matter if they're driving, having a go against a trailer, in the shower.

Orgasm and they're down for the count. It's such a hoot. I will say I was surprised by how dark this one turned. Past books that I can remember were all fairly light and this one had lots of light fun elements--I mean, come on, they're living with carnies!

Basha had such a heartbreaking life and made me ache for her as secrets were revealed. Overall, a good time was had. Sands has such an entertainingly unique paranormal series with vampires you can't help but fall for.

I've done that with no issues so far I liked Basha and Marcus and was glad they got together. Because of how they start out it is difficult on both of them but I think things worked out nicely. Sands has done a pretty good job of keeping the series interesting as it goes and this addition to the series is a good continuation of the overall storyline. Basha was born and raised an Argeneau but didn't have a good life.

She suffered the loss of her family early and just when she got them back and was e 4 stars This was a very good story.

She suffered the loss of her family early and just when she got them back and was enjoying life, she is kidnapped and lives through a year of hell. Afterwards due to manipulation by others she believes that if her family finds her they will kill her and the baby she had due to the rapes she endured. Basha's been running all her life, raising her son the best she could and then when he was a man and she couldn't stay with him any more moving on by herself. She kept traveling through the centuries until she finds herself with a carnival working as a fortune teller.

Marcus is a Notte and he's spent most of his life watching out for his family and protecting them from danger.

Most epub vampire wanted download sands lynsay

He also helps his family run their large business conglomerate. He's found himself bored with life recently and looking for something more to do so he agrees to help out Lucien when he asks him to track down a lead on his niece that's been missing for years and thought to be rogue.

This journey takes his to southern California where he takes a job with a carnival in order to carry out his task. Basha is known as Madame Divine for her fortune telling act and is quite popular.

One night, she encounters an issue with a guy harassing her that had been planning to kill his wife. Basha read the guy's mind when he dropped his wife off for a reading and Basha tells the wife his plans to kill her for her money.

The guy gets pissed at Basha for spoiling his plans and tries to get physical but she can handle herself, sending the guy on his way terrified. This is when Marcus shows up. Basha doesn't know who he is but is leery of another immortal showing up at the carnival. She decides to keep her eyes open around him and see what happens because running would just look suspicious and might be an overreaction.

There's some interaction with her son and grandsons but it's evident that she's not happy with the company her son keeps, Regardless of these concerns, Basha thinks her son is still following all the rules she taught him growing up like not harming others.

Basha hasn;t been harming anyone but finds out that she's been doing wrong for years as she hasn't fed on bagged blood due to being lied to by others , thinking it wasn't able to sustain them nutritionally. She also finds out more things that don't add up causing her to have more and more questions. As Basha is starting to realize things might not be how she thinks they are, she also starts growing closer to Marcus.

They help each other out when she has a fire at her RV which helps thing but she still doesn't trust him. The fire ends up bringing Jackie and Vincent in to the picture and they even end up going back to the carnival with Marcus and Basha to help. No one is sure yet if Divine is Basha but they are sure that her and Marcus are lifemates. It also becomes evident that Basha is a good woman and her being a rogue is hard to believe.

Marcus is able to convince Basha that they're lifemates the shared pleasure helping with that but she's convinced Lucian will kill her on sight and is determined to run.

Marcus is trying to get to know Basha better and get her trust while trying to figure out who seems to have been trying to kill Basha. As they try to understand what is going on, Marcus and Basha spend some time together as he tries to encourage her to trust him with the truth. Things don't work out smoothly and there's some major drama, trickery and a hostage situation before all is concluded but Basha and Marcus do end things with a good HEA. This was a very enjoyable addition to the series.

I liked Basha Marcus was strong and did everything he could for Basha, even willing to run with her if necessary. This book didn't have as many funny moments as some other books from the series but I wouldn't call is a dark read I can't wait to see how the series storyline which just got spiked up with this book works out in the next book. I'd recommend this book.

Thumbs up. The narrator did a good job. If you liked the darker side of the Rogue Hunters - this one is for you! The last thing she expects is to discover is that the spy might be her life mate. Marcus Notte is doing Lucian Argeneau a favor. This mysterious Immortal went missing as a young girl and has since been reported as rogue, and possibly the same woman who helped the villainous no-fanger, Leonius, escape the hotel in Toronto where Rogue Hunters shot him with an arrow in the heart.

I loved the Rogue Hunter novels, the darker side of the Argeneau series, not only because I adored the hunters themselves, but because we got to discover the evil side of the Immortals.

We met no-fangers, edentates, and learned about Leonius, his sons, and first learned of Basha Argeneau.

A great addition to the Argeneau collection of books! I loved the new characters Divine Basha and Marcus. Divine is a mature, independent woman who has survived over two millennia with many tragedies and challenges in her past, yet she continues to be a caring person who dedicates her life to the service of others.

I found her to be a very deep and complex character, yet very relatable to women today. She's someone I would love to have as a friend. She's a classic outsider who has good cause t A great addition to the Argeneau collection of books!

She's a classic outsider who has good cause to be wary of strangers. Marcus is an interesting character as well - warrior, leader, business executive, and carnival greenhorn. His strength and sensitivity to Divine's hesitation shows him to be a mature partner for her, willing to work on their relationship and to fight for it. The setting of this book is really interesting. They meet at a classic carnival, where Divine works. Through this story, Lynsay Sands draws a portrait of a disappearing way of life, also creating some likeable supporting characters who she presents in a straightforward way - no judgment, no criticism of their gruelling way of life.

The intimate level of details regarding the "carnie" lifestyle lends credibility to the overall tale, and it made for a very realistic setting in which the story unfolds. It was great to see some familiar characters from previous Argeneau books return to this story to help advance the situation with Divine and Marcus. I found myself racing through the pages to see what happened next.

Very easy to read and entertaining! The story flows swiftly through the capable storytelling of this author. Sep 02, MB What she read rated it it was ok Shelves: She has Stockholm Syndrome I have a problem with this! I guess being thousands of years old, almost immortal, and super strong still doesn't guarantee you'll have figured out how to do basic research, or how to get out of an abusive relationship, or how to tell lies from the truth.

Why can't she read her son's and grandsons' minds? She's older, correct? From the Plot: From the beginning, I really enjoyed this series, but now I have to turn my brain off because the internal illogic just kills me! It gets worse and worse as the series progresses, be warned. Feb 06, Ann Lorz rated it really liked it Shelves: As like all the rest of the series, Vampire Most Wanted has it all.

I laughed, cried and just plain felt bad for Basha. I think you'll enjoy reading about her journey, even the bad times made her what she is today.

Most epub vampire wanted download sands lynsay

Marcus does his best to protect her even when he has to protect her against herself. You won't want to miss this latest addition to the Argeneau series. View all 4 comments. Marcus does his best to protect her e I liked Basha and Marcus and was glad they got together. Marcus and Divine, or Basha Argeneau if one must get technical, find themselves in some sticky situations one after the other and yet by the end do finally get their HEA.

The road to doing so however is full of obstacles on both sides as they each have issues from their past standing in the way.

Basha Argeneau is over years old. She has changed her name and lived different lives to avoid facing her family. Currently, she is Madam Divine, a fortune teller with a carnival. She's stuck to this persona for several years now and used her mind reading abilities to help people.

If you've followed the series you've caught a brief glimpse of Basha in a previous installment. Marcus is assisting in location a possible rogue vampire and is trying to determine what Basha could possibly know. This was a very good story. This is a more complicated match-up than is usual in the ongoing life-mate relationships that make up the gist of each book.

One final gigantic secret revealed near the last of the book however changes things in the pairs favor, at the same time causing future complications to come. This was a strange addition to the Argeneau roundup. Vampire Most Wanted was a bit dark.

It started off normal enough, with the exception of a new and exciting backdrop of a carnival, but towards the end of the book you get a glimpse at some very dark material.

Yes the love of the fangs once again pulls me back to the Argeneau series. This particular story in the series is a bit darker than most. But it still includes those brilliant touches of laughter and levity that make it so good. This was not my favorite nor my least favorite Argeneau story I just erased my whole review This story was at times both disappointing and entertaining View 2 comments.

Feb 10, Patricia marked it as nope Shelves: Dropping this series.