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Free Downloads. Download free movies, ebooks, computer programs, Oceanography And Marine Biology (An Annual Review, Volume 25). Marine Biology. Choose from great eBooks from Rakuten Kobo's extensive catalogue. Get personalized recommendations and see other readers' reviews. Books - Biology. Marine Biology[1], Methods in Cell Biology[1], Microbiology · Molecular Biology[1], Neurobiology[4], Nutrition[1]. Organic Chemistry[1], Physics .

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Marine Biology [1]. Methods in Cell Biology [1].

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Molecular Biology [1]. Neurobiology [4].

Nutrition [1]. Organic Chemistry [1]. Physics Laboratory [1].

Quantitative Genetics [1]. Radiobiology [1]. Statistical Physics and Biology. The list of topics covered in the pages of this volume is too long to be presented in this short text, we just want to recommend this book to all people interested in this subject due to the truly impressive coverage of the topics combined with the detailed and clear explanations making the learning process easy.

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There were numerous incidents in the past where the man-made sound caused serious injuries to the marine mammals. This has led to the researches in this field and the results of the researches have been reflected in the field of this volume offering readers a truly objective and professional look at how exactly the ocean noise shall be treated taking into account the lack of the regulatory framework as well as the existing scientific uncertainty over the effects that the noise has on marine system.

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The content of the publication shall definitely be treated as the essential information for the oceanographers, people engaged in the international shipping, engineering activities, offshore exploration of oil and gas, policymakers, biologists and all other parties involved. The author examined the problem of the anthropogenic sound in a global content, investigating their nature and significance and considering the needs for the new regulations.

The author particularly concerns the responses of the legal system to the ocean noise problem. The volume covers the scientific aspects and policy development, the use of the MPA, i. The existing resources of minerals that are situated in the deep sea have already attracted rapt attention of the industry; note that the interest to the those resources is constantly increasing in line with the discoveries of different forms of ores.

The study contained in this volume is mainly intended to take stock of the professional experience as well as the relevant technical knowledge, directly related to the mineralizations together with the associated metals and technologies available to explore and exploit them; moreover, the biological diversity and all possible impacts on the environment plus the partnerships vital for Europe and France, possessing the areas of mineral resources in the seafloors of three oceans, have been dealt with.

The info selected for the inclusion into the volume will be equally useful and practical for all people involved in making key decisions in preparing and implementing the strategies, various development programs and relevant researches, and commercial utilizations for subject resources The core part of this work has actually been developed based on the content of several interesting lectures and we would say it will be useful for students at all levels to serve as the set of supplementary appropriate materials related to geophysics of the sea ice together with the planetary boundary layers.

The polar geo-regions are currently undergoing quite unprecedented and fast changes, being the reason why it is considered so important to properly understand the current exchanges of momentum and heat-and-salt at the interface of ice-ocean.

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The publication draws on the fundamental theoretical principles together with the results obtained during the extensively conducted observations to develop a concise yet thorough and informative description of the impacts that are caused by the stress, buoyancy plus rotation on the turbulence scales controlling the ocean-atmosphere exchanges in the iced ocean condition.

Definitely interesting and useful publication for any persons interested in oceanography, climate changes, environment protection and other relevant areas, from enthusiasts and students to experts. The process of provision of improvement in the reliability of long-range forecasts of severe weather and floods, droughts and other natural disasters, is critically important to the livelihood of the mankind, especially of millions of humans who can be potentially affected by such events.

The proper understanding and correct prediction of the ISV, standing for the intra-seasonal variability, is considered crucial to the improvement of the associated forecasts and also the reliability of the projects related to the climate changes through the corresponding climate models.

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This second edition of the volume has been significantly updated, numerous original chapters have been re-written while some new chapters have been added covering the new developments in the field of the ISV research. The Log from the Sea of Cortez. Voices in the Ocean. American Catch. The Fight for Our Local Seafood. The Oysters of Locmariaquer. Killer in the Pool. An Entirely Synthetic Fish: Continue shopping.

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