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guide is available from the. Primavera Documentation. Center, which is located in the \Documentation\. folder of the. P6 physical media or download. Download our Primavera P6 eBooks and templates to help you master Oracle Primavera P6 planning software. Primavera P6 Jobs. Primavera is the most widely used Project planning management software which with Primavera Video Tutorials and books as well as course notes available here. Primavera books and Course notes Download Free.

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Download P6 Video Tutorials Primavera P6 is the most powerful, robust, and easy to use solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing. . Her specialties are Primavera P6 EPPM and Primavera P6 Professional. I would like to .. you may search for and download many Oracle products. Choose the .. Suite 11gR1 – A Hands-On Tutorial, Packt Publishing. The Oracle Primavera® P6TM Project Management (PM) module is comprehensive, scalable, multiproject planning and control software, built.

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Tutorial ebook p6 download primavera

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Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Pdf primavera tutorial 1. Primavera TutorialContents Page 1.

Introduction 2 2. Getting Started 4 3. Entering Your First Activities 10 4.

P6 tutorial ebook download primavera

Establishing Your Layout 13 5. Developing The Programme 25 6. Organising The Programme 6. Filtering the Programme 51 8. Resources 57 9. Progress Reporting 70 Conclusion 81 Exercises Appendix A A. BlakeyPage 1 of 82 February 2. IntroductionThis guide is intended as a beginners guide to Primavera. By the endit, you should be able to confidently enter information into Primavera,and be able to present it in a sharp and meaningful manner.

This guide will also look at resources, multiple layouts, progressreporting, filters and target programmes. Further, it assumes noknowledge of Primavera by the user, but it does presume a level ofcomputer literacy in the user.

Ebook primavera download tutorial p6

The first thing to note about Primavera, and to bear in mind as youwork through this tutorial, is that it saves every change made whileyou work. When you exit theprogramme the only thing that you are asked to save is the layout thatyou have defined: A recommended way of using this guide is to follow the steps first onthe example provided, then on a project which has more relevance toyou. BlakeyPage 2 of 82 February 3. BlakeyPage 3 of 82 February 4.

Getting StartedThe first step is to open the installed programme: Select the Primavera Project Planner icon in the Primavera programmefolder. BlakeyPage 4 of 82 February 5.

Once Primavera has been opened, your welcome screen should looksomething like this…. Unlessdefined otherwise in the set up, your password is the same as the username. The user name is as defined in set up.

BlakeyPage 5 of 82 February 6. BlakeyPage 6 of 82 February 7. Project Name: This is a 4 character code that will identify your programme. It can be any alphanumeric character. Note that the new project will be saved in the folder c: The reason for this is that a Primavera project consists of 24 individual files: This indicates the revision number of the programme.

Project Title: This is the title of the current projectCompany Name: This is the name of the company for whom this work is being done. Planning Unit: This is the planning unit of the programme: It can be any unit from Hour to Month. This sets up, on your base calendar, your working days schedule. Week starts on: This is the first day of the week.

For ins tance, 5 workdays a week in a week starting on Monday would mean Monday to Friday are work days. In some countries there is a six day working week, starting on Saturday. Project Start: This is the earliest work day of the project. Note that it may be desirable to have a Project Start A. BlakeyPage 7 of 82 February 8. Project must finish by: This is the immutable end date of the project. It can, however, be changed at a later date.

Decimal Places: Generally used in resource assignment and calculation not in calculation of the programme: Primavera does not support fractions of a planning unit. BlakeyPage 8 of 82 February 9.

Primavera P6 Project Management Reference Manual Download [PDF]

After all of this information has been entered, we have a screen thatlooks like this: Entering Your First Activities A. BlakeyPage 9 of 82 February Upon entering your project you will be greeted by this screen: All future Activity IDs will follow this numbersequentially, increasing the number by a fixed amount. The Activity IDcan be Alphanumeric. There will be a thick black line around the Activity ID boxindicating that this is the field being edited.

BlakeyPage 10 of 82 February Once entered, it should look like this: Enter in thenext several activities so it looks like this: The activities for your first programme have been entered. BlakeyPage 11 of 82 February Finally we need to assign each activity a duration. Enter the durations as shown below: We are now ready to apply logic to our programme, but before wemove on we need to correct the project layout… 4.

Establishing Your LayoutUsing your mouse, move the cursor over the thick black lineseparating the Activity details and the Gant chart until it appears as A. BlakeyPage 12 of 82 February Now press the left mouse button down and drag the cursor to theright: Several new columns are exposed, as shown above.

At this point intime we do not need those columns. Press F11 and this menu should appear. BlakeyPage 13 of 82 February Delete this line also. You should be left with this: BlakeyPage 14 of 82 February Next we need to align out columns correctly.

Finally we can adjust the column widths. In this menu we can also add columns. The list of columns available for adding isthen displayed. Highlight and click on one to bring it into your layout.

Project Planner Primavera Books, Ebooks and Course Notes P3 and P6

BlakeyPage 15 of 82 February Next highlight the black line separatingthe activity detail and the Gant chart and drag it back to maximise theGant area visible while still displaying all of our columns. Your screen should look something like this: The following menu should appear: BlakeyPage 16 of 82 February Four bars are shown here: To avoid confusion, we will delete all of the bars which we donot need to see.

Your window should now look something like this: BlakeyPage 17 of 82 February BlakeyPage 18 of 82 February By default, the bars are necked when, due to progress or resource constraints, no work can take place. This option allows you to choose which to display. BlakeyPage 19 of 82 February This menu will appear: BlakeyPage 20 of 82 February The number can be adjusted both by highlighting it and entering in the new number, or by clicking with your mouse button the up and down arrows to the right of the box to increase or decrease the number.

This is the Start and End point definition area. At the moment they are defined as Early Start and Early Finish. It can be a bar, a solid line or a dashed line. Primavera allows the definition of Milestone points, or 0 duration target dates on your programme. This box allows you to define the height, in pixels, of these milestones. This defines whether the end point or bar is shown, or is merely outlined. This allows you to define the colour of the bar unless critical vii.

This shows a sample of what the bar will look like. BlakeyPage 21 of 82 February This allows us to add labels to our bars in various positions.

Theimpact that these labels will have on the layout is shown on thesample below. Any data item from the activity detail can be added as abar label. BlakeyPage 22 of 82 February In the same way as we have adjusted activities in other menus, alterthe bar structure layout so that it looks like this: Changes are indicated A.

BlakeyPage 23 of 82 February And alter the Label layout as follows: Now we are ready to move on and develop our programme. BlakeyPage 24 of 82 February Developing the ProgrammeWith our layout established we can develop our programme and applylogic to it. It currently looks like this: We need to link the activities together to form our constructionprogramme plan or schedule. There are several ways of nominating successors and predecessors foractivities.

The quickest is to use our mouse. Click your mouse overthe button in the top toolbar. You can now link activities with yourmouse. Place your mouse on the bottom right hand corner of activityA until a three-pronged forked arrow appears.

Now depress the leftmouse button and drag to the start of the activity you wish to link to. Try this out from A to A Please kindly send the link to more tutorials to may email address zooneed hotmail. Do you have any video's for Primavera P6 ver8. If you do. Could you please email me at doug. Please kindly send the link to more tutorials to may email address fsaln86 gmail. Hi Masaud, Just read threw the comments and I would also like to share the complete video link for primavera.

Masaud, I am a new learner of Primavera p6, but I am having difficulties finding complete video tutorials.

Primavera P6 Project Management Reference Manual Download [PDF]

Please kindly send link to video tutorials to my email address vaweke1 gmail. I am also looking for a good tutorial for primavera. Kindly send to tthareeque gmail. Thank you. Post a Comment. Popular Posts. Download Primavera P6. Primavera P6 Primavera P6 is the most powerful, robust, and easy to use solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing and ex AutoCAD It offers new features across the board, so that almost everyo Quantity Surveyors Pocket Book Free download.

About Engr. Masaud Akhter masaud akhter. Slippage of projects' activities are updated resulting in the adjustment of time related Gant Bars Primavera was once mostly used to handle very large and complex projects, especially in the engineering and construction business e.

Today ,Oracle set a solution that addresses the need of Project Portfolio Management P6 provides executives with a real-time view of their organization's project, program and portfolio performance. It equips managers with the right blend of usability, power and flexibility to effectively and efficiently execute on projects, and enables individuals across all levels of an organization to analyze, record, and communicate reliable information and make timely, informed decisions.

P6 makes it easy to: What is the Most Risky Disadvantage of Primavera? Estimation in Primavera? Download Primavera Software. Primavera Project Planning Jobs. Primavera Video Tutorials P3 P6.

Project Planning and Management Books. Project Planning and Management Templates. Vico Constructor.