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Read "That Kiss in the Rain" by Novoneel Chakraborty available from Kobo BooksKobo eBooksFREE - In Google Play . Vipassana Meditation: My Experiences at a Day Retreat ebook by Robert . Srishti Publishers; Release Date: August 1, ; ISBN: ; Language: English; Download options: EPUB. Read "That Kiss in the Rain" by Novoneel Chakraborty with Rakuten Kobo. Free · Arranging love, contemporary way! ebook by Poornima Dhiman. Arranging . nov that kiss in the rain love is the weather of life pdf free download That Kiss In The – Similar Ebooks: come rain.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Novoneel Chakraborty is the author of four national Chakraborty. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @ $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. $ Free with . Download. That Kiss In The Rain: Love Is Weather Of Life (Paperback) Paperback Books- Buy Books online at lowest price with Rating & Reviews, Free Shipping*, COD. NOT available for reading online or for free download in PDF or ebook format. I_kiss_pdf - Similar Ebooks: ilona kiss livres d'artiste ilona kiss livres d'artiste fontaine jean de. corbeau renard. budapest atelier kiss,

Kissing is probably the most physically romantic two people can get. There really is no wrong way to kiss. The thing to remember is that everybody kisses differently and different people prefer different ways of kissing. Some people, believe it or not, are appalled at the idea of French Kissing or using your tongue while you kiss. While others can't imagine kissing without using your tongue.

If you want to French, just part your lips open slightly and run gently the tip of your tongue against the inside of her lips; hopefully, she'll get the message and open up her mouth. Just open your mouth a little more and gently push your tongue inside her mouth. Once again, she might be the one who will take initiative and try to French kiss you first. If that's the case, just relax, open your mouth not too wide, just enough to let her in and follow her lead.

Once you're inside her mouth or she's inside yours, just play gently with her tongue. Do whatever feels comfortable and natural, and don't try something which feels awkward. Don't make rash moves and don't try to lick her tonsils or shove your tongue down her throat, that's not the idea.

You can run your tongue along hers, tease her just a little with the tip of your tongue, gently caress the inside of her mouth, etc. Just do what feels good - it's easy, even if practice always makes it more simple. Oh, and one last piece of advice about technique - watch out your teeth, it's really not comfortable when they hit your partner's own teeth.

Once you're over, if it was your first time, tell your GF about it. She won't laugh at you - actually, she might be excited by the fact she was your first time. Also ask her if there are things she likes and what she don't likes - the key to being a good lover is to know what gives your partner pleasure.

Once you get more familiar with the basic stuff, don't be afraid to experiment - there are plenty of nice and very pleasant things you could discover by being bold a little. I just wanted to know how far you keep your mouth open when you French kiss? If you have your mouth open too far it will feel like you and your partner are being smothered. Open your mouth up to what feels comfortable. There's no set rule as to how far you open it.

You can open it slightly during one kiss, then the next time usually during a more passionate kiss open it a little more. How are you supposed to move your tongue in a French kiss? There is no one way to move your tongue. You can either just move it across the tip of his, or you can slide it down the side of his tongue not too far though and circle his.

Use the tip of your tongue to explore the tip of theirs. Or you can explore the inside of their mouth with just the tip of your tongue, like their teeth or the roof of their mouth, whatever you feel comfortable with. Just remember not to force your tongue all the way in or it will feel like he's being suffocated. When French kissing, when your tongue goes in is it supposed to go in sideways? Your tongue goes in naturally, just like sticking your tongue out on its own.

It won't curl or turn sideways. It may go in a bit sideways into their mouth but that is because the two of you have your heads on an angle, slightly tilted. Is it OK to suck on their tongue? Yes, of course. There is no ONE way of using your tongue when French kissing. Do whatever feels comfortable for you. What do I do with my lips when French kissing? You can close them once in a while so that you can swallow. So your mouth will be open and you'll be using your tongue for a bit.

Then you close your mouth for a second with your lips still on your partner's and then you open your mouth again. Their mouth will instinctively follow yours. When French kissing, is it better to close your mouth once in a while or just keep it open? Definitely close it once in a while kissing. Variation is very exciting in a kiss. Kissing only one way can be a bit boring and tiresome if the kiss is lasting a long time. How do we switch our head positions in the time of French kissing?

As simple as that! How do you know when to close your mouth during a French kiss? It will just come naturally. Whoever starts to close their mouth the other person will just instinctively close theirs also.

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How do I move my head when French kissing? Pretend you are Stevie Wonder and move your head very slightly the way he moves his head, almost like a figure 8 motion. Your lips won't move themselves but they will move with the motion of your head. It's like your lips want to rub themselves against the other person's. I've never French kissed my boyfriend and I'm scared I'll do it wrong. I wouldn't be concerned about what other people think or say.

It's what you feel comfortable with. Some people don't like the idea of French kissing. But being nervous about it if you've never done it before is quite normal. But if you don't feel comfortable with it and your boyfriend hasn't mentioned anything, I wouldn't worry about it. Maybe your boyfriend isn't too thrilled about the idea either. Ask him what he thinks.

If he's game for it and so are you, then experiment with what feels comfortable for the two of you. My boyfriend and I have been going out for about a month and the relationship is great except our French kissing. We both seem to have two completely different styles in kissing and can't seem to get our tongues in sync.

What do you suggest?

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I would suggest talking to him about it. You tell him how you like to use your tongue and have him tell you how he likes it. Hopefully the two of you can come to some type of happy medium. Maybe it's not a matter of being in sync but that maybe the two of you don't like the way the other kisses. If that is the case then the two of you will have to talk about it.

My boyfriend has a long tongue and he sticks it all the way down my throat. Tell him honestly that you would prefer to be kissed with less tongue. That you enjoy the feel of the tip of the tongue. Otherwise, if you don't tell him how will he know? Tell him that you also want some variety and that you found some different types of kisses at my site and would like to try them out. What is the general procedure to having a first French kiss? First, cup her face in your hands.

Or, you can put your hands on her arms. Bring your face towards hers and leave your mouth a bit open. Tilt your head slightly to one side so that when your lips meet the top and bottom of your lips will meet the corners of her mouth.

When your lips meet hers, because your mouth is open hers will instinctively open, too. So wait until hers are open and then put your tongue in her mouth. Use just the tip of your tongue to touch hers. Rub the tip of your tongue over hers, either in a slow circle or up and down the front of hers. Now, you can either leave your lips the way they are or you can move them very slowly in a circle over hers. Remember, this is not an exact science.

Play around with it and find something that makes you feel comfortable and that you enjoy. But remember Try using just the tip of your tongue on the tip of hers to get the idea of how far to put your tongue in her mouth. It is very normal to feel nervous about French kissing for the first time.

After the two of you have kissed a few times, ask her what she likes about it or if there is something you can do that she enjoys that you haven't done before. Spiderman Kiss: It's just like in the movie. You kiss upside down, taking in both of your lower lips and do all those other kiss listed above. Spitzer Kiss: Now don't slobber all over your partner. Just give enough saliva to get them damp.

This is very fun and romantic. It will also turn your partner on or in other words make them like the kiss more. Lap Kiss: Your bottom lip will be on your partner's top lip, and vise versa. You can even French kiss while in this position.

This kiss is a playful kiss, and it can lead to much more. Muzzle Kiss: When kissing the neck of your partner, at one point blow air out of your mouth while pressing the lips down, creating the sound of some sort of It should be ever so unexpected and quite interesting indeed.

Breath Kiss: In a hot moment - creates major anticipation - barely touch lips with lips slightly parted Chew Kiss: Tell your partner to place their tongue deeply into mouth deeply This will create a sensation in other places that can be very exciting! Chin Kiss: Hold your partner's chin with your middle, index, and thumb and tilt their head in the right direction. Continue to hold it as you kiss.

Underwater Kiss: Have your partner hold their breath underwater and when he or she taps you give them air. Moving Kiss: Make sure a bed or couch or chair is behind your partner and when French kissing gently push your partner onto the chair or whatever is behind them. Very good for serious couples or just beginners.

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Flavour Kissing: Put a piece of long lasting gum in your mouth Hubba Bubba, Trident just before you and your partner French kiss. While kissing pass the gum back and forth, and see how long it takes for the flavour to run out! Suck Kissing: This can be a very seductive type of kiss. Instead of French Kissing with your mouth open, while your partner's lips are parted suck on their top our bottom lip with your own, just for a second or two. Then go back to another type of kiss or try the other lip.

Nip Kissing: This type of kiss has to be done carefully, but when done correctly can create a wonderful effect on your partner. While suck kissing, gently bite their lip, but be VERY gentle so as not to hurt your partner. This kiss should only be done with someone that you've kissed a few times before; otherwise you may shock your partner. Surprise Kissing: This type of kiss is done when your partner is lying down on a sofa or the ground, either asleep or just lying with their eyes closed.

Quietly approach your partner and place a small, very gentle kiss on their lips. Intensify the kiss until your partner opens their eyes or awakens. Vacuum Kissing: This is a playful kiss. While in an open-mouthed kiss, suck in deeply so you're sucking the air from your partner. Butterfly Kissing: Put your eye really close to your partner's cheek and flutter your lashes upon their skin.

You can also do this on their lips. Melt Kissing: Pass an ice cube back and forth in mouth while French kissing. Tongue Sucking: When you have the chance to get really deep into your partners mouth, suck on their tongue as far as you can.

Don't suck to hard, you don't want to hurt your partner. Otherwise it's very pleasing! Sigh Kiss: When you first start kissing your partner gently lick their lips with the tip of your tongue.

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Then blow or sigh into their lips, causing a tingling feeling that will intensify your kiss for sure. Steam Kiss: You or your partner drink a very hot drink while the other drinks a very icy cold one and see if there's some steam.

It's fun because if it doesn't work, just keep trying! Who Lasts Longer Kiss: Sit very close to each other, your lips almost touching, arms where you please. Sit like this, very close, and see who can go the longest without kissing the other. It's great fun, because you can lose on purpose and still win! Do What You Want Kiss: This is always fun. One of you just lies there, and the other does whatever he or she wants to give pleasure.

Then, you switch roles. See who can give the most satisfying kiss, with the other not participating at all. Pepper Kiss: Take a hot pepper and roll it on your lips then kiss your partner. It gives the kiss a kick. Use peppers as hot as you or your partner can take, but not too hot or it will just burn and ruin the kiss.

Lip Venom: Before you go to kiss your partner, apply lip venom to your lips when he isn't looking. Lip venom is a safe cosmetic item that you can buy at Scarlets and other cosmetic stores and what it does is it draws the blood to your lips, making them red and tingly. A little bit goes a very long way and can still be passed up until probably about a half an hour after applying. When your partner kisses you, he will have this sensual feeling running through his lips for the rest of the day Marathon Kissing: See how long you can kiss for try 5 - 10 minutes straight Candy Kiss: Whoever starts tries to keep the candy in their mouth while the other person tries to get it in theirs.

But you can only use your tongue and lips. This can be very fun if you have the right partner!!!

The Tickle Kiss: In this kiss you make use of the fact that the roof of the mouth is the most ticklish part of the body. Begin a normal French kiss and be sure your partner understands the game stroke your tongue across the roof of each other's mouth. This will create almost unbearable chills down your spine and the winner is the person who can stand them because the loser pulls away.

The best part about this kiss is that it is different every time and always fun. Name Kiss: If u have run out of things to do with your tongue spell your name.

This works very well and everyone likes it! Tongue Wars: Each person tries to get their tongue in the other persons mouth while they try to get their tongue in your mouth. Each person "blocks" the other persons tongue with theirs. The winner gets to pick the next type of kiss. This game is great for reliving first make-out tension. Tongue Tease: It's very teasing and fun to see how long it lasts.

Its hard to resist going strong after a while of flicking. Ice Kiss: Celebrate the first day of winter with an ice kiss. Put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold.

Remove the cube, track down your love and plant a kiss that will send chills! Reward kiss: Next time your love performs some disliked home chore like cleaning the bathroom, mowing the lawn, or taking out the garbage, show your appreciation by tucking a candy kiss in a strategic location.

Post-it kiss: Use 3M Post-It notes to make a trail through your house that leads to your lips. Put a lipstick print or lip symbol on each note with an arrow pointing to the next note. The next time it rains, grab an umbrella, rain coats, and your love.

Then go outside and kiss in the rain. If the spirit of the kiss moves you, remove the umbrella and kiss 'till the two of you are soaked. Check kiss: With your personal check, make a check out to your love for 1, kisses. Tell your love he or she can cash it in any time. Bad habit kiss: Offer to stop a bad habit if your love will pay you kisses. Blanket kiss: Lemon kiss: Sprinkle two lemon wedges with sugar. Each take one.

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On the count of three Immediately kiss each other's perfectly puckered lips. Nape of neck kiss: Surprise your love from behind. Inform your love that in honor of the 30th of the month, you will kiss him or her 30 times during the day! Eyelid kiss: While kissing your love, watch for his or her eyes to close. Sweetly place a light kiss on each eyelid. Be careful! Ear kiss: Sleeping beauty kiss: Awaken your love from slumber with a tender kiss on the lips!

No-cal kiss: After dinner, give your love a no-calorie desert Cab kiss: Hire a cab, Instruct the cab driver to drive around for 15 minutes while you and your love neck in the back seat. The necklace kiss: Deposit sweet kisses that circle your love's neck. Concentrate your kisses along the back of the neck.

If the first necklace went well New kissL: Think of a kiss you and your love have never shared. Then send your love off in the morning with it..

Say nothing if your love asks the reason for the sexy send off. It is guaranteed to make your love think about you all day. Not responsible for what happens later! Ear we go kiss: Lightly envelop your love's entire ear inside your mouth. Let it fall out of your mouth very slowly, earlobe last. Finish with a light nibble on the earlobe! German morning kiss: Write on the bathroom mirror in lipstick or soap the following: Clandestine kiss: Download kisses-date.

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