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By using, viewing and interacting with the Quantum Vision System or the sidi-its.info You've taken a big step in becoming truly glasses free. Quantum Vision System PDF, Quantum Vision System eBook, Quantum Vision System Free Download, Quantum Vision System Book, quantum. Quantum Vision System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. this book is permitted to print one hardcopy of this eBook for personal use. copy or any other form You've taken a big step in becoming truly glasses free.

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Quantum Vision System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Please Note: The owner of this book is permitted to print one hardcopy of this eBook for personal You've taken a big step in becoming truly glasses free. Dr. Kemp Quantum Vision System Review (Ebook FAQ and PDF Download Guide) Many seek a life free from the constraints of contact lenses and glasses. Dr. John Kemp's Quantum Vision System, Smarter Way to Imrpove your Vision Dr. Kemp developed the solution called Quantum Vision System, aiming to free people from the tips and exercises mentioned in the Quantum Vision System eBook. . You can instantly download the program to your laptop, PC, or even.

A Growing Problem How Your Eyes Work Current Treatment Fraud Step 1: Do Daily Eye Exercises Visualize Healing

Instructional Videos: The videos were meant to be used as a supplementry guide in order to give you a clearer idea on how to follow the tips as well as how to perform the exercises. Standard Eye Chart: A standard optometric eye chart, which doctors use for diagnosing patients, is also included in the program.

Only Available for People with Internet: Being available on the internet makes the program accessible to a wider global audience, but as it is not available in any other format, people who do not have access to the internet or computer may not be able to use it. Effective Results Depend on Effort: Even though the system sounds promising, success in using the program relies entirely on your efforts in properly applying it. You would need to follow the tips and perform the exercises diligently in order for the program to work for you effectively.

Being short or far-sighted is usually a pervasive problem demanding constant huge expenses. On the other hand proven eye exercises and nourishing tips can also help effectively stop or even reverse these issues—methods that even other programs including ancient yoga scriptures has already talken about. Protecting your eyes starts while using food on your own plate. Nutrients for example omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamins D and E will help ward off age-related vision problems for example macular degeneration along with cataracts, studies indicate.

Regularly eating these food types can help lead to good eye well being, Click here to know more about it. Green, leafy vegetables for example spinach, kale, along with collards Salmon, tuna, and also other oily fish Ovum, nuts, beans, and also other non-meat protein places Oranges and various other citrus fruits or perhaps juices Eating a well-balanced diet also makes it possible to maintain a nutritious weight, which makes you less likely to acquire obesity-related diseases for example type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes may be the leading cause associated with blindness in grown ups. Smoking makes you almost certainly going to get cataracts, optic neural damage, and macular deterioration. A lot more times you try to quit smoking, a lot more likely you are to ensure success. Too much UV publicity makes you almost certainly going to get cataracts along with macular degeneration. Wraparound lenses support protect your eyes through the side.

Polarized upgraded lenses reduce glare any time driving.

If you wear contacts, some offer UV safety. If you talk with hazardous or airborne materials face to face or at residence, wear safety spectacles or protective goggles each and every time. Certain sports for example ice hockey, racquetball, and lacrosse also can lead to eye injury.

Wear eye protection such since helmets with protecting face masks or perhaps sports goggles along with polycarbonate lenses in order to shield your little brown eyes. Staring at some type of computer screen for long can cause: Eyestrain Fuzzy vision Trouble focusing at a distance Dry eyes Problems Neck, back, along with shoulder pain Taking the following steps to safeguard your eyes: Be sure your glasses or contact prescription is up-to-date along with adequate for personal computer use.

Some people might need glasses to ease contrast, glare, and eye strain when utilizing a computer. Position your computer so that your eyes are degree with the the top monitor. This permits you to look slightly down with the screen. Try to avoid glare on your pc from windows along with lights.

Use the anti-glare screen in the event needed. Choose a comfortable, supportive chair. Position it so that your feet are flat on the floor. If your little brown eyes are dry, blink much more. Every 20 units, rest your little brown eyes by looking 20 toes away for 20 just a few seconds. At least every single 2 hours, get out of bed and take the minute break. Quantum Vision System many of you have heard about this program, Its quite a new program for everyone out there.

So What is Quantum Vision System? Why would you buy this product?

Download system ebook quantum free vision

Read my full detailed article Quantum Vision System Review after following this. This program is actually used by the creator himself.

The results can take anywhere between Days depending on your daily time devotion. This is the only program which will describe you everything about a human eye that your eye surgeon hesitates to tell you.

There is nothing to loose in this. Quantum Vision System is becoming a very popular Eye Care program in the market. Do you believe in this system is it a scam or a hoax? So there is nothing the owner can scam from you, If anyone thinks or is able to get any positive results from it then you can simply contact them and order a full refund within 60 days. Some people will tell you to buy it because according to them its the best product they have ever used.

And according to the remaining negative reviewers its the worst product and you will loose your money buying it. But i think with the product like this which have 60 day money back guarantee its not a bad deal.

This work is intended to share knowledge and information learned through research, experience, and discussions with others. The opinions of others, such as in the comments and the forum, are their own and are not endorsed by the Quantum Vision System.

The information contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease, but rather to provide general information that is intended to be used for educational purposes only. Please consult with your physician or health care practitioner if you have any concerns.

The authors and publishers will not claim accountability, nor shall they be held liable for any loss or injury sustained by you. Use, view and interact with these resources at your own risk. All products and information given to you by Quantum Vision System and its related companies are strictly for informational purposes only. While every attempt has been made to verify the accuracy of information provided on our website and within our publications, neither the authors nor the publishers are responsible for assuming liability for possible inaccuracies.

The authors and publishers disclaim any responsibility for the inaccuracy of the content, including but not limited to errors or omissions. Loss of property, injury to self or others, and even death could occur as a direct or indirect consequence of the use and application of any content found herein.

Please act responsibly. Although we take great preventative measures, we cannot warranty that our websites are free of corrupting computer codes, viruses or worms. If you are a minor, you can use this service only with permission and guidance from your parents or guardians.

Children are not eligible to use our services unsupervised. And soon you will! Quantum Vision System is based after William Bates, theory on restoring vision naturally, without glasses, contact lenses or surgery. We also discuss common eye conditions or diseases and the best possible eye exercises to help diminish or cure them.

So, what do you have to lose? Nothing… besides your glasses of course! Everything is backed by our 60 day money back guarantee. All we ask is that once you start seeing results, you share your testimonial with the world.

Send us a quick email or video letting us know your progress and how Quantum System Vision has helped restore your vision. You can email support at any time with questions, concerns or testimonials to support quantumvisionsystem. So what are you waiting for? Needless to say, your eyes are an important part of your life.

But how exactly do your eyes see everything. Your eyes are approximately one inch in diameter and made up of a ton of living cells. Protecting the eye are the bones of the skull and pads of fat. The eye is made up of several components — the cornea, pupil, iris, lens, sclera and retina. These components work together to capture an image and send it to the brain through the optic nerve. Cornea is the front of the eye which is filled with transparent cells.

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It acts as a window, allowing light to enter. Pupil is the dark hole located in the center of the iris. The pupil will become larger or smaller as the iris expands or contracts. Iris is just behind the cornea. It is a thin circular structure of color muscles which is responsible for controlling the amount of light that enters through the cornea.

The color of the iris is what gives your eye its color. Lens Inner Lens is located directly behind the iris. It is a transparent structure of cells with the consistency of rubber that along with the cornea helps focus light onto the retina. The lens can change its shape with the use of Ciliary Muscles, which changes the focal distance of the eye, making it possible to focus on objects at different distances.

It is opaque and contains collagen and elastic fiber. It is considered the protective outer layer of the eye. Retina is a light-sensitive layer of tissue which lines the inner surface of the eye. The light that is reflected in from the cornea and lens create an image on the retina. When the light hits the retina it sends chemical and electrical messages that create nerve impulses. These nerve impulses are sent to various visual centers in the brain through the optic nerve fibres at the back of the eye.

Optic Nerve is located at the back of the eye. It transmits the electrical impulses from the retina to the brain. Ultimately it tells our brain what we are looking at. Extraocular Muscles surround each eyeball. They are in charge of moving the eyes so that both eyes are looking at the same object at the same time. Did you know that the image that your eye sees, is actually upside down? When we look at an object in the world, light is reflected off the object and enters through the eye.

Once it enters the eye it becomes altered or distorted. The retina creates a focused, but upside-down image of the object, which is then sent to the brain through the optic nerve. Once the brain receives the image, it then restores the image back to its correct direction while also creating the object to be three-dimensional.

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Your brain is a powerful thing! The list is quite long, considering how small the eye is in our body. But just think of all the components that have to come together to create clear, perfect vision. Below are common eye problems that can occur and their symptoms.

Later in this book, we will go into what causes these eye problems and what exercises should be used to help correct the problem. Blurred vision that is worse when looking at distant objects.

Often people who have nearsightedness have very good near vision. Farsightedness Hyperopia: Blurred vision when looking at near objects.

Sometimes farsightedness is associated with people who have blurred vision to near and far objects. Blurry vision at any distance, along with other vision problems. Retinal Detachment: A condition where the retina pulls away from the support tissue.

Symptoms include: A sudden onset of flashing lights often with black floating spots. Sometimes seems like a dark veil or curtain is blocking your vision. Color Blindness: Difficulty seeing the differences between shades or intensity of color under normal lighting conditions.

Usually caused by error in development in one or more sets of the retinal cones that identify color in light and transmit it to the optic nerve.

Download system quantum vision free ebook

This condition is usually only found in testing for the condition and is mostly found in males. Night Blindness Nyctalopia: Difficulty seeing objects in dim light.

Night blindness occurs when the rod cells in the retina slowly lose their ability to react to light. Decreased vision due to clouding of the lens inside the eye, caused by a buildup of yellow-brown pigment on the lens. Symptoms are usually slow to show themselves. There are two main types of glaucoma — Open-angle and Angle-closure.

Open-angle glaucoma is the most common type. The structure of the eyes appear normal, but fluid does not flow properly through the eye.

Angle-closure glaucoma is less common and can cause sudden buildup of pressure in the eye. Caused by a narrow angled drainage canal between the iris and the cornea. Symptoms are usually few and the first sign is often the loss of side or peripheral vision. Eye Floaters: Tiny black or gray specks or lines that float into your vision. They should not cause any discomfort or pain. They are usually caused by a natural change in the body of the eye vitreous humor.

Dry Eye: Eye is unable to produce enough tears to maintain a normal fluid layer to coat your eyes. Strabismus Heterotropia or Crossed Eyes: Usually caused by lack of coordination between the extraocular muscles. Eyes could be crossed inwards or outwards. Usually young children with this condition will rub one or both eyes frequently, close one eye to see better or may squint. Amblyopia Lazy Eye: Eyes are misaligned.

Usually one eye is turned in our out. Occurs when the brain does not fully acknowledge the images it receives from the optic nerve in one of its eyes. Loss of vision in the center of the visual fields, which is caused by damage to the retina.

Two forms of Macular degeneration — dry and wet. Dry Macular Degeneration is caused by cellular debris accumulating between the retina and the choroid. Wet Macular Degeneration is caused by blood vessel growth from the choroid behind the retina. Both forms can cause the retina to become detached. EpiRetinal Membrane Macular Pucker: Disease of the eye caused by changes in the vitreous humor the fluid in the middle of the eyeball , or diabetes.

Lines may appear arced or curved. Usually occurs in one eye first, which can cause binocular diplopia or double vision. This can happen when there is a drastic difference in what each eye sees.

Free ebook vision system download quantum

A degenerative disorder of the eye, which causes structural changes to the cornea. The cornea will become thin and change to a conical shape. This condition caused distortion of vision such as: Keratoconus affects 1 in people and is usually diagnosed in late childhood or early adulthood.

If someone has Keratoconus in both eyes, their vision can be so bad that they are unable to read normal print or drive a car. The truth is that humans were evolved to have excellent vision. Especially when it comes to distance. In the beginning we were hunters and warriors, designed to see enemies and food miles away. This means we have the potential to have good vision because of our genetic inheritance.

So what has caused our vision to deteriorate over the years?

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Well it should be no surprise that the decreased use of our long range vision and the increase of our short range vision through reading and computers is surely to blame. It has been found that since the use of computers, millions of adults who had normal healthy vision, started to develop nearsightedness.

What happened in this short 30 years? Well in the television was introduced to the home. This started the beginning of millions of people spending long periods of time behind a screen. Now-a-days the screens have only gotten bigger, which just increases our short range of vision being used. When was the last time you went out for a walk and actually looked at the horizon line, looked pasted the numerous amounts of buildings and skyscrapers and actually used your long-range vision?

Our eye professionals and ourselves are the ones to blame. It is obvious, we are doing nothing to prevent our long-range eyesight form deteriorating. Just as if a trainer at a gym would work your muscle back into shape, your eyes should be able to return back to their original position.

Just think about it for a second. Last year, in the United States 2. That is an insane amount of money! Most of these payments are for medicine or prescriptions that do nothing but harm our bodies. So what is the health care industry doing with all this money they get from us year after year? The U. S health care industry has been backing our politicians. They have spent more than 5 billion dollars lobbying for them. So you start taking it… and you really do start to feel better, for a little bit.

They are masking the pain you are feeling, to make you trust the medicine you are taking. A couple weeks? A couple months? Once the meds run out, you start to feel the pain again. So you go back to the doctors, and the cycle continues. I know you are probably wondering, but what does this have to do with my eyes?

Every year since the number of eyewear sold throughout the United States has increased. In , approximately 18 billion prescription eyeglasses were sold in the U.

As most of you know, you are not just paying once for your prescription eyeglasses, you are paying for the lenses, the frames, plus a reflective lens fee and a protection fee. The amount of money we spend on eye care is continuingly rising, with no end in sight.

Check out the chart below. If not, then why are we all spending so much money on these devices to correct our vision? Your vision is constantly changing. The most common example for this would be, how your eyes feel tired after a long day of working at the computer or, how, when you wake up in the morning, it takes you awhile for your eyes to focus. What eyeglasses are supposed to do is correct the refraction error in our eye, meaning the lens in our glasses is there to reflect the image we see perfectly onto the retina.

Now what if you had your eyes tested after a long day at the office?

That means the glasses you were prescribed are technically causing your eyes to become worse, or become comfortable being in a worse state.

This is because your eyes are constantly changing and the glasses you were prescribed were for a time when your vision was a little or a lot different than they are when you finally got your glasses.

Your eye now has to change its vision from the space between the glass lens to your eye, and from the object you are focusing on through the lens to your eye.

Your eye is now working double time. Furthermore, people who are nearsighted, and wear glasses all day cause their eyes to work harder when they focus on objects up-close like a book. So if you are wearing glasses for nearsightedness and want to read a book, you look down through your glasses. Scary to think, that your glasses are causing your eyes to be worse, but in all honesty they really are! They are placed directly on your cornea, where they float on a thin layer of tears.

Now although improvements have been made in contact lenses, there is still an adjustment period, similar to that of wearing glasses for the first time.

Dr Kemp's Quantum Vision System Review (PDF Book & Download eBook Program)

Not only are you causing your vision to get worse, there are numerous risks involved with wearing contact lenses. Laser eye surgery consists of a surgeon using a laser device to make permanent changes to the shape of the cornea, which in turn can correct refraction errors in most eyes.

There are several different procedures of laser eye surgery. Below is a breakdown of the different procedures commonly used: During surgery the outer layer of the cornea is removed. The laser beam, which is guided by a computer is used to vaporize tiny amounts of tissue on the cornea.

The laser beam is designed to remove the right amount of layers to ultimately change the refraction error in the eye. Usually the healing process is about 1 - 2 weeks. This surgery is more complicated. During surgery the surgeon must first cut a flap in the cornea with a blade or a laser, lifting away from the top of the cornea. Then using the same technique as PRK, a computer guided laser removes layers of the cornea to change the refraction error of the eye.

The flap is then replaced over the changed cornea. The recovery period is usually much quicker than PRK, approximately 3 - 4 days.

Now, not only have you permanently changed your eyes, there are some side effects that can occur when getting laser eye surgery done. Below is a list of the side effects and risks involved: PRK risks: If this happens the patient may have to return for more surgery or will have to return to wearing glasses or contact lenses. LASIK risks: Sometimes the patient may need to be treated with a corneal transplant or implant.

The following exercise routines should be done once a day and all in one sitting, for the full length of time. Do the eye exercise routines, in the order they appear in the chart. It's best to do them in the morning or before bed, to give your eyes the best chance at healing. Make sure to take advantage of the bonus books with your order. Use the Success Journal and Eye Charts daily to monitor any progress with your vision. Make sure to remove your glasses or contact lenses during exercises.

If you want to work on maintaining a lower prescription, then wear your lowest prescription eye glasses or contact lenses during the exercises. If your eyes become sore or if you experience any headaches, slow down the exercises and use the eye strain exercises such as: Hydrotherapy, Slow Blink, Palming or Acupressure to relieve any stress. Headaches and eye strain are common side effects for the first two weeks of the eye exercises, however if they last more than a day constant headache without breaks or past 2 weeks, stop the exercises and see your doctor.

Presbyopia is an eye condition where the lens of your eye loses its flexibility. This loss of flexibility makes it difficult to focus on close objects. Presbyopia is similar to Hyperopia, but is an age related eye condition that occurs around age 40, where the aging of the eye deteriorates the lens. Hyperopia or Farsightedness is an eye condition where distant objects appear clear, but close objects appear blurred.

Hyperopia occurs when your eyeball is too short, or the cornea has too little curvature opposite of Myopia. Too little curvature causes light entering the eye to not focus correctly on the retina. The goal of this exercise routine is to increase the nutrient flow in the eye and maximize flexibility of the inner lens. If you have Presbyopia or Hyperopia, you will benefit from the exercise routine below: Exercise Routine Duration: Myopia or nearsightedness is an eye condition where objects up close appear clear, but objects farther away appear blurred.

This is caused when the eyeball or cornea is too long or has too much of a curvature. This over curvature causes light entering the eye to be unfocused on the retina which sends the blurred vision to the brain through the optic nerve.

Myopia can be caused by visual stress of doing too much work associated with close range vision, such as reading, or computer work. However adult myopia is usually caused by visual stress, as well as health conditions, such as diabetes. If you have Myopia or nearsightedness , use the exercise routine below. On top of these exercises it is important to break any habits of reading up close, such as reading books, newspapers and using computers or laptops. Going outside and using your long-range vision is key.

Playing certain long-range games such as golf, Frisbee, tennis or bowling could help cure your Myopia. Astigmatism is an eye condition that causes blurred vision at any distance. This is caused by an irregular shaped cornea or irregular curvature of the lens.

Most people with Astigmatism have bad posture, and their head usually tilts towards a side. This causes the extraocular muscles of the eye to work overtime, by adjusting to the new vision which is slightly tilted. This exercise routine is specifically designed for people with Astigmatism. You may find your eyes become sore after the exercises. If this occurs, follow up with the Eyestrain exercise routine to sooth your sore eyes. To do this, place sticky notes angled in the opposite direction of your head tilt in various places around your home — your bathroom mirror, near the kitchen sink, on the pantry, on the wall near the bed, etc.

This will force you to tilt your head in the opposite direction every time you see the tilted sticky notes. Eventually your posture will improve automatically. Amblyopia or Lazy Eye is the lack of development or loss of central vision in one eye. This is usually unrelated to any health problem and is not corrected using lenses.

Amblyopia is caused by failure to use both eyes together. You will notice a lazy eye, by one eye always looking in a different direction compared to the good eye.

Amblyopia is often associated with Strabismus Crossed Eyes which is an eye condition where both eyes do not look in the same direction at the same time. Strabismus is usually caused by poor extraocular muscles of the eye. Although you can usually notice a person with Amblyopia or Strabismus, it can be brought on by tired or strained eyes, excessive reading or computer work, or when the person is fighting an illness like a cold or flu.

If you have a Lazy Eye or are Crossed Eyed, an eye patch over the dominate eye, usually the non-lazy eye, for several hours a day will help the weaker eye to develop. How to determine your dominate eye: Shown below Myopia Exercise Routine Duration: Eye Floaters or Spots are small, cloudy, semi-transparent specks within the vitreous, which is the middle of the eye.

Since they are inside your eye, they move when your eyes move, which is why they seem to dart away when you try to look directly at them. Eye Floaters are usually caused by small pieces of protein that were trapped in your eye during birth.

They can also be caused by the deterioration of the vitreous fluid fluid in the middle of the eye , due to aging of the eye. You can usually see Eye Floaters when your eyes are tired or strained.

If you have Eye Floaters, use the exercise routine below. With this exercise routine we are trying to cleanse the eye and stimulate the flow of nutrients. Dry Eye Syndrome is an eye condition where there is insufficient tears to nourish the eye properly. Usually caused by poor production of tears or poor drainage. Tears are a necessary part of maintaining the health of the cornea which provides clear vision. They also reduce the risk of eye infection and can wash away foreign bodies from within the eye.

There are several factors that can cause Dry Eye Syndrome in people. Also excessive computer work, which causes a person to stare at the screen, can cause drying of the eyes. Dry eyes with contacts can also cause a bacterial infection or scratches on the cornea.

Our main goal with this exercise routine is to encourage tear production in the eye. This exercise routine is designed specifically for people with Dry Eye Syndrome. Sometimes when we get older, these cells start to die which form a Cataract. A Cataract is simply the buildup of cellular debris or dead cells. Below are some causes of Cataract: Our main focus with this exercise is to boost nutrient levels in the eye, while stimulating and cleansing the debris from the inner lens.

If you have Cataracts, along with doing the exercise routine below, we recommend a balanced diet which contains high amounts of Zinc, Vitamin E and Beta-Carotene. For more information on nourishing and cleansing your eyes, see Chapter six. Stress especially on your eyes is an important issue to get fixed. If you do not fix eyestrain, it can seriously deteriorate the performance of your eye and ultimately cause vision problems.

Eyestrain or stress is usually brought on by focusing on something for a long period of time. Now-a-days this eye condition has become increasingly more popular due to the overuse of laptops, TVs, tablets, iPads, or iPhones. Also most jobs require starring at a computer screen all day or reading. The light from the computer screen is causing your eyes to overwork. Especially your retina, which is constantly reflecting light. This added stress causes symptoms such as: If you think you are suffering from eyestrain and have any of the above symptoms, try the exercise routine below: Macular Degeneration is formed in a similar way to Cataracts.

Although the eye exercises by themselves is not a cure for Macular degeneration, it will yield improvements. We recommend you use the Cataract eye exercise routine outlined below. These exercises will help bring nutrients to the back of the eye, where most of the problems lie. To speed up the healing process try taking 60mg of bilberry herbal extract per day, plus 5, mg of vitamin C and mg of taurine an amino acid.

These supplements should be taken with food to avoid stomach irritation. Glaucoma is caused by fluid buildup in the eye, which can cause pressure to increase and can be extremely painful.

EpiRetinal Membrane is a disease that caused by changes in the fluid of the eye. The exercises below will help bring nutrients to the back of the eye, where most of the problems lie. On top of the eye exercise routine, increasing your Vitamin A intake is an important part of healing Glaucoma. Keratoconus is caused by changes in the fluid in the middle of the eye. Although the eye exercises by themselves is not a cure for Keratoconus, it will yield improvements.

These exercises will help bring nutrients to the back of the eye. If you suffer from more than one eye condition, we recommend you alternate between the exercise routines. For example: The exercises should be done all in one sitting, for the full length of time. Do the eye exercise routines in the order they appear in the chart. Remember to do the exercise routines at a time throughout the day that you can relax and focus on the exercises.

Once you are satisfied with the results you have achieved, we recommend slowing down the exercises, and only do the exercises 1 - 2 times a week. If you have a specific eye condition that needs more attention For example: Which will help lower your chances of getting an eye disease and help cure your already existing eye condition s. Below is a breakdown of the 3 part system and how the parts work together to help you get the eye sight you deserve to have!

Step 1: After we cleanse your body and eyes you will be able to start fresh, by eating a nutrient rich diet.

We all know that a diet with the right minerals and vitamins can help your body run smoother and stronger and this includes your eyes. Step 2: Remember if you ever have any questions regarding the exercises, just email support at support quantumvisionsystem. Step 3: Visualize Healing We all know our minds are powerful things, but did you know that just thinking and believing healthy things can help heal your body By saying these statements throughout the day, you will progressively start seeing better.

The Quantum Vision System is an easy 3 step system that will have you seeing the way you were supposed to, with your own two eyes and without any assistance. Once you start seeing results, remember to send us a testimonial of how the system worked for you.

What are you waiting for? But did you know that a nutrient rich diet can help cleanse and nourish your eyes?