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cover image of Faith of the Fallen · Faith of the Fallen. Sword of Truth (Series). Book 6. Terry Goodkind Author (). cover image of Temple of the Winds. Jul 8, Get audiobooks Download Mp3 Faith of the Fallen and any new Free because of Richard's sacrifice for her, but unwilling to abandon the. Faith of the Fallen book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. There is an alternate cover edition his beloved Ka.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. Terry Goodkind author of the enormously popular Sword of Truth novels, has forged perhaps his best novel yet in Faith of the Fallen , pitting Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell against threats to the freedom of the world that will take them to opposite ends of the world to defeat the forces of chaos and anarchy. Emperor Jagang is rising once again in the Old World and Richard must face him, on his own turf. Unwilling to heed an ancient prophecy, Kahlan raises an army and goes into battle against forces threatening armed insurrection in the Midlands. The Core: Book Five of The Demon Cycle.

The first few books were ok, but even by the previous book, I noticed that the preachyness was getting a bit much. Kahlan gets hurt, then, in FOTF, she mends with no use of magic.

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Richard is taken to the Emperial order to teach him the goodness of the order. We're shown; no, we're bashed over t I'm even going to waste my time on this because of how much I hate this book, the bad writing, and Terry Himself. We're shown; no, we're bashed over the head, with the evils of this life.

Rihard starts showing everyone that they can make their lives better, and really brings this home with the creation of a Statuee. Seeing this statue of the nobility of man, the people have a huge change of heart. I'm glossing over a lot admittidly, but it's not my place to cover everything.

From this book on, Goodkind gets more preachy, redundant, and annoying. In an interview, he said that people who bash his work are like little boys who throw rocks through windows, breaking what they do not understand.

What I ubnderstand is thiis. Telling a story does not have to be done with repetitious preaching, over the top characters, and implausible climaxes. Terry is also unhappy that hsi work is labeled fantasy, since it's the philosophy that counts.

Well, better sf authors have made more philosophical statements, and have not complained. So, Terry, may I present you with this massive soapbox? Dec 14, Robin rated it it was amazing Shelves: My husband and I have both been addicted to the Sword of Truth series since my brother introduced it to us.

We're down to the last couple of books. FYI- don't bother with the tv series "based" on the books. This particular book makes you question the widely followed philosophy of always caring for your neighbor. This shows the dark side of putting others before yourself, essentially saying that their lives are more important than your own.

It would certainly be best if you read the books before t My husband and I have both been addicted to the Sword of Truth series since my brother introduced it to us. It would certainly be best if you read the books before this in the series, but you could probably get a lot out of it even without all the background the previous books provide. I've enjoyed the series though there is brutal violence in many books, somehow it doesn't take away from my love of the story.

The violence is never superfluous, it is used to make the bad guys truly evil. Some of the books have been wrapped up rather conveniently and the author does tend to be far too long-winded, but having said all that I would still recommend the series. View all 3 comments. I read the series because I have developed an attachment to characters Richard, Kahlan, Zedd and Cara.

I am also a fan of the fantasy genre in general. From Tolkien to Robert E. While I enjoy Goodkind's writing style and feel he is a great fantasy storyteller, this novel is not a great example. To preface my take on the book, I must point out that Terry Goodkind is a follower of the l As a fan of the Sword of Truth Series from the beginning, I was very disappointed in Faith of the Fallen.

To preface my take on the book, I must point out that Terry Goodkind is a follower of the late Ayn Rand and subscribes to her objectivist philosophy. For the uninitiated Ayn Rand and her pro-business objectivist views gave birth to the modern conservative movement currently synonymous with todays Republican Party.

In short Goodkind is a right-wing conservative. Albeit a pretentious one. The book seems to be an attempt by Goodkind to recreate Ayn Rand's work almost plagiarizing her book the Fountainhead at one point. His antagonist is the Emperor Jagang leader of the Imperial Order. The Imperial Order represents the vast looming threat to free people by tyranny. As Richard is taken to a large city in the Old World and exposed to the real horros inflicted by the Order upon it's citizens.

A corrupt government who denies its people the right t make a profit. The reader is actually treated to the Seeker of Truth preaching the glory of the free market and deregulation to oppressed small business owners.

Business owners are the city's heroes and saviors. Goodkind paints workers as shiftless layabouts that want free handouts without working.

Unions are evil oppressive organizations that will have people thrown in prison if they work too hard. It is absolutely laughable. The city Richard is taken to is a crudely veiled metaphor for the old Soviet Union, and it is really obvious. The imperial Order smacks of Reagan's 'Evil Empire', with Richard and his friends fighting to stem the tide of communism. This book reveals that apparently Goodkind as of still views communism as a the most dire threat to the American way of life that we face.

The book conveys a sense of fear that the the Soviet Union could return anytime, we still need to remain vigilant against a communist takeover. With this book, Goodkind tarnishes his whole series in his emphatic need to spread his pro-business conservative message.

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I guess with the so-called 'Republican Revolution' in and the Election of the most cnservative president in our history in George W. Bush in , when Faith was published, the author must've felt the world wanted to hear his right-wing gospel. I still think the first four books in the series are brilliant and am witholding judgement on the books following Faith of the Fallen.

But Faith of the Fallen is an abomination. View all 5 comments. Oct 10, Ryan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: In my opinion, this is Goodkind's greatest work. Richard is drug along on an adventure to the heart of the Order to help Nicci find the answer to the questions stuck in the back of her mind since she was taken away so long ago. The writing is beautiful and descriptive, the characters are compelling and the plot is amazing, driving the characters on to bring out their inner personalities.

Goodkind's characters are well fleshed out and realistic people, striving for what they believe in.

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Jagang is not just another evil overlord foolishly trying to take over the world but a calculated and intelligent man who believes he is doing the people a service. This sets up a major clash in opinion, who is right, who is wrong as Goodkind tells the wonderful tale of a battle between two sides that believe the Creator has sided with them.

Oct 13, Aruna rated it did not like it. There is merit in paying homage to a classic story in a modern novel, but when the homage is so blatant that it leaves nothing to the imagination, the reader is left with a wontonly masturbatory book.

This novel is such a blatant rework of atlas shrugged that its only purpose seems to be to amuse the author. I've read atlas shrugged. I thought it pedantic and cumbersome. This book is pedantic, cumbersome, and unoriginal.

Mr Goodkind should stick to writing books about magic, not John Galt. Even There is merit in paying homage to a classic story in a modern novel, but when the homage is so blatant that it leaves nothing to the imagination, the reader is left with a wontonly masturbatory book. Even if you agree with Rand and Goodkind's politics, why is it necessary to beat the reader over the head with the philosophy? I've read up to this point because Goodkind writes intriguing cliffhangers that, even when the characters and superfluous descriptors annoy you, leave you wanting just a bit more.

But I'm done now. No cliffhanger will convince me to read further because I like to read books that guide or allow me to make my own choice. If I want to read about economic theory, I'll pick up a text book.

Jan 30, Amber rated it it was amazing. Terry Goodkind is a superb author, and in my opinion, his "Sword of Truth" series is the best I have ever read. So good, in fact, that I have read the entire series three times in a row, back to back, non-stop. The series covers many aspects of the dark side of humanity, in great detail, as the heroes try to overcome the evils in the world.

Goodkind shows his readers that the only way to overcome evil in ourselves and in the world is through use of Reason. Feb 01, Darkphoenix rated it it was amazing. There is a bit of everything here, action, a beautiful love-story, redemption and all of it was in the right quantity. He has left his forces to live in Hartland while Kahlan heals and recovers her strength. But it comes to an end all too soon when Nicci casts a spell that links her to Kahlan, wherein if Nicci is hurt then Kahlan suffers the pain as well.

Her condition is that if Richard wants Kahlan to live, he must leave her and travel with Nicci.

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He leaves with her after a very bidding Kahlan a very touching farewell. He charges Cara to watch over her and protect her. There is simply too much going on in Faith of the Fallen and yet, this is perhaps the most balanced books in the series so far. We still have the POVs of other characters but for the most part, they are directly linked to the main plot of the book: And for once, I found both plots extremely engaging.

It grates on my nerves because it immediately brings the flow of the narrative to a grinding halt. The pace comes to dead stop. This time around, I might have skimmed through those and I think the book benefited from this. The pace here reflected their lives in this tranquil place.

And yet, as soon as Richard and Kahlan part ways, the pace picks up. My primary motivation behind reading this series are the characters. Rarely do you come across such well-realised and developed characters. Even though there are many characters the series focuses on, the two main protagonists remain Richard and Kahlan and they are the real heart of the series. Richard is a war wizard is perhaps the most powerful wizard in the world with the possible exception of Nathan and Zedd For most of his life, he was a simple woods guide and then suddenly he was thrust in the war against Darken Rahl and named the Seeker of truth.

In a very short time, his entire worldview has turned on its head and through it all he has somehow maintained his humanity.

But he is also a very relatable character. His doubts, motivations are easy to see and understand. Kahlan is the Mother Confessor and also the last of her kind and now, one of my all time favourite female characters. She is an incredibly strong woman and does not apologise for it. Hers is the highest authority in all of the Midlands and she wears this power with responsibility and honour. Where Richard is new to power, Kahlan has grown up surrounded by it.

What is also interesting is that between the two of them, Kahlan is the more ruthless of the two. Moreover, she is an excellent war strategist and leads the Midland forces when Richard is unable to. She is fiercely independent and definitely someone who can take care of herself.

What is even more striking about her is that she has no other power apart from her powers of the Confessor where she can bind people to her will and using her power weakens her. Yet she still leads first the Galeans and then the Midland forces against the Order and gains victory in the former encounter and inflicts serious damage in the latter.

But more than that, once committed to her cause, she lets nothing sway her. She is not merciful and perhaps that is what struck me most about her and I liked her even more for it.

The fallen download faith of free ebook

Nicci is the other character whom I hated in the beginning for her misguided notions and then slowly came to like. She was difficult to pin down because her actions were not borne out of malice but rather curiosity. I found her to be very interesting and in true Goodkind fashion, she was a multi-layered and complex character.

I look forward to seeing more of her in the future books. Through the course of the last few books, Jagang has emerged as the main antagonist. He seems to be more lethal than Darken Rahl and the Keeper put together and truly a force to be reckoned with.

My only concern is that if it is just stretched too far then I might just lose interest… This series is also exhaustive especially with regards to the main characters; they are always in peril and more often than not, find themselves in some very tight spots and a lot of trouble.

All of this and the slightly slow pace of the books make for a fairly stressful reading experience. Originally posted at coffeeandwizards. It would probably be considered part of the High Fantasy genre, which was my favourite genre until about high school. The second book was slightly disappointing in comparison and by book three I was struggling to continue on. There were two things keeping me going: My main issue is with the treatment of women in this series. The Mord Sith are turned into a mixture of broken little girls searching for a father figure and dominatrixes in red leather.

The Sisters of the Light are blind to how they should really treat men. The Confessors are all wiped out. And the Mother Confessor and wife of Richard, Kahlan,…well she gets to be raped and she enjoys it. This book was published in and it contained a pseudo rape scene where the woman is described as enjoying it even though she feels disgusted with herself for enjoying it.

This is not right. This will never be right. I am so, so, SO tired of people thinking this is all right. Jun 28, Luke rated it it was ok.

Unfortunately, Goodkind's Sword of Truth series takes a serious nosedive in this book, and it never recovers. Goodkind gives up on writing a novel and instead writes a bunch of preachy Objectivist propaganda against political straw men that a child could see through. Basically, this book can be summed up as "Richard Rahl teaches commies about capitalism.

Instead, you get to spend most of this book reading about Richard carving stuff because carving is like swordplay so the Sword of Truth makes him an Awesome Artist and starting his own small business in the heart of the Imperial Order. The book drags on as Richard upstages a bunch of political straw men to show why communism and religious fundamentalism are Bad Things.

The book gets particularly painful because Goodkind can't seem to make any of his antagonists intelligent, so Richard is basically showing up a bunch of brainless morons who probably should have choked on their own tongues ages ago. If you aren't stuck in s Soviet Russia, Richard isn't going to tell you anything you don't know.

The only reason I give this book 2 stars instead of 1 is that the chapters focusing on Kahlan's fight against the Imperial Order are still interesting and compelling. Goodkind drops most of the preachy BS in this sections and just focuses on Kahlan and her army kicking butt with guerrilla tactics. If you really like Ayn Rand and want to see what would happen if someone put Atlas Shrugged in a fantasy world, then this book is for you.

If you're not looking for preachy Objectivist propaganda, though, you could just skip to Chainfire and finish the series from there. You really won't miss anything. Goodkind at his Ayn Rand-ian worst.

If you weren't getting it from the already copious hints that Goodkind has been dropping the whole series, he'll make his black-white morality abundantly clear. This is the book where I finally dropped the series, though I should have about three books earlier when it became clear where it was going.

May 10, Tim Greaton rated it it was amazing. Another victory for one of our best fantasy authors Terry Goodkind never fails to weave a good tail, and the way he built this story around the beauty and power of art and sculpture is just further proof that he wields more tools and weapons of the writing trade than many of us even knew existed.

If you, like me, yearn for Richard and Kahlan to continue growing while meeting ch Another victory for one of our best fantasy authors If you, like me, yearn for Richard and Kahlan to continue growing while meeting challenges that would cause most heroes to shy away, you will not be disappointed.

By the way, Nicci is back, and you're certain to love her and hate her even more before this novel is done. Definitely an enjoyable investment of time. The Santa Shop Mar 17, Julie Akeman rated it it was amazing. I think this is one of my favorites because it shows the power of art and I'm an artist.

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Of course Richard uses magic to pull it off it's just not that apparent but come on, he has NEVER carved out of marble before and was able to do a beautiful piece I love how this series reveals another depth to the main characters. Khalan shows herself a badass warrior, Richard has a talent for carving, I think this is one of my favorites because it shows the power of art and I'm an artist.

Khalan shows herself a badass warrior, Richard has a talent for carving, I can see why the writer continues on with these two, so much going on with them. Don't know when I will pick up the next book. This one was pretty long and I want some shorter ones for a bit. This is one of the best and is now a personal favorite of mine. There is also some great things to learn and be inspired by in this book, great work! Dec 03, Scott Johnson rated it did not like it Shelves: Ironically, this was the least rape-y of the series thus far, but it made me the most angry.

First, rape. There wasn't a lot of that here. There was that one scene where Nicci gave away all of their money and then everyone decided to attack her for more. Pretty sure that was headed in a rape-y direction. Then there was that one scene later where she used sex as a weapon against Richard by having that one asshole have sex with her because Kahlan would feel it via the spell that was the excuse for Ironically, this was the least rape-y of the series thus far, but it made me the most angry.

Then there was that one scene later where she used sex as a weapon against Richard by having that one asshole have sex with her because Kahlan would feel it via the spell that was the excuse for the entire plot.

Pretty sure it was not established that that's how that spell worked until Goodkind wanted to basically rape Kahlan at a distance this way. She literally threatens to throw her half sister back into the rape pit from the second book. I can't stress this enough: This is a book where even our protagonists use sex as a weapon.

Rape is just another tool, the go-to punishment of choice. Similarly, when the assassin is captured later on of COURSE it's the asshole from the proxy rape scene, there are only 3. This is supposedly the side of good, torturing someone for a day before finally killing him, simply for petty vengeance. Conveniently, because this just happened to be the guy who was involved with Richard and Nicci, this choice is vindicated because it leads to the information necessary to set up the usual "let's wrap everything up in a nice bow in 10 pages at the end" anticlimax.

The usual criticisms continue to apply. There is no growth of any character, except Nicci in a superficial, forced way. Her whole "I need to learn something from Richard" quest was baffling, and seemed entirely contrived as an excuse to capture Richard and force him into these horrible situations again.

The biggest growth is in the ancillary characters Richard influences in the old world; it's a bit small, and a bit simple, but the bar here is so low that it stands out as an anomaly.

Before I get to the big theme here, I now have a new hobby: Kahlan sighed. Sometimes attempting to follow Richard's reasoning was like trying to spoon ants. If you say so, Terry. Moving on The big elephant in the room here: There were a few undertones throughout the series that were so thoroughly overshadowed by the extremely troubling social problems i.

However, it was a very abrupt shift that this was dragged out as the sole focus, and we are treated to my favorite repetition again, this time in political screed form! I have not been this angry while reading a book in a long, long time, if ever. We're chugging along with the routine annoyances that I'm numb to at this point, when suddenly Nicci and Richard are in the old world in some city.

Side note: Again, distance and time are treated for convenience here. Weeks and months pass over one sentence, continents that were impassable barriers in book 1 are crossed without a thought. Richard basically bumbles around the city trying to find a job and a place to live. I have highlighted so many passages here that made me rage.

There was one in particular that was something that has literally come out of the mouth of my father a Trump-supporting racist who once criticized me for posting about how grateful I was that my food stamps finally kicked in, saying I should feel proper shame about it and also it makes HIM look bad since he, despite being very well off, wasn't helping me himself at all. About 3 pages after Goodkind stepped onto his soapbox, I had to put the book down.

I was getting indescribably angry, but also felt a need to finally google this guy. I had avoided this as I came into this series spoiler-free, both about the plot but also why everyone disliked the author. I wanted my opinion to be entirely informed by the writing, and this section reeked of libertarian hatred of taxation, social programs, and the poor Sure enough, I googled around and discovered a few things.

If there is an afterlife or you're a ghost or something, I'm so sorry good Terry. This dude, however, looks like the polar opposite of a kindly grandpa. He looks like a guy you'd go out of your way to avoid in a bar if you were a woman BEFORE you knew he wrote about all of this problematic shit like red leather dominatrices and rape pits. But most importantly, I found this quote Weymouth, MA: In your opinion who is the most must-read, cutting edge writer publishing today?

Terry Goodkind: Ayn Rand. Nailed it. It's very clear from these ramblings that Goodkind hates poor people. He very emphatically believes that if you are not successful, it is only due to your own laziness.

He presents the idea of taxation again exaggerated on a cartoonish level as literal theft. The entire section is one giant reductio ad adsurdum of what he mistakenly believes is what socialism looks like. Without further ado, let's get to specific passages Of course, the land's projects would, in the end, cost more.

The Fallen: Book 2 TREE OF LIFE

Unskilled workers were, after all, unskilled. A man who was expensive, but knew his job, in the end cost less, and the finished job was sound. This is one I highlighted as a positive. My exact note in the text is, "This is perhaps the most oddly cogent thing in this series so far.

Oddly, he goes on to be vehemently anti-union, which is the polar opposite of this idea, but for a brief moment of clarity, there was sense and actual valid commentary coming out of this contrived exploration of the filthy commie city. It's an idea I have been discovering as I've moved up to a very well-paying job, a long way from the days I was applying for food stamps. It's something that was, of all places, in a Cracked.

Having money, after being poor for so long, leads to having to make huge adjustments to the way you think. One of those ways is in buying higher quality products. Your instinct to buy the cheapest thing, out of necessity when you had no other option, is actual -- counter-intuitively -- the most wasteful choice. I did this with computers. I bought whatever laptop was on special because I didn't have over a grand to drop on a machine. They usually lasted two years, max. Flash forward to my first programming job where I decided to invest in a quality machine so I had something more powerful and reliable to work on the road.

Investing in quality costs more up-front, both in purchasing merchandise and in choosing someone to perform a service, but it does, in the end, cost you less in the long term. It's a wonderful gem I found in the mountain of horse shit surrounding it I wanted to share.

Remember when we came through? How those people were killed when the Dominie Dirth rang? They all rang together, as one. But I highlighted this because it was a half-assed attempt at excusing the recycling of the same plot for the third time.

It's getting old, having Richard or Kahlan kidnapped and stripped of their power It was hardly that, though, that made him believe her. It was the look in her eyes. Never had the vague possibility of the act of sex seemed so vicious Sorry, I'm literally just going through these in chronological order to keep all the quotes in one section, so we're back on rape.

It's "good", I guess, that men can be raped, too? Far from an alllivesmatter counter to rape culture, it is often completely dismissed that men can also be rape victims.

But it's funny how differently he treats the concept of rape when it is a man as the victim. It is not a flippant plot device, it is given gravitas and is a looming threat.

It feels so different from "I'm going to throw you in the rape pit for three days to break you before your execution". Ordinary people suffer and struggle while your luck gets you into a job. Please take a look at my review of a fantastic book, Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy. It is an argument I have with my father repeatedly.

Luck is a massive factor in success. Saying so is not intended to strip away one's accomplishment; as I say in that review, one must necessarily work hard to take advantage of opportunities. But luck is necessary to have those opportunities that others do not. Here, Richard falls backwards into a lucky break.

Sure, he worked hard hauling that iron to secure himself a place to sleep and a connection to use to claw his way into a job He happened to arrive in this specific city, on this very particular street, at the EXACT time that this man's driver was abandoning him more on the "I can only do what's in my exact job description" nonsense later. Yes, Richard, you worked hard, but that opportunity was not presented to literally anyone else on the planet.

Had that man not been making a delivery that day, had you arrived an hour sooner or taken a slightly different path through the city, none of this would have happened. You have an advantage over others who might have been just as willing and able to do just as you did, namely that you were fortunately at the right place at the right time.

This is at the core of the idea of privilege. The concept is not that you should feel guilty for having advantages, but merely that you acknowledge them. That simple act shifts your perception of others. Sure, that poor person might just be lazy and mooching off of the system. Or, like I was, they could have been laid off without notice or reason.

They were not prepared with massive savings to live on because they had just seemingly found their feet again and were working hard toward that goal but didn't have enough time before it happened again. You begin to develop this alien concept, to so many Americans, called empathy.

You start to support social programs because you begin to see them for what they really are: Giving those less fortunate an opportunity. They don't "encourage laziness and dependence", but simply pass on a small measure of the good fortune required to get started. Sure, there are those who don't take advantage of that opportunity, but the argument then becomes that we shouldn't help anyone lest we accidentally help one person who doesn't "deserve it".

He is directly blaming the poor for simply being lazy and "waiting and hoping for someone else to do something for me". Time's Convert. Deborah Harkness. The Waking Fire. Queen of Fire. The Shadow of What Was Lost. The Legion of Flame. King of Ashes. Raymond E Feist. The Broken Mage Frostborn 8.

Shadows of Self. Ramses the Damned. Anne Rice. Fool's Quest. The Bands of Mourning. The Battlemage. Taran Matharu. The Darkling Child. James Rollins. Red Sister. Mark Lawrence. The Gorgon Spirit Frostborn 7. A Sparrow Falls. Wilbur Smith.

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Charlotte swore to never fall for another rich man. Nate is determined to change her mind. Blake is all business and Jill has a lot to prove. Love was not on the agenda. Kate has lost her heart. Chris has just discovered his. A lost virgin vampire queen. Two vampire knights sworn to protect her. Lexie Greene has always had such a pretty face. She gives up her daydreams about food and joins a dieting group.

Begin a fantasy saga where a motley group of heroes must recover a stolen relic. Twins Belwynn and Soren can communicate telepathically. They must lead a team of mercenaries, priests and exiles on a mission that becomes darker and more significant than they had bargained for. Her country is safe.

Her family is together. What more could a new Queen ask for?