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Kev Nair. Ideal for use as a course of self-study: The Fluency Development Course (You will receive an email with instructions for downloading the books after. Read Fluentzy (Self-Study Book Set) book reviews & author details and more at sidi-its.info Echo & Alexa Fire TV Stick Kindle E-Readers & eBooks Amazon Prime .. Kev Nair's English Fluency Encyclopaedia, the definitive work on fluency development. Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Fluentzy by Kev Nair - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view an extra amount of Rs. books as ebooks. we normally despatch the books within just .

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If you visit the website sidi-its.info you will be able to scroll down the Kev Nair has provided a large amount of material from each of the 20 books. “Buyers from all over the world can now download these books from Kev Nair. These books guide you through the ins and outs of this fluency-building. Fluentzy. "Speaker's encyclopaedia of fluency tools" – THE HINDU Ideal for use Kev Nair, an eminent scholar of international repute and a renowned English.

A set of fluency-building books. By Prof. Kev Nair. Ideal for use as a course of self-study: There are a total of 20 short books in this set of books. These are a series of short books written by Prof. KevNair on how to build fluency in English.

Send this eBook to your friend , absolutely free of cost! Find out how you can teach yourself to speak English fluently. Related Websites. Established in Publishes great English fluency-building classics. How to build great English Fluency. World's 1st! Accepted worldwide! SVB, D. SMS only: Unifying the world through fluent English English Fluency Lexicons by Prof. The Complete Fluency Words Details Comprehensive Adjectival Fluency Dictionary Details Narrative Fluency Dictionary Details Core Fluency Thesaurus Details Let us explain: Despatch to addresses within India Against payment in instalments: The theory parts.

And he worked out several ways of developing the fluency-building factors and of removing the fluency-blocking factors. And do you know how these books explain things to you? The way you teach a child to walk — step-by-step.

Twenty classic titles Here are the titles of the 20 fluency-building self-study books in the Fluentzy series by Prof. Part of each book is made up of theory. Highly effective. These surefire factors were tested again and again. How to Deal with Hesitation. Fluency in Asking Questions. The Fluentzy books draw pictures of everything before you — in words. Nor translate! Nor keep on listening to cassettes! All you have to do is to read and understand the things that the Fluentzy books say!

And do the oral drills. These books show you how to take each step. And work through the skill-building exercises. The theory parts have been written in simple. As for the drills and exercises. How effective would this unique form of self-directed independent study be? To us.

Despatch to addresses outside India If you want us to mail the Fluentzy books to an address outside India. Importance of the drill with word groups.

Shortened forms. You have to gain a real mastery of fluency techniques on your own. Word knowledge and word mastery.

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Link verb patterns. The way to teach your tongue. Informal vocabulary. Naming Part. Limited freedom. Naming patterns. Points for dividing speech. Syllable stress. An important exercise. Core words: Words of the most general utility.

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Descriptive principle. Short responses. Do a lot of general reading. Embedding and lining up. So please be clear about one thing: We cannot guarantee fluency. Short sequences.

But in general. Ordinary novels suit fluency-building best. Importance of context. Advanced speech-initiators. Straight connectivity. Action Part. Let English flow the way English should flow. How does the Generative Feature work? Chats and serious conversations. Recommended reading. Weak function words. Two groups of words.

And here are the chief topics: Importance of theory. Speech-generation Technique. Questions for Practice. Negative meaning. Complex monotransitive verb patterns. Avoid bilingual dictionaries. And that is also the greatest news about fluency building. This truth is a cornerstone of this fluencybuilding system — one of the important principles on which the Fluentzy books are based. Two important exercises. The fundamental principle of English rhythm. Frequently-used polysyllabic words.

Just a little at a time. Speak in idea units. Uniform time distribution. Nobody else. Uniform stress. Guidelines for dividing speech into idea units. Simple monotransitive verb patterns.

Idea units: Your key to speech and fluency. Mixed material for flow-practice. Speed of speech. Roundabout connectivity. Rhythm drill. The syllable. Word List. Polysyllabic words. Neutral function words. Learning in bursts. Basic speech-initiators. How does natural speech come out?

Fluentzy by Kev Nair

What does natural speech come out in? Let ready-to-assemble units do your work for you. Long sequences. Types of idea units. Key speech-initiators. Fitting vocabulary items into General Structures.

Descriptive Part. You need a good dictionary. Learning by heart is NOT a solution. Contents of the books These self-study books tell you how to go about achieving a high degree of fluency in English in a programmed fashion — through topic-wise discussion. Foot and rhythm. How to master the speech generating skill? Generative Structure drills. Spare-parts for speech generation. Avoid high-sounding and rarely-used words. How to express anger. Bite-sized pieces of ideas.

So all that we promise to do is to make available to you the self-study books written by Prof. Detailed study. How to become skilled at substitution. And that is yourself. Monosyllabic words.

Circumstance Part. Everyday speech-initiators.

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Level of fluency. Strands of information. Do that.

Fluentzy by Kev Nair | English Language | Rhythm

By its very nature. You can make yourself fluent — if you make good use of the self-study books and learn well from them. Long sequences and short sequences. Key phrase patterns. How to do your study. The way the English language flows. Length and shape of idea units. Formal vocabulary. Important principles of description. Fluency nucleus. Neutral and non-neutral vocabulary.

Up and down movement. Beating the rhythm. The silent stress. Rhythm and flow of speech. Junction practice. Ditransitive verb patterns.

What dictionary should you buy? Non-detailed study. They give you the wisest advice and the best fluency-building help that anybody can expect to get from any part of the world. Flow-production Techniques. How context helps the speaker. How to express ability. Intransitive verb patterns. Fluency in Functional English Vols. Subsidiary word groups. Conventional pre-modifiers. Fluency in Banking English.

Syllable lengthening. Classifying function. Frequently-used monosyllabic words. Telephone word groups. Word classes for mouth gymnastics. The way speech gets produced. Composing speech and speaking at the same time.

Phrasal verbs. Ineffective methods. Preventing foreign hesitations. Invariant tag questions. The vocal apparatus. Hesitation fillers. Fluency in Speaking about People: Discourse markers in combination.

How to deal with hesitation: Pauses and syllable lengthening. Tag questions. Three volumes of the title Oral Training in Fluency Vocabulary are devoted to this. Complex phrases. Hesitation pauses. Everyday wh-questions for practice. Mental assessment and planning. Responses to yes-no questions. Appended word groups. Practice with action wordgroups. Fluency in Travel English. Everyday yes-no questions for practice. Special subordinate constructions. Fragmentary word groups. Pause notation. Special cases.

Mouth gymnastics. Embedded noun-phrases. Repeated exposure. Three important points you should remember. Packing of information: Techniques of information-packing.

Guidelines for making a call. Word groups for use while answering a phone call. YesNo questions. Knowledge of organs of speech. Action word groups. Arrangement in parenthesis. Questions for rhythm drill. Talking about quantity. Everyday politics. Starting trouble. Nonoccurrence and non-availability of lexical item. Prepositional verbs.

Framework for speech-production. Minor and major boundaries. Inevitability of loose packing. Fluency through mouth gymnastics. Role of questions. Pre-modification and Post-modification. Struggle-free speech-composition. Junction pauses. Chief reason for the difficulty. It deals with the techniques of mid-speech hesitation management. Conversion of statements into yes-no questions. Advanced wh-questions. Conversion of statements into wh-questions.

Declarative questions. Comment—topic arrangement. How to use English to accept something. They concentrate on training you thoroughly in techniques of vocabulary-manipulation during spontaneous speech production. Exceptional cases. Word groups for use while making a phone call. Time-relating word groups. Native hesitation is a normal phenomenon. Result of hesitation. Intensifiers and downtoners. Nature of information-packing and fluency. Modification and complexity. How to avoid modification.

How to avoid complexity. Looseness vs. Native and foreign hesitation. Place-relating word groups. A basic reason for lack of fluency. Hesitation noises. Control of speech delivery. The most important point in vocabulary choice. Yes-no declarative questions. Junction pauses and grammatical breaks. General structures. Guidelines for answering a call. Subordination and co-ordination.

Past experience handicaps advanced non-native learners. Two types of self-imposed restrictions. Word groups for mouth gymnastics. Fluency in Asking Questions: How to make questions. Comment clauses in statements. Dealing with hesitations. Steadying influence of the hesitation pause. Question types. Non-spontaneous speech.

Problems causing hesitation. Inter-related restrictive actions. How to avoid dense packing. Use of comment clauses. Comment clause combinations. Topic—comment arrangement.

Spontaneous speech.

Vagueness and Imprecision. Topic shift. Speech production and hesitation. Vagueness through intensification. Questions for practice. About words you should master. Hesitation caused by 6 Problems. Makeshift improvisations. Phrasal-prepositional verbs. Fluency and word-modification. Two techniques to smooth the way. Giving flow to your speech. Question-initiator word groups. Speech composition features. Fluency tools. Repeated reference. Difficulty in framing questions.

The test for word-selection. Other topic shift markers. Fluency in Telephone English. Practice with major word groups. Naming word groups. Combination of comment clauses and discourse markers. Speaking about Food and Drink. Objective-based vocabulary-development. Impromptu Speech-flow techniques: Impromptu word group ordering.

Ebook download kev nair fluentzy

Words of the greatest general service. Discourse markers. Special ways of word group ordering. Wh-declarative questions. Fluency in Business English. Shape of speech units. Negative yes-no questions. Word groups to speak about telephoning in general. Non-specific modification. Analyze the texts now.

Specific and nonspecific words. These two books help you master the word clusters that would help you handle important everyday topics with fluency. Most buyers are very highly educated and very highly placed.

Visit www. How do people judge you? The way to sound educated and cultured. Comparison of qualities and characteristics. Commissioners of Income Tax. Fixed Expressions. Mental examination by doctor. Everyday Medical English: Speaking about health and illness. Research scholars. Buildings and Home. Buyers from 66 countries Buyers from all over the world have bought the Fluentzy books.

OR b Rs. Prepositional phrases. Speech initiators in educated circles. Here's a set of twenty highly acclaimed fluent-English self-study books. They aim to teach you how to speak English with great fluency. These 20 books, together form a single unit: A united, integrated system of building fluency in English. Kev Nair has written these books in such a way that they work together well and form a single whole.

They give you complete knowledge of how to build great fluency in English. This volume book set aims to help you achieve true fluency in spoken English. Like nothing else can. And these books aim to help you speak English as fluently as articulate native-born people in English-speaking countries. Adult Faculties Council is the only publisher and vendor of the Fluentzy book set worldwide. This book set is not distributed via resellers. Only Amazon listings made by "Adult Faculties Council" are genuine.

Beware of fake listings! But the programme in fluency devised by Kev Nair, a pioneer in the field, is quite a detailed one It comprises 20 books authored by Prof. This work consists of 20 authoritative books on how to systematically develop fluency in English Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

Ebook download kev nair fluentzy

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