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calulatons using some demensions. informatica interview questions and answers answers - download etl interview questions and answers we offer the top etl. Buy INFORMATICA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS: Hands on tips & questions to crack the interview.: Read 1 Books Reviews - informatica etl interview questions and answers for - in this informatica interview weakness question, free download informatica interview questions job.

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Customers who bought this item also bought. Learning Informatica PowerCenter Enterprise data warehousing and intelligent data centers for efficient data management solutions. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Explanation could hv been more clear with pics for some questions.. Like scenario based ones..

Add real time scenario example. Very good for beginners.

Questions informatica download ebook interview

Data needs to be transformed through filter transformation and then filter condition is applied. What is Joiner transformation? Joiner transformation combines two affiliated heterogeneous sources living in different locations while a source qualifier transformation can combine data emerging from a common source.

Questions download interview ebook informatica

What is Lookup transformation? It is used for looking up data in a relational table through mapping. Lookup definition from any relational database is imported from a source which has tendency of connecting client and server.

One can use multiple lookup transformation in a mapping. How Union Transformation is used? It is a diverse input group transformation which can be used to combine data from different sources. What do you mean Incremental Aggregation? Option for incremental aggregation is enabled whenever a session is created for a mapping aggregate.

Power center performs incremental aggregation through the mapping and historical cache data to perform new aggregation calculations incrementally. What is the difference between a connected look up and unconnected look up? When the inputs are taken directly from other transformations in the pipeline it is called connected lookup.

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While unconnected lookup doesn't take inputs directly from other transformations, but it can be used in any transformations and can be raised as a function using LKP expression.

So it can be said that an unconnected lookup can be called multiple times in mapping. What is a mapplet? A recyclable object that is using mapplet designer is called a mapplet.

It permits one to reuse the transformation logic in multitude mappings moreover it also contains set of transformations.

Briefly define reusable transformation? Reusable transformation is used numerous times in mapping. It is different from other mappings which use the transformation since it is stored as a metadata.

The transformations will be nullified in the mappings whenever any change in the reusable transformation is made. What does update strategy mean, and what are the different option of it? Row by row processing is done by informatica.

Every row is inserted in the target table because it is marked as default. Update strategy is used whenever the row has to be updated or inserted based on some sequence. Moreover the condition must be specified in update strategy for the processed row to be marked as updated or inserted. What is the scenario which compels informatica server to reject files? Moreover it disrupts the database constraint filed in the rows was condensed. What is surrogate key? Surrogate key is a replacement for the natural prime key.

It is a unique identification for each row in the table. It is very beneficial because the natural primary key can change which eventually makes update more difficult.

Interview questions ebook informatica download

They are always used in form of a digit or integer. What are the prerequisite tasks to achieve the session partition? In order to perform session partition one need to configure the session to partition source data and then installing the Informatica server machine in multifold CPU's.

Which files are created during the session rums by informatics server? During session runs, the files created are namely Errors log, Bad file, Workflow low and session log. Briefly define a session task? It is a chunk of instruction the guides Power center server about how and when to transfer data from sources to targets. What does command task mean? This specific task permits one or more than one shell commands in Unix or DOS in windows to run during the workflow.

What is standalone command task? This task can be used anywhere in the workflow to run the shell commands. What is meant by pre and post session shell command?

Command task can be called as the pre or post session shell command for a session task.

Interview ebook informatica questions download

One can run it as pre session command r post session success command or post session failure command. What is predefined event? It is a file-watch event. It waits for a specific file to arrive at a specific location.

How can you define user defied event? User defined event can be described as a flow of tasks in the workflow. Events can be created and then raised as need arises. What is a work flow? Work flow is a bunch of instructions that communicates server about how to implement tasks. What are the different tools in workflow manager? Tell me any other tools for scheduling purpose other than workflow manager pmcmd? A method by which multi-dimensional analysis occurs.

Top 50 Informatica Interview Questions & Answers

What are the different types of OLAP? Give an example? ROLAP eg. What do you mean by worklet? When the workflow tasks are grouped in a set, it is called as worklet. Workflow tasks includes timer, decision, command, event wait, mail, session, link, assignment, control etc. What is the use of target designer? Target Definition is created with the help of target designer.

Where can we find the throughput option in informatica? Throughput option can be found in informatica in workflow monitor. What is target load order? Target load order is specified on the basis of source qualifiers in a mapping. If there are multifold source qualifiers linked to different targets then one can entitle order in which informatica server loads data into targets. SAP Tutorials.

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