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Get free downloadable Ebook Reader Mobile Software for your mobile device. any Java mobile phone, select an item below and download the jar or jad file. CoolReader is fast and small cross-platform XML/CSS based eBook reader for BUILD & RUN - to build a jar file, run maven's lifecycle task "mvn clean install". epub reader specially developed for java mobile application like - Blackberry. Feb 26, Is there any way I can convert my eBooks sidi-its.info files? Albite Reader is a free eBook reader with bookmark and table of contents “Albite Reader” ( KB) is ready to download or send to your phone as filename:”albiteN”.

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Download Epub Reader Java - best software for Windows. EBookME is a simple open-source application that allows the creation of e-books which can be read on mobile phones and epub viewer for windows · text reader java mobile · mobile word reader jar AZARDI is a program that enables you to open ePub files. Jun 18, Mobi Reader is one of the best mobile ebook reader that helps you to convert This is a free application to read any type of Ebooks on your phone. Download this file if you use Java phone (sidi-its.info sidi-its.info must be in the. For more infos please visit sidi-its.info In most cases you need only the JAR-file. Alternatively you can download the JAD-file over the air. Free Downloads for JAVA™-enabled cellphones (MIDP ), in cooperation with .

Tiny eBook Reader allows you to read ebooks in several formats, is lightning fast, highly configurable and can read books of any size. EBookME is a simple open-source application that allows the creation of e-books which can be read on mobile phones and other portable devices with supports for the JME Java Micro Edition technology. SumatraPDF is most of all a viewer for different kinds of documents. Luckily, in spite of its name Icecream Ebook Reader is a simple

Epubor ePUB. Kobo, Sony Reader, Android. Epub reader java social advice Users interested in Epub reader java generally download: Tiny eBook Reader 5. EBookME 2.

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CoolReader 3. SumatraPDF 3. Related advice. More results for "Epub reader java".

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Free only. This application is not reader. A simple book reader for android. This reader is develop for Chinese book reading. It can display book in traditional style, right to left and top to bottom. It can open txt, html, epub , pdb Haodoo , srb book build for simplereader with notes inside.

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Made using GL Manga Reader is an open source and free software which allows you to read manga and comics on your computer. It is designed to be easy to use.

GL Manga Reader is a portable application: Shorten your search for reliable and trusted information about smartphones and other wireless technologies by heading over to PhoneDog. Stay informed by checking out our reviews and get access to the latest news and exclusive offers.

This application allows you to convert visual novels which were created using Ren'Py http: Free Mac OS X epub reader.

Please go to our new web page - https: An e-book reader for Java Mobile built on top of Albite Reader. It is easy to use. Linux desktop and tablet, perhaps later Linux phones.

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A software for creative writers with some new aspects. Database oriented on creative writing technics. Full editor integration. It can be used as a web application or the core functionalties of jaiFR can be integrated within applications in source format or as a library JAR distribution. In the project are included: This project is a Java library. You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field. Click URL instructions: You may do that by press, hold and release on a word, by press and release on the magnifying glass button or by selecting look up word from the main menu.

Bitmap font rendering is achieved through my own implementation. The font used, Droid Serif , has been pre-rendered in several different sizes: All have been anti-aliased except for the 12px version, which looks much better without it. Supported or sometimes partially character ranges are:. This is a binary file containing your book reading progress.

This includes:. This is a XML file which contains your bookmarked text and positions. There are several advantages of this technique compared to the usual approach of using the RMS:.

All used sources and binaries are available at GitHub. It's small and unobtrusive. You can read more at their homepage. Provides the ability read characters not natively supported by Java 's InputStreamReader.

The API is based on some code from libiconv. Sources, examples, tests and binaries are available at GitHub. A simple java API for converting various physical units. Sources and binaries at GitHub.

Zlibrary 's hyphenator used in FBReaderJ. Licensed under GPL 2. That's the font used on Android devices. It's quite nice and is built with the idea of rendering well on small screens and at small sizes. It supports some good amount of glyphs around and character ranges.

It's licensed under the Apache 2. You can download the Droid fonts in TTF from here.

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Now, you need to create a bitmap font using the app. We need a bitmap font with xml descriptor, so BFG will produce a png with a xml file.

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Take care to hold all the glyphs on a single page and make the page's area as small as possible. Then, you need to manually edit the newly created xml file in a suitable form. This time you need to use AlbiteFontBuilder , which will produce the final files. See its page for more info. Note that in order to implement italic text you need to have two fonts, i.

For every language you need to have the patterns in a separate txt file.

Each patterns should be on a separate line. See here for installation instructions. All sources and binaries may be found at GitHub. Dictionary entries can also be filtered against a wordlist so that one can automatically create abridged editions.

See the page of the tool for some more exhausting information. Most graphics are made by me, except for the book icon that is made by SimioGraphics and the tiny icons of the folders, files, the check icon and the broken image icon that I downloaded from the internet.

You need to use AlbiteImageBuilder to build the images into the binary format. There are too many limited factors: I'd like you to know of the current limitations, so that you can decide for yourself if they may stand in your way.

Works with EPUB , txt and x html files. Press and release brings up the main menu.