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Kristan Higgins is the New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA TODAY bestselling author Kristan Higgins Author () cover image of Waiting On You. Anything for You ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Kristan Higgins Higgins Blue Heron Series Books The Best Man\The Perfect Match\Waiting On You. Buy the eBook Waiting On You, Blue Heron: Book 3 by Kristan Higgins online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks from Booktopia.

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THE BEST MAN - Kristan Higgins ~ Free ebooks download in pdf,mobi, epub and Waiting on You -- Kristan Higgins -- Book 3 in the Blue Heron series -- July. Waiting On You (The Blue Heron Series) [Kristan Higgins] on sidi-its.info on orders over $25—or get FREE Two-Day Shipping with Amazon Prime .. comments usually (but not always) get shut down by a glare or set down from Lucas. Kristan Higgins heartfelt and humorous writing style returns in her latest novel Waiting for You. Colleen constantly recalls her first love, trying to.

You'll adore every bit of this story Higgins' latest is sexy, screwy, funny and fulfilling - a simply radiant read. The Best Man is Kristan Higgin's best book -- and that's saying a lot. Highly recommended. Kristan Higgins writes the books you don't want to end. Kristan lives in Connecticut with her heroic firefighter husband, two atypically affectionate children, a neurotic rescue mutt and an occasionally friendly cat. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Although I understood Lucas, I'm not sure I agreed with how he handled things. Guess it wasn't my story to tell. Happy Reading! Oct 06, Leona rated it it was ok Shelves: Another good edition to the Blue Heron series.

There were times I chuckled out loud, and the crazy townies made for an entertaining read. This would have been a full hearted 5 stars, but I was turned off by the heroine, Colleen. She was locked in her past and could never work through some critically important issues.

Instead of standing up for herself, she became a doormat. I kept waiting for her to grow a spine. The hero made sacrifices for everyone, but the heroine. She mattered, but only when Another good edition to the Blue Heron series. She mattered, but only when it was convenient for him. All he had to do was crook his finger, and she came running.

It was especially hard to watch her take on the role of "waitress" at his uncle's viewing while his ex, and her parents, got the royal treatment. Really who would do that? I see a life of second best for her.

Aug 22, Dee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Very emotional story which had extremely sad parts that really got to me as it brought back some very sad memories - I am just thankful that I was home and in private when reading it. As a norm I prefer a lot more steam in my romance but will forgive that if the story is good and I like the authors style.

Jan 11, BookLover rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a great series. I loved book one and two, but this book has been my favourite in the series so far. I find Kristan Higgins writing to be very funny. The dialogue between Colleen and her twin brother Connor cracked me up. Colleen's deadpan comebacks for the come-ons made towards her were so funny. My favourite was Give me a second to take off my panties, and I'm yours. Kristan Higgins is one of my new go-to authors. En fin: Mar 17, Bree T rated it liked it Shelves: She owns the local bar with her twin brother Connor and can be found behind it mixing drinks and dispensing advice to her customers.

There are a plethora of little Colleens in Manningsport, named for her by grateful parents. But the one person that Colleen has never secured romantic bliss for is herself. Ten years ago her first and only love, Lucas Campbell broke her heart. Colleen prefers harmless flirting with everyone from eighteen to eighty. It keeps her heart protected. But now a family situation has bought Lucas Campbell back to Manningsport.

But Colleen has made her home in Manningsport and Lucas is only here temporarily. Does she take the risk again with him, even if just for a little while? Or does she turn her back on a second chance at love? I absolutely adored the first book, The Best Man. Colleen is fun and outgoing, able to charm pretty much anyone and she loves love. She loves fixing people up and gets satisfaction out of seeing people find happiness. Her job at the bar that she owns with her brother keeps her right in the middle of the social scene in their small town and she enjoys knowing everyone.

And then Lucas Campbell strolls back into Manningsport…and her life. In many ways he reads as too good to be true, how patient and tolerant he is of the way he has been treated by his aunt. He did make a pretty big mistake which led to a few small mistakes but most of the time Lucas feels a little lacking in dimension.

It lacks any kind of originality and taps right into the trophy wife trope — tight clothes, homewrecker, only slightly older than Colleen. Colleen idolised her father so she probably needed to justify his actions to herself by ridiculing her stepmother as much as she could and although she does have her eyes opened to her father, the resolution there seemed really clunky and rushed.

Colleen and Lucas had some good interactions and their backstory was strong. My grandfather died of kidney failure last year, so there were some things in this story that were similar and very hard to read for me but I think it was portrayed very well.

I think grieving adult males are difficult to write but Higgins nailed it. Feb 28, Ririn rated it really liked it Shelves: Got the mixed feeling all over again! It seemed like the expected reaction for the whole series so far.

This is the third installment of the Blue Heron series and this time it was Colleen's turn. Colleen O'Rourke, part owner the other half is her twin brother, Connor of the popular bar in Manningsport well, one of two restaurants in town, actually , the seemingly ever cheerful woman who always have something nice to say to all her patrons.

Such a lively character was actually hiding a tragic past. I really thought that Colleen was into the older men by the way she flirted with Faith's father. But in actuality, she was still nursing a very broken heart over her first love and her father's deception which happened simultaneously.

So it was really a wonder she still become a very cheerful adult even if it's only on the surface. So when Lucas came back after 10 years, to take care of his dying uncle, Colleen felt her heart was threatened all over again. Even with all the precautioned and warnings from Connor, she cannot help herself.

She was falling for Lucas, the only man that she ever loved, all over again. Both Colleen and Lucas have to faced and slay their own insecurities over themselves before they realized that they would not be happy with other person. Their love was so intensed, that it seems to close their heart to others. This series seems to be darker and darker which is the source of my confusion I want a funnier story! It was a gloomy read, unlike 'The Best Man' my favorite of the series so far yet captivating.

Hooked me to read and read until the very end. This story was only brightened by all those secondary characters yes I love Faith and Levi, so cute together who seemed to fill the gaps of Colleen and Lucas supposedly returning relationship.

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They, especially Bryce and Paulie, was threatening to steal the limelight from the hero and heroin of their own story. The lesson that I got from this series is that the things you see on the surface might not be the real story. On every happy facade, there are some sadness lurking behind them. The happy attitude might be only to cover up all those sadness and loneliness within. But, as always, Ms Higgins would finished her tale with a very satisfied ending almost bring the tears to my eyes when finally the two people who deserved their happy ending, got it.

And there he was, Lucas Damien Campbell, smiling at her.

View all 20 comments. Aug 16, Keertana rated it liked it Shelves: By now, it's no secret that I adore Kristan Higgins. While her covers scream "chick lit" and her writing is humorously effortless, the depth found within her love stories forced her books to transcend the stigma of mindless, cheesy "chick lit. Waiting on You follows Colleen, the bright and sexy bartender we've come to love.

You know, the one whose matchmaking skills are legendary, advice is freely given, and friendship is the stuff of legends. While confident, sassy Colleen seems as if she can take on the world, in reality, her heart is a mess. Lucas, her first - and only - true love, left her broken-hearted just years after high school and, somehow, Colleen still hasn't moved on.

When Lucas breezes back into town, looking after his uncle, more like an adopted father, whose days are numbered, Colleen is surprised and, most importantly, already falling back in love. But, this time, she is determined that Lucas will not be the one to break her heart, even when that same heart is so traitorously beating just for him Higgins impeccably paces a timely reveal of the situation which tore Lucas and Colleen apart so many years ago.

It is heartbreaking, naturally, but the sparks between these two have our hearts rooting for them, despite the myriad of obstacles in their way. Yet, while Higgins develops Lucas and Colleen's original relationship, relaying the sense of serenity they feel together, their current emotional compatibility falls slightly flat. I wish Lucas and Colleen had worked through their past issues a little more in depth.

While I completely understand the fact that they feel right together, that their bodies demand that they be with one another in order to feel at home, I still yearned for a few more insightful conversations between the two. Nevertheless, this a sweet and swoony romance sure to delight fans of the Blue Heron Series.

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If you haven't already picked these books up, find yourself a copy of The Best Man at once - Chief Levi Cooper is not a man you want to miss! I've stopped crying so I can review this. Doesn't matter that my eyes are swollen and I can hardly see the screen. So my first K. H book was My One and Only. This was back b4 my e-reader time when I would walk into the library and rent books to feed my addiction.

That book tortured my soul. I cried and I laughed and I cried and I laughed. Shit then I cried some more. By the end of th I've stopped crying so I can review this. By the end of the book I was a sopping mess. So Waiting on You has to be my 2nd favourite. Because it reminded me so much about Chasity's experience. But in a different way. Men are dumb dumb creatures. They do really stupid things, bless their hearts, and we women always find it so torturous and HOT.

Lucas did some dumb things, he did, ehm, like staying married WTF was that but you know what. We deal with the cards we are dealt. And in a way I'm proud of his decision. He put others 1st before himself, bless his heart, and he was soo broken that I couldn't help but lover him, and want to hold him. Colleen, dear Lord, she was stellar. I loved her sarcastic attitude, I loved how she was vulnerable, I loved that she was an amazing sister and daughter. Tough as nails and weak in love.

She was a perfect heroine. H- she always writes her heroines with class and backbone. H never gets it wrong. Plus it helps that they aren't 20 and virgins. This always works in an author's favour as well. But if you want heart-fucking-swelling, laugh your ass off, cry your eyes out. Look no further.

H will remedy all of this and more. So thank you Ms Higgins. For your awesome writing, for your rock on heroines, for your broken men, for making me cry so much that my husband has to console me and say, "babe, it's just a book! Right there, in all the good spots. Feb 09, Rita rated it liked it. Kristan Higgins is a wonderful writer and I'm always excited to read her books. It was pretty much love at first sight for Colleen when Lucas Campbell first came to town to live with his uncle when they were teenagers.

Colleen was never one for dating until Lucas. After falling totally in love with him, and expecting to spend her life with him, they have a horrible argument after she finds o Kristan Higgins is a wonderful writer and I'm always excited to read her books.

After falling totally in love with him, and expecting to spend her life with him, they have a horrible argument after she finds out he kept a secret from her. Lucas leaves for Chicago and marries someone else, and Colleen moves on with her life - alone, but making sure no one else is.

When Lucas returns ten years later to help his dying uncle, Colleen does her best to fight the feelings she still has for him. I really wanted to love this book because I've enjoyed Colleen the match-making bartender in the previous books; but, it just never clicked with me, and I think part of the problem was with one of the side stories.

I did not like how Colleen kept trying to get Paulie to change who she was in order to help her get Bryce's attention. That really got on my nerves. Why should a person have to change everything about herself to get a man?

It made me not like Colleen as much as I did when I first started reading the book. Colleen also seemed to act like a know-it-all and was really unreasonable at times toward Lucas. Whenever he tried to explain something, she didn't want to listen. Considering how unreasonable she was, I would have thought that she would've been more understanding toward the end when Lucas had a difficult time dealing with what he learned about her. This book had the usual interesting characters from the previous books, and overall it was a good book.

However, it wasn't amazing like the author's previous books, and I didn't feel very happy or satisfied after finishing it. Dec 30, Jackie rated it it was ok. Is it just me, or are Kristan Higgins' heroines growing more and more abject as time goes on? Ten years ago, her boyfriend of four years abruptly told her he was marrying another woman, and she's never had a serious relationship since.

Of course, when now-divorced Lucas Is it just me, or are Kristan Higgins' heroines growing more and more abject as time goes on? Of course, when now-divorced Lucas comes back to town to help out his dying uncle, the sparks fly again.

I really, really dislike stories where the protagonist protests and protests and protests to the person she's attracted to, while simultaneously caving to said attraction. Makes me wonder if Higgins's success has made her feel like she has to belittle herself via her female characters in order to have people keep liking her: Mar 25, Ian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ten years earlier, Lucas left Colleen to marry another woman.

A woman who was pregnant with his child. In those ten years Colleen's life has been in a holding pattern. She dispenses advice, sets people up, but has never been able to get over her first love. When his uncle tells him he isn't long for the world, Lucas drops everything and returns to Manningsport to be with him in his last days. And now divorced the way is clear for him to fix up his past mistakes. But Colleen is wary and her life i Ten years earlier, Lucas left Colleen to marry another woman.

But Colleen is wary and her life in New York is established, while Lucas has a lot on his plate and a life waiting for him in Chicago. Waiting on You is kind of amazing. It's one of those rare contemporary romances which manages to hit all the right notes.

It's not all that original For that alone I'm thinking I will bump this up to 5 Stars. Mar 25, Desi rated it it was ok. Colleen the doormat. Always there and willing to let you trample all over her. Always the afterthought, never first in anyone's life.

That man of hers was an inconsiderate schmuck. Never willing to make any kind of sacrifice or life adjustment for her sake.

Simply assuming all is forgiven when he steps out of line. But hey, she never told him any different.

I also felt the twins' relationship was not very well portrayed. I never felt like she had the close emotional support of a twin brother, he Colleen the doormat. I never felt like she had the close emotional support of a twin brother, he seemed two dimensional and caricature like. Colleens matchmaking seemed unrealistically successful and way too heavy handed. I did love her little sister. She seemed sweet. But the father storyline was painful to watch, seeing Colleen with her tail between her legs squirming after and accepting less from two men concurrently was a lot to take.

I just wanted her to take a trip out of that small town, to have her explore the wider world. Learn some inner strength and all that jazz. Teach her how people who actually care about you treat you. Overall an entertaining book with some amusing bits that could have been greatly improved by some adjustments to the characters behavior during certain of the situations that cropped up. As it was it was way too frustrating for the reader. MIRA, March MIRA, July Somebody To Love Kristan Higgins.

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