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Editorial Reviews. Review. The rhythm of it compels attention - it's like someone talking directly Kindle $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. $ Free with your Audible trial · Hardcover $ 66 Used from $ 13 New from $ · Paperback. Ebook Download, Keane: The Autobiography PDF read online, Free Download Keane: The Autobiography Best Book, Keane: The Autobiography Ebooks Free. ebooks | Download PDF | *ePub | DOC | audiobook. A publishing phenomenon in hardback, Roy Keane's autobiography was the biggest selling sports book of the ebook keane the autobiography pdf for free | margaret keane wikipedia |.

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Autobiography Book PDF Summary Are you looking for Ebook Keane The September 20th, - Free PDF Download Books by Roy Keane. I managed to get a hold of a few United related [ebooks]( drive/folders/ Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. . Roy Keane - The Second, mb. the autobiography free of cost. it is available absolutely free keane: the document about by roy keane keane: the autobiography download is.

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Got it? The metaphysics don't last though, and this book becomes rather average and too episodic. Doyle doesn't seem to have dared to challenge or probe Keane. Why does Keane melodramatically flounce out of Man Utd, in doing so letting them off the hook of honouring his contract?

Why does he freak out at Sunderland at the first sign of criticism?

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Keane's insecurities are writ large throughout, but at no point are their origins probed. The book is also undermined by the fact that all the really juicy bits were covered in depth in the media at the time of publication, making this fairly missable. Apr 27, Noel rated it it was ok. Not as good as his first book. Left an impression that it was written and published in a hurry. Liam Miller's name was spelt incorrectly twice so it wasn't even well proof-read! Very candid. For me and some might agree, keeping apart his big-mouth quality which I consider his trait as a part of being a leader, was not a "top, top player".

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Hi "Reading Keano's memoir was like seeing through his mind and heart. His peak would be the season, Champions League semi-final, scoring a header against Juventus and sending Manchester United straight to the finals. Other ups in his career, strong personality or pretended to be, supporting his players when needed, encouraging newcomers, fighting the battles on and off the pitch.

Of course, I am not going to talk about his downs, for that you have to read them in his own words in which he justifies his course of actions and regret on being such a big-mouth. We all live with ghost of our pasts called 'regrets'. He is indifferent. The book straight starts with Keane's incident on ALf Halaand, which Keane believes that he still accuses him of destructing his playing career.

On reading, a reader will be able to judge by his own conscience. The main focus of this memoir, was what happened to Roy Keane after his playing career got over by a battle-worn hip and how ended up on being appointed as a manager of Sunderland F. Reading on, it is more of an aftermath of later half of his life. Talking about regrets, Keane goes on explaining the difference between a person's anger and a person's frustration.

Anger can be understood as an emotion, can be used as a driving force but frustration is an outburst. In any case it must be avoided, if not the outcome will vary from injuring an opponent to wrecking your own career. And that is what Keane's memoir is all about. Along with his mental sufferings, unsophisticated mind, and living in a conundrum of his own, he observes the difference between the two and accepts them.

Moved on, did the same mistake. Moved on hoping for a betterment. That's life, but one must be waken enough to determine the difference between the two-- anger and frustration, and should be clear on whom to avoid and when. Sport's is that profession in which the practice of the aforementioned subjects can be easily determined and are segments of every sport. For Roy Keane, it's quite hard to consume the fact that football is mostly business.

Technically, it's wrong for any sport and every sport must be considered as a 'sport', but to earn and put food on the table for your family, for sportsmen it's a job and any job is the part of a business.

Overall, the memoir is well written purely in 'Keano' style and I will recommend it to any football fan. View 2 comments.

The Second Half

Oct 06, Kunal Sen rated it it was ok. I went into this book with high expectations. It was, after all, a book about my childhood hero Keane , co-written and composed by a Booker prize winner Doyle. How could it possibly disappoint? Well, it did, and on reflection, the blame lies with the author more than the subject matter. For that, we first need to talk about the subject matter.

Roy Keane is a retired Irish footballer and a Manchester United legend. This is his second book. The first one, a ghost-written autobiography, came out I went into this book with high expectations. The first one, a ghost-written autobiography, came out in the early s and dealt with his life till that point. That book covered the best years of his footballing life and told his tale from his point of view. In his prime, Keane was a fierce competitor, a leader of men and an etcher of gladiatorial victories.

His ruthless drive for perfection and excellence coupled with his pugnacious nature often got him into fights with authoritarian figures but the same qualities made him both a sporting icon and a folk hero of the masses. The first book covered all this. The Doyle book is a sequel of sorts.

It entails Keane's last few years at United, expands on his acrimonious exit from the club, including his falling out with one time mentor, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Thereafter, the book talks about the end of his playing days at Celtic football club and his post-retirement life and career as a football manager, first for Sunderland FC and then for Ipswich Town. Now, let's discuss why the book doesn't work. First, it spends a majority of its time on Keane's managerial career.

As great as a player he was, Keane was a middling failure as a football manager and was sacked by both the clubs that ever employed him as head coach or manager. In light of that prescient knowledge, the lucid exposition of Keane's tactical leanings, training-ground routine and transfer-market pickings seem more like a futile exercise in shifting blame than a fascinating insight into any discernible blueprint.

Secondly, a lot of his time as manager was spent in the lower rungs of English football and for a fan of the big teams he played for, it becomes difficult to remain compelled by Keane's experiences at a lower level where players are bought and sold at a fraction of the cost of a Premier League footballer and where the quality of football and attendances are generally much lower. Keane, a larger than life figure, seems almost a misfit in this environment but it is here that the book lodges itself for almost its entirety.

This is a missed opportunity. For me, the pulse of the book should have been Keane's last years at Manchester United. The book doesn't spend enough time on that. It could easily have cast Keane as a fallen hero, like Brick in 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof', and told us of the physical decline of a man ravaged by years of playing the game dangerously, a man who set the highest standards in strength and stamina and then fell victim to age, injuries and a combination of both.

Alas, the book deals with these issues with abrupt acceptance but even for someone as plainspoken as Keane, his own decline couldn't have been something he dealt with as easily as that. Sep 06, Jackson Stubbs rated it really liked it.

As a Sunderland fan this book appealed to me more than the first as it documented his stint as our manager. It certainly didn't disappoint.

Probably not, but the book does leave you wondering 'what if'. Well worth a read if you're interested in Keane's post-playing career. Mar 04, Paul rated it liked it. Roy Keane's second autobiography charting the end of his Manchester United career, his playing career and his time as a manager, coach and pundit.

As sports biographies go this wasn't too bad. We get an insight into Keane's take on how he left Man Utd and the relationship with Alex Ferguson broke down. At first I thought this was the whole reason the book existed but luckily, unlike Ferguson's second book this actually charted his life instead of dedicating chapters to individual people or event Roy Keane's second autobiography charting the end of his Manchester United career, his playing career and his time as a manager, coach and pundit.

Free roy download ebook keane

At first I thought this was the whole reason the book existed but luckily, unlike Ferguson's second book this actually charted his life instead of dedicating chapters to individual people or events.

Reading about Keane's time as a manager and the trials and tribulations he went through was really interesting. Normally when you read about a manager it's a guy who's been doing the job for quite some time. This was someone new to it all giving a refreshing insight into the role. Also it's really nice to see Keane someone who's known as a hard man and a bit of a bastard at times actually admit when he handled situations badly and didn't treat people how he should have.

Combine all this with his time as an ITV pundit and it makes for a decent read. So why only 3 stars? And while I can appreciate telling some results to get to a story or make a point. But the amount of results he talks about got repetitive quickly. Le premesse c'erano tutte: Il faccione di Roy Keane. La sua biografia. Scritta da Roddy Doyle!

Non avrei potuto immaginare niente di meglio se non, che so, la vita di Paul Gascoigne scritta da Irvine Welsh o quella di Gigi Riva narrata da Sergio Atzeni. Ma questi restano sogni irrealizzabili, soprattutto l'ultimo. E invece no. Oct 30, Anish rated it it was amazing. Perhaps the most absorbing book I have read recently. Keano doesn't bullshit, he doesn't fuck around, he doesn't make excuses. He gives an honest account of what happened and the reason it happened.

If he was to blame, he accepts it. But he doesn't pander to anyone or sensationalize any event. But the controversies are not even the most gripping part of the book. His account of his managerial career at Sunderland and his post football career is. I have never read a book which provides this much Perhaps the most absorbing book I have read recently. I have never read a book which provides this much insight into the world of football management. How the backroom and administration works. It's rich in details, filled with humorous, highly interesting anecdotes.

Roddy Doyle's writing style is brilliant, a joy to read and you expect nothing less from a Booker winner. Ultimately, The Second Half is a gripping, melancholy story of a man who was mostly misunderstood, often vilified and hated but who in reality is a flawed hero who suffered because he cared too much.

For his country, for his club, for football. Jan 03, Jennifer rated it really liked it. As a non-football fan who knows nothing about Roy Keane, I really enjoyed this book.

The co-authoring by the brilliant Roddy Doyle no doubt helped. He came across as very honest and self-aware.

I would quite like to read the perspectives of Roy Keane's colleagues on some of the situations described in this book. Oct 14, Gary rated it liked it. I enjoyed this easy read, another sporting biography but it wasn't the best I had ever written. Some interesting stories but you probably have already heard them in the previews to this book. For me it was too much we played this match and then we played this match etc.

OK read but I thought it would be better after all the hype. Dec 19, h rated it liked it Shelves: Dec 09, Stephen rated it liked it. Like the man himself, I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. The content was interesting, and Roddy Doyle really made it into a good book, as opposed to a decent compilation of stories. I doubt I would like him as an opposition player, and he does come across as very petty, however I do like the fact that Keane was willing to stand up to Ferguson, in contrast to most of those in football.

He is very keen to praise Ferguson as a football manager, but not as a person, which seems quite d Like the man himself, I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did.

He is very keen to praise Ferguson as a football manager, but not as a person, which seems quite deliberate.

However he also comes across as quite defensive in his behaviour towards everyone, and points to later handshakes or amicable relationships to 'prove' he was right at the time. Any time he does seem to harbour some regrets, such as his relationship with Dwight Yorke, it is said almost as an afterthought. The one way this was different to other books was his experience in management, which was short but not entirely unsuccessful, with a promotion in charge of Sunderland. The Second Half eBook: Roy Keane, Roddy Doyle: Kindle Store

This meant that there were more detailed descriptions of the day-to-day dealings, and almost from an 'outsider' point of view, as Keane hasn't got the same mass of stories, nor the ingrained mindset, that longer term managers have. I definitely found the management parts the most interesting, and it still felt like Keane was just as petty as a manager, although he did realise it counted against him. At the back of my mind though, I do wonder how transparent this book is.

Surprisingly, Keane does name some players who didn't have the correct attitude, but it's clear he still wants to work in football and would therefore be reluctant to openly criticise everyone.

And although I feel Doyle's inclusion is beneficial, it's difficult to know how much is playing up to the character Roy Keane. I received The Second Half as a gift.

I'm from Cork originally so it was presumed I imagine that I would enjoy the autobiography of one of its native sons. But to be honest I've never really liked Keane. I've always thought him massively overrated and painfully self absorbed. And after reading The Second Half I'm even more of that opinion.

Free roy keane download ebook

Keane is a boor, focused, heartless and without self doubt. For all intents he's mechanical. And that's all well and good. You don't have to like someone to a I received The Second Half as a gift. You don't have to like someone to admire him but what is there to admire?

He was a failure as a manager. His playing career ended in disaster also. A financial success but not someone to emulate. And this comes across in the book. A victim mentality and an inability to take responsibility for personal shortcomings pervades throughout.

On the plus points its a quick and very easy read. Like reading The Sun. Roddy Doyle does a good job channelling him. Mar 25, Keith Astbury rated it really liked it. I'm not a Man Utd supporter and Roy Keane was never exactly my favourite player. And yet there is something fascinating about the fella - his integrity, the way he wore his heart on his sleeve and a seeming ability to cut his nose off to spite his face.

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Gary Neville.


How to Be a Footballer. Peter Crouch. David Beckham: My Side: My Side - The Autobiography. David Beckham. The Test: Brian O'Driscoll. Ray Parlour. Editorial Reviews Review The rhythm of it compels attention - it's like someone talking directly to you in a pub It's a thoughtful book, for a footballer. The book does not attempt to deflect the mistakes Keane made but it adds a dimension to the man. Especially in his reflections on small details of behaviour, and there are scores of them It is at its most engaging when Keane steps out of character: Keane is not afraid to laugh at himself by telling stories against himself His thoughts on his players are humane, interesting, candid and never less than believable I admire him.

He's incredibly passionate and doesn't suffer fools. He deserves credit for that. I was never on the end of one of his tackles but I always enjoyed watching him and I like how he speaks his mind. Heroically unconcerned with being loved, almost insanely devoted to telling what he regards as the plain truth, he may not always be engaging. It's no good just making something up. People have their own opinions of Roy and some would be fearful of him, given how outspoken he can be.

I have always judged people how I find them and I can honestly say I have never found a fault in him More importantly the book told me that Keane should be the next Manchester United manager. He is currently the assistant manager of the international Ireland team. Roddy Doyle is one of Ireland's greatest and most successful literary authors.

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Product details File Size: October 9, Language: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention roddy doyle second half roy keane worth a read comes across great read like this book honest career football funny insight utd anecdotes ferguson management manager united voice entertaining.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Hardcover Verified Purchase. The second half starts near the end of Roy's soccer career, describing his Haaland court case and the fallout from Saipan.

Latterly we read about the Ferguson bust-up and his departure from Man Utd, his brief stint at Celtic and his foray into management with Sunderland, Ipswich, Ireland and Aston Villa. This is a different Roy Keane to the one we know - or thought we knew. He has doubts, misgivings, there's some guilt. It's a funny book with many anecdotes for the soccer fan.

Great stuff. Definitely not as good as his first book. He actually comes across as self-righteous and bitter in this one.

Still, the 'second half' of his career was interesting and the book provides some insight into his acrimonious departure from Manchester Utd as well as his philosophy and methods as a manager during his partially-successful stint at Sunderland and his wholly unsuccessful time in charge at Ipswich. He also discusses his forays into TV punditry where he actually did pretty well at times. All in all, he pulls no punches like in the first book but, unlike the first book, you're left disliking him a little bit at the end of this one.

Keane's first autobiography remains my favourite football book, both for the stories it told and the quality of the writing. Looking back on it though, it's clear that Dumphy's voice and interpretation was a massive part of the story. As a result, this book, is nothing like as well-written. However, I suspect that it's a little more honest as a result which is a funny thing to say considering that one of the big selling points of the first book is how "raw" and "honest" it is.

Some lovely anecdotes and some nice insight into an older, more vulnerable Keane. Hope to see him achieve some success in management at some stage in the future.