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The “fascinating” #1 international bestseller of a quest across centuries by two intrepid women to reunite the pieces of a powerful, ancient chess set (Los. In other words, Katherine Neville's big adventure novel “[The Eight] delivers a pleasure of a rare intensity of a godfather, and now she looked down at the paper in her is free of all the pretensions one finds so dull in Parisian so- ciety . Editorial Reviews. Review. Katherine Neville's debut novel is a postmodern Katherine Neville. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Advanced Search · Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Literature & Fiction . $ Read with Our Free App; Audiobook. $ Free with.

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Read "The Eight" by Katherine Neville with Rakuten Kobo. The “fascinating” #1 international bestseller of a quest across centuries by two. Katherine's books are now available via eBook, you will find links to each of the eBooks that are Visit The Eight on Open Road Media Neville_MagicCircle. The Eight by Katherine Neville. Read an Excerpt. Buy. Look Inside. Read an Excerpt. Buy Buy the Audiobook Download: Apple · Audible · downpour · eMusic.

Not in United States? Choose your country's store to see books available for purchase. See if you have enough points for this item. Sign in. A fabulous, bejeweled chess set that belonged to Charlemagne has been buried in a Pyrenees abbey for a thousand years.

I forgot my phone was bugged" scenarios you can have in one book? I forgot to check for listening devices before I told you all my secrets in this totally public place"??? I don't know.. I've never been good at chess, but it seemed like her other book was a lot more exciting.

This seemed to be a lot of crazy people sitting around talking about crazy things and drawing completely crazy conclusions totally out of thin air. Jul 21, Jennie rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 31, Caroline rated it did not like it. I didn't even finish the book, which is rare for me. This was just so painful and tedious to read, I couldn't stand it.

There were parts where it seemed like Neville just took her historical research and put it into the mouths of the characters and I use that term loosely verbatim. The whole book felt like an attempt to cash in on the "DaVinci Code" craze for powerful-hidden-conspiracies-uncovered-by-deciphering-clues novels.

I am dreading going back and taking another look at "The Eight, Uch. I am dreading going back and taking another look at "The Eight," to which this was the sequel. I loved that book I read it in college and I wonder if this one was really that different. Positing a thousand year old chess set with alchemical powers, and a larger Game with geopolitical implications, the book acquired something of a cult, and, after 20 years, a sequel. This sequel seems to me less successful than The Eight.


Neville has done so much research that it slows the action, and I struggled to keep up. The rules of the Game remain unclear, and a half-resolved ending suggest that another volume might be in the works.

Eight free the ebook download neville katherine

Still, one could do worse than a book this brainy and ambitious. Sep 29, Meghan rated it it was amazing Shelves: So far, I have picked up books I have never heard of and have been extremely satisfied with my choices.

I did not, until after reading it, discover that it was the second book, and yet I really had no problem understanding the story, despite some of the chess talk I didn't quite understand.

A great book!! Full of action and intrigue, adventures and secrets, danger and conspiracy.

She is invited to a strange party and left even stranger clues by her mother which sets her off on an adventure to find the hidden pieces of the Montglane Service, a chess set once owned by Charlemagne, and on this adventure she's unsure who to trust as she finds out the truth about herself and her family. You can always tell whether I've read a book by the sticky notes stuck inside the first cover - notes, quotes, thoughts I've had while reading it - and you know I've loved it when there are a lot.

The whole inside of the front cover is full. Enough said. Jul 10, Beth rated it did not like it Shelves: This book was extremely difficult for me to be engaged with as there were too many characters and the plot seemed somewhat disjointed. Jul 31, Elizabeth K.

I have very mixed feelings about this, it's the sequel to The Eight. It's the kind of sequel where you very much have to have read the first book, it wouldn't stand alone very well at all. Sometimes I have heard people, when talking about a favorite book, claim that it's better NOT to know, that a sequel would only ruin things.

That, my friends, is the talk of crazy people. So on the one I have very mixed feelings about this, it's the sequel to The Eight. So on the one hand, I was glad to catch up with the characters from The Eight again, although I was also a little disappointed that for them, overall, life after the events of The Eight was To set the stage, The Eight is about the hunt for a mysterious ancient chess set, told in two stories: The Fire is the next generation of chess set seekers.

One of the things I liked the best about The Eight is that it was a good mix between adventure which I found very suspenseful and engaging and the rather new age-y story about the significance of the chess set which I was not overly interested in, but whatever. In The Fire, the scales have tipped in favor of the mystical, and the adventure took a backseat. I was half-way though the book when I realized the characters hadn't even GONE anywhere yet, and then they ended up going to Washington D.

And because I am a nitpicky annoying person, I was also peeved that there were a few places where the plot turned on points that seem to be contradictory to the parameters set up in the first book about how the chess game worked.

Despite all of that, I found myself liking the ultimate resolution of the fate of the centuries old chess game. Odd that I wasn't overly impressed by how the author got the characters to that point, though.

Katherine the ebook eight download neville free

Meh Recommended: If you are a big fan of The Eight you will probably find this hard to resist. Jun 26, Jessica rated it did not like it. The author herself describes the predecessor to this book The Eight by saying there were no other books like it. She goes on to say that she never intended to write any followups.

She really should have taken her own words of wisdom to heart as Key would say. This book had too many ideas, names, subnames and places and not nearly enough action. There is literally one action scene, 15 pages from the end of the book and it is tied up nicely, ex machina, with no one getting hurt.

The characters The author herself describes the predecessor to this book The Eight by saying there were no other books like it. The characters are not interesting enough to hold together a novel of this length and the mystery is literally talked out rather than hunted down. On more than one occasion people are sitting in a room when they suddenly discover the secret to it all. They look at each other and say some variation on "Of course, why didn't we see it before! There is far too much exposition to explain the secret clues and puzzles, especially since everyone who could answer these questions is alive and were only moments before embracing the adventurers.

They could have just told them. Why the mystery? In fact, the larger question is what mystery, a big question since the mystery was supposed to be the driving force of this novel. Feb 11, apple rated it did not like it Shelves: Since the predecessor was SO very very good it robs me of any more creative adjectives, I had such a high expectation of "The Fire". But it didn't really deliver What's with the lead character going on and on about This book is supposed to be a two-tiers story So where's the other "tier"?

In "The Eight", the story in the past so-called the other tier is even more mesmerizing than the present-day part. All in all, I don't want to be all whiney about how good "The Eight" was like I would whine about how I miss the 80's and I DO miss the 80's but taking "The Fire" as a stand-alone and not as a sequel Now, let me crawl quietly into the corner with my battered copy of "The Eight" and cry..

Jan 10, Lou rated it did not like it Shelves: La historia de Solarin y Cat se repite con su hija He tenido que pasarme varias hojas para seguir la historia pero al final, me he rendido y no he conseguido terminarlo cosa que raramente me ocurre porque siempre termino lo que leo.

Ha sido un gasto de tiempo y dinero el leer este libro. Jan 06, Julie Adams rated it did not like it. A dismal disappointment, especially because I was so enthralled by "The Eight" that I've reread it several times. It's fairly easy to determine what happened here. Neville had advertised for years that she was working on a sequel to "The Eight," but it never materialized. My guess: Nearly every thought here is underdeveloped or, worse - OVERexplained.

There is much chasing after clues. And, this book displays the worst curse of the bad novel: There is no substance to what the protagonist finds. I was left feeling cheated that I spent the money on this one, and - truthfully - wondering if I should re-evaluate my love affair with "The Eight.

Izvanredna kao i Osmica! Odusevljena sam, knjiga je za desetku! Mar 12, Bonnie Wilson marked it as abandoned. This is destined for the abandoned shelf, though I am still bemusedly perusing it at odd moments A few chapters in I felt as If I'd already been buried in references to people, groups, geographic features, relics, symbols and and and that had ever had a shred of mystery attached to them.

I am mildly interested in what she'll turn up next. Let's see - we have - in random order as they come to mind - the Basque a This is destined for the abandoned shelf, though I am still bemusedly perusing it at odd moments And I'm sure I've forgotten many.

I long ago lost track of whatever plot there may be buried in all the verbiage and dizzying shifts of time and space between the chapters. But that hardly matters since I'm just scanning to see if she gets to Atlantis or Linnear A or maybe Imhotep. Sep 01, Anachronist rated it liked it. The Fire, like The Eight, follows two timelines, one past in this case and one present Alexandra Solarin Xie was twelve years old in the autumn of She was being accompanied by her father, Aleksandr Solarin on a chess tournament in Zagorsk Monastery, Russia.

This young chess prodigy was to play against a similarly young boy from Ukraine named Synopsis: This young chess prodigy was to play against a similarly young boy from Ukraine named Vartan Azov in the very final game of the tournament. Sensing danger, Aleksandr fled the tournament with his daughter to find the woman who slipped the cardboard with the symbol earlier, but as soon as he spotted her, Aleksandr was shot in front of his young daughter.

Ten years later, with the sudden and mysterious disappearance of her mother, Cat Velis, Alexandra realizes that the Game in search of the scattered chess pieces has evidently started again… As Alexandra reunites with her arch nemesis, Vartan Azov, they must join forces on an adventure to solve the puzzle and save their lives.

The second thread of the plot takes place in the 19th century Albania. Haidee, the young daughter of a powerful Ottoman ruler, embarks on a dangerous mission — she has to smuggle a valuable relic out of her native country and deliver it safely into the hands of a stranger. Still she and her companion, Kauri, are captured by pirates and sold at a marked in Fez.

Will they be able to fulfill their mission? What I liked: As soon as I was able to get the sequel I decided to read it but I admit that my expectations were high. Perhaps too high…you know the curse of the sequels: This sequel, additionally, can hardly be called a stand-alone.

In structure and elements, The Fire has much in common with The Eight: At the end of the first novel, the players learned that the board and pieces contained the formula for the elixir of life; here it's discovered that the board may hold more abstract information about natural order and balance -- the Big Picture, it's called at one point, the Original Instructions at others. Whatever it is, it still seems worth killing for.

The story brings you on a journey throughout the Middle East and it is jam-packed with historical references — on the Ottoman empire, Lord Byron, Napoleon, chess strategies, the Basques, the Mages the Sufism and more. It was nice. Still it was less dazzling than the first part, reminding me slightly ONLY slightly of The Da Vinci Code with the break-neck adventures and puzzle-solving frenzy.

I despised the predictability of that one. The villains never dared to hurt any of the positive characters in a permanent manner and you KNEW they wouldn't dare perhaps because they were as cardboard-thin as it is only possible; the romantic interest of Alexandra could be spotted from a mile off and the romance itself was far more schematic that in the first part.

There was less chess more running around and looking for clues, Dan Brown style. Part of the interest here was the way that Neville layers and repeats motifs. For example, in the book's historical narrative - set in the s - another party of eight gathers to discuss the game, including Napoleon's mother, Letizia Bonaparte, and Lord Byron.

But if the plot is a giant chess game, it's odd that none of the pieces gets taken; in both the historic narrative and the modern one, the characters just shuffle around the board spaces, staring menacingly before moving on. And Xie's chess blindness seems a permanent affliction, since she rarely seems to know what's going on. Perhaps this had something to do with her favorite chess strategy — The King Indian Defense — but practically, it was highly frustrating. Final verdict: Neville has certainly done her research, and if you like conspiracy theories, complex riddles, and the fictional integration of real historical personalities like Lord Byron and Thomas Jefferson, then this might be up your alley.

For me though, it was a bit too repetitive and schematic. Much of the background information sounded as dry and impersonal as a Wikipedia entry, and the characters delivering it were often pretty lifeless. Jun 17, Cath rated it liked it. It was a slow read and despite the parallels to the original it didn't feel as exciting.

The story didn't add much, the middle of the novel was slow, the whole dinner at Sultade plot was not necessary. The ending wasn't satisfying. The reveal that view spoiler [Solarin wasn't dead after all, hide spoiler ] was so flat, you could almost read through it and not realize.

And it was a difficult novel to read wit So many years after reading The Eight for the first time, I finally read The Fire. And it was a difficult novel to read with so many names, stories, etc that you could get lost at times.

Towards the end I switched from reading in English to my native language which made it a lot better. I wish I did this sooner. The first one was much better.. A lot of plot holes and cheesy moments! I don't recommend it to the people who read a lot of books of this genre, it lacks in originality and as a result you get easily bored.

Apr 20, Joyce Lagow rated it did not like it. An Early Reviewer book. I reread The Eight recently, in order to prepare myself for the sequel, The Fire. I didn t change my opinion of The Eight good but writing that struck me as almost juvenile. The plot itself is hard to describe in terms of genre. Chess forms the matrix of the story. Puzzles a la The Da Vinci Code , which was published much later, in , murders, quests, history, two time frames An Early Reviewer book. Puzzles a la The Da Vinci Code , which was published much later, in , murders, quests, history, two time frames present and French Revolution a combination of all of those.

Good premises for the story. But the combination of mediocre writing and too many disconnects in the twists and turns of the plot really detracted from the book. Still, it was a good if not outstanding read. Again, chess is at the heart of the plot. Exactly the same format as The Eight , exactly the same plot development, even down to details of the romantic development, puzzles within puzzles, murders, history this time set in and the present , quests, historical figures woven into the plot you really feel you re reading the same book only with its faults magnified.

Too many twists and turns, too many unexplained leaps in the plot, characters left dangling, too many absurd entries of historical figures such as Thomas Jefferson, and to top it all off, such a strained plot that it not just strains credulity but shatters it. White is suddenly in an uncomfortable position in which, according to the book, she can see no way out. Neither can the expert and even the other Grand Master.

Suddenly up trundles a 3 year old who, with one move with White s knight, checkmates the Black king. Everyone just falls over themselves at this display of precocity. Give me a break. That s going beyond suspension of belief into absurdity.

The Eight (The Eight #1) by Katherine Neville

Too much that strains credulity beyond reasonable limits. The climax is so pathetic that it's embarrassing. The ending is extremely weak and makes the whole plot seem pointless. Nov 19, kingshearte rated it it was ok Shelves: Given that I very much enjoyed The Eight , even on a re-read, this one was disappointing, for a number of reasons.

First, it was kind of confusing, particularly in terms of who was a player and what role they played and for which side or if sides even mattered. The role of the White Queen in particular, seemed like it was passed around so much I got whiplash trying to keep track. I'm sure this is deliberate, and meant to mirror Alexandra's own confusion, but it just wasn't well-handled. Kiss of the Sun. Liar's Candle. August Thomas.

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Remove FREE. Unavailable for purchase. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori. The Eight by Katherine Neville. Choose Store. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! Skip this list. Ratings and Book Reviews 3 41 star ratings 3 reviews. Overall rating 4. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Report as inappropriate. This novel was interesting and perplexing, thought inducing and chill seeking. The different areas that Neville worked into the story were fantastic.

History and mythology rule the day while adventure had me on the edge of my seat. This novel is fantastically and captivatingly written and plotted. The flipping back and forward from the past to the present allows readers to get to know a myriad of characters who are all important to the tale. The contrast between present day characters and those in the past allowed each to shine to their fullest.

This novel may be long, but it was unendingly fascinating. I read it in a single day, unable to put it down. It definitely sets the bar for all novels in the genre. Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review. The Eight by Katherine Neville starts in France in Valentine and Mireielle are novices are Montglane Abbey.

Due to a new act that has been recently passed, the government is seizing possessions of the churches. This particular abbey hides a very special chess set. It was once owned by Charlemagne who gave it to Garin de Montglane. It is supposed to possess special properties and hides a formula. Now it is being unearthed and sent out with the nuns. Valentine and Mireielle are given two pieces and special instructions. They will act as a gathering point. If a nun has to flee, the girls will receive their pieces and keep them safe.

The girls are only sixteen and have been raised in the convent since they were orphaned. Are they up to the task? When she refuses to do something underhanded and illegal at the request of her boss, they decide to send her to Algiers for a year. Several months later just before she is to leave for Algiers Lily Rad takes Cat to a chess match. Lily is obsessed with chess and the daughter of a dear friend, Harry Rad.

He also warns her that she is in danger. Catherine is to embark on a journey to find the pieces of the chess set. They are set to be in silver and gold with uncut, polished gems set in them not a small chess set. It will be black the good versus white the bad. Cat will need to stay one step ahead of the competition to stay alive and win the game.

Cat is going to have to be careful who she trusts. You never know who will be working for the enemy. It is a game that has been playing for hundreds of years. Will Cat be able to obtain the pieces in time and figure out their mystery? The Eight is a long and very complicated novel I have given you just the briefest of overviews.

It contains a lot of history, science, and chess. It is just too much for one book. The concept or mystery is interesting but it gets lost. I give The Eight 2. I enjoyed the history contained in the book I am a history buff but with all the science and the chess I was never able to master chess because I did not sitting still for so long the reader is soon experiencing a headache or sound asleep.

It took me a couple of tries to get through the novel it is over pages long. But I did persevere because I wanted to see how it turned out I was disappointed. There was one twist in the book that I liked even though I had figured it out the first section dealing with Cat. If you are looking for a novel to help you sleep, then The Eight is the right book for you.

I received a complimentary copy of The Eight from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The review and opinions expressed are my own. I thoroughly enjoyed this multilayered,generational novel of intrigue and mysticism.

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