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PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 76,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics DVD - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text Type Part # Price Purchase Online Book + VHS Master Spoken English. A website about Spoken English. Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonic, SpeechMasters. Private Coaching, Small Groups, Teacher Training.

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Overview Platform: American English Levels: Beginner, Intermediate Methodology: Communicative Method Scope: Listening, Speaking Contents: Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics The video series Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics, is designed to train first-graders and full-professors, enabling readers to excel, and training speakers like professional actors.

Structural Action can be exploited in circumstances where your voice has to travel over a distance. This is why actors prefer this approach to speech training. For example. The results will be much closer to the music of American speech. Contents of tape 3: Learning to use Neutral Vowels effectively is going to require good consonants.

Feeling Phonics Page 3 of 6 3. At the other end of the scale are speakers who are overly precise.

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Neutral Vowels 30 min. When someone is said to have "sloppy speech" or is hard to understand. More Consonant Action 46 min. These four little sounds are big trouble: The results will be consonants that are both strong and sweet.

For the ESL student they are important keys to gaining American rhythm patterns and intonations.

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The Animations showing points of musical value and using them to contact with the lips. In the video. Realizing these musical values makes your speech more sonorous and more persuasive. Contents of Tape 4: Consonants have tremendous Musical Values that often go undiscovered in untrained speakers. Consequently you must learn to play the consonants surrounding them. Consonant Action 41 min. Animations Introduce the Consonants Critically acclaimed Animations introduce each of the consonants.

Where do we start?

Master Spoken English - Feeling Phonics DVD

I've put the Neutral Vowels first. Play Neutral Vowels as short. The Neutral Vowels must be kept very short and staccato. Contents of Tape 5: The Consonants are traditionally recognized as the sounds which shape and articulate our speech. For speakers from countries where the native language is spoken in a more staccato rhythm.

Some ESL speakers.

Most ESL learners need to work on getting more Playing the consonants for full vocal cord vibration into their Voiced Consonants. Animations show the tongue movement and points of contact for feeling or vibration.

As soon as you've gone through the Consonant tapes. Much of your foreign accent The four little sounds oo.

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Master Spoken English Tape 7: Intonation and Rhythm Patterns go a long way in carrying the meaning across in English. In this way. Practicing both Word Endings and Contractions within a context. This is not a gift. Weak Forms A lot of the very small connecting words in speech are so de-emphasized. In Scenes 5 and 6. You can use these techniques to give your statements a clarity of through-line while you are developing well-focused arguments.

Practice Scenes 40 min. Likewise with how and where your pitch and inflections rise and fall. Connected Speech 39 min.

Contents of Tape 6: Connected Speech is the key to gaining a natural. Even native speakers sometimes "stumble over their words" because they are unaware of the "little tricks" for avoiding the pitfalls. Contents of Tape 8: In Scenes 1 and 2.

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Trained actors. Note how the speaker always varies slightly the pitch change. Feeling Phonics Page 4 of 6 6. People do not speak in separate words. They have simply learned the "rules" for linking one word into another with intention. You can be speaking with perfect pronunciation. Contents of Tape 7: When you've learned to use the American pitch pattern to call attention to the important words in your speech. Intonation Within Words This pattern exists in many English words: Jump Up on the first syllable.

In Scenes 3 and 4. When you've finished this tape. Challenging scenes. Master Spoken English Tape 9: Lots of practice scenes Practice scenes comprised from Lots of practices scenes are comprised of the best dialogue from an action adventure the best dialog from a movie movie shot in West Africa. When you've gotten to where you can go through an entire scene with all the vowels.

You can also purchase a package of 4 DVD's containing the whole series. The more familiar you get with a scene. If you purchase all nine tapes in one package. This practice builds fluency in both speaking and listening. Feeling Phonics in one package. More Practice Scenes 70 min. Contents of Tape 9: The dialogue in these scenes is sometimes very fast moving. As you get familiar with a scene. Barry Sullivan. Realistic dialogues employing plenty of weak forms.

Weak Forms. Try to get familiar with the scene in linked phrases. Feeling Phonics: Tape 5: DVD 2. Tape 7: DVD 5. Tape 2: Bundle Master Spoken English. DVD 1. Tape 6: Tape 4: WA Fax: Tape 3: DVD 3. Tape 1: DVD 4. Tape 8: Tape 9: Flag for inappropriate content.

Focus on fluency till you become confident. Then you can fine-tune your grammar. Interested in trying our non traditional English speaking course? Click below. We recently talked to a group of students from Korea on how they learned English. What they told us was that most Korean English tutors would always speak to them in Korean and given them correction in Korean. How unproductive is this? How can you learn to speak English without actually speaking in English.

Most English tutors are guilty of this. If you want to truly improve English speaking pick a Native English teacher who acts more as a Conversation Partner.


Someone who will pick a topic and have a conversation. Most English learners are too shy to speak because they are worried of making mistakes. If your teacher is correcting you all the time, you will be scared to speak in English. They are afraid of making grammar mistakes. Corrections are important but a teacher should not correct a student every time a mistake is made.

Instead they should give corrections later, without interrupting the flow of the conversation. The more conversation practice you get, the better your English speaking will be.

English speaking english speaking tips How to improve English speaking. Try 1 English Class. Improve English Speaking In 7 days. Already know basic Grammar and Vocabulary?

You need Practice Speaking. Not Theory! Here are 3 out of the box approaches to master English speaking fast. Do something in English everyday. English Speaking is all about practice. What are somethings you can do in English to improve English speaking skills? Watch online videos where English is spoken by native speakers. Focus on improving your listening, writing, vocabulary skills.