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They tumble into bed and into each other's lives in this sweetly explicit paranormal romance novelette, set in a Richmond, Virginia that's been touched by a bit of. Sometimes the biggest secret is the one we keep from ourselves. Tough beta cop , Mark, wakes one morning with a hangover and some very vague memories of. If you like free ebooks and lesbian stories you are in for a treat! But if you feel bad about downloading free books online, just remember that the author is.

The hilarious and informative guide to lesbian love by seasoned therapist and author Marny Hall. Hall has been counseling lesbian couples for forty years and knows whereof she speaks. An edited volume of Conversations on Gender, Sexuality and Intersectionality. One of America's preeminent writers of gay fiction validates his reputation with his third, and sadly, last collection. Here are love stories, both passionate

Her dream actually comes true when, one day, the female player, along with a friend, come over and offer Tara and her friends VIP tickets to the match. After the match, her friends Tanya and Amanda convince her to go and congratulate Carina on a game well played and it is while in the changing rooms that Tara actually discovers that she is a lesbian.

Carina takes her on a journey of pleasure that Tara had never imagined possible and which she is not sure she will ever come back from. Enjoy this All That She Needed: More fun with the lesbian landlady. Kati has been lodging with Jasmin for six months now.

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But the lodger and the landlady have become lovers. And when Linda - Kati's bestie - is invited for supper Sally Mays has written another hot romantic gay romance. Discover how all three gay women find All That They Needed Eternal Love Stories Volume 1. Finding their Way: Lesbian Romance. Aimee travels to Spain taking an extended break from her work and the feeling that she is unable to find contentment and romance in her life.

Within a week she meets the confident, sexy Lauren on the village mountain slopes, exactly like her mother had met her father forty years ago. Will history repeat itself and will Aimee and Lauren let the magic of the mountain lead them to true love? This story contains sexual scenes between consenting women When Cynthia moves from her trusted hometown Minnesota to New York, she feels lost and is happy to stay with her friend Jeff for a while.

She wants to pursue her biggest dream to become an actress but it seems to be impossible to beat the competition. When she discovers the bar Golden Legs, she meets the owner Lily. This attractive and dominant woman is captivating her ever since. When both, Jeff and Lily, seem to be interested in her, she has to make a decision that might change her life. What will Cynthia do next? This ebook contains mature language and content, including forced submission.

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This book is available with Kindle Unlimited subscription for free. Download it now and you will be hanging to find A Short Story. Esther Kim, composition grad student, music librarian, and walking disaster has writer's block. Until Natalie, adjunct pianist who plays Liszt like a dream, helps her turn the passion in her head into reality Queen of Hearts: A Stud in Stilettos, Standalone Edition. Cienna Brooks was a hopeless romantic. Cienna had sworn off love until Sheyna Sampson had been with Cienna since college, when she was a nerdy freshman afraid to come out for fear of what others might think.

She'd turned her into the woman that she was, and invested everything into her business. Yes, she'd cheated, and sometimes had to get Cienna in line, but she never thought she would leave, or get her locked up.

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An ice child, her protector, and a century-old prophecy In a world where monsters and humans live in relative peace Snow Bennett just wanted to get away from her overprotective parents. So, she transferred to the high school in the next town. Monster High, isn't an ordinary high school. It's a monster high school, the perfect place for Snow who is human with a little extra.

She can control ice. Snow has always wanted to spice up her boring life Cait Fallon is a woman with secrets. Secrets, that have ruled her life preventing her from really living.

When Snow transfers to her class, Cait is reminded of a promise she made long ago to protect the girl. Can S Marny Hall Downloads: Book Description The hilarious and informative guide to lesbian love by seasoned therapist and author Marny Hall. You may also like Jul Fidelities Reads: Mar Letters from a Great Uncle Reads: Game On by Olley White Price: British English. September 9, A funny, quirky, thoroughly British story about two friends falling in love.

Vampire Slave , Book 1.

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June 22, Over a decade passes and Dusty becomes the leader of Vampire Poison. His first mission: August 24, by CWGPublishers. Be true to who you are. Jaguar by K. Merikan Price: Mike, a former high school quarterback, ends up in a dead end job at a gas station. His life changes when James, a guy Mike used to torment back in school arrives at the station in a Jaguar. James sees the encounter as an opportunity for payback and asks Mike to accompany him at a conference, where he's a keynote speaker, but he soon realizes the crush he used to have on Mike didn't die out.

When Women Were Warriors , Book 1. January 11, Tamras will make a series of choices that seem insignificant, but they will flow from her character and from her good intentions, and they will determine her destiny.


December 4, When professional gardener, Liam Walton, falls and hits his head on his way home from work, he is rescued by a mysterious young man with ice-blue eyes, white blond hair and very cold hands. The Assassin by Suilan Lee Price: September 22, Kian spills his strawberry milkshake on Daven at a Mall Food Court.

Daven is caught between irritation and fear when Kian follows him to the men's bathroom.

In mere minutes, Dr. Daven Noland meets Kian Raja, an Assassin with a warped sense of humor, and a valid contract with Daven's name. A Chosen Christmas Story by J. Light Price: December 25, A Christmas present to my readers! Coach Walker finds his mate in a sassy ballerina barista who needs his protection.

Elle Collier Price: May 30, Kai Edwards has a big problem when Todd Daniels' best friend, Alana Brooks, moves to Chicago and straight into the middle of their perfect life. To compete with the new threat and to keep her man, Kai devises a deliciously devious plan, but it takes an unexpected turn when she falls hard for Alana.

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May 4, Leland Littlefield thinks he has a happy family. But the cracks are beginning to show. His wife is drifting away and his children are busy handling their own victories and disasters.

Leland has always considered himself bisexual, but he has never acted on his attraction to men—that is, until a spontaneous kiss brings to light many of his deepest fears and desires. Marketing Beef by Rick Bettencourt Price: December 15, by Beaten Track Publishing. When Dillon—an impeccable-dressed and debonair ad executive—joins the firm, Evan lets his guard down.

An office scandal and sexually-overt billboards popping up all over New England bring the two together in this funny yet romantic tale. Clinging To Love by Amber M. This story might take you for a leap.