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Grace's star is on the rise with a new TV series, but then the director asks her to lose fifteen pounds. When she goes public with her struggles with weight, she. The Redhead Plays Her Hand (Redhead #3) by Alice Clayton #[email protected] best_audiobooks · #[email protected]_audiobooks. The third sexy novel in USA. Download The Redhead Plays Her Hand ebook by Alice ClaytonType: pdf, ePub, zip, txt Publisher: Gallery BooksReleased: December

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Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. The final story in Clayton's (The Unidentified Redhead, ) The Redhead Plays Her Hand - Kindle edition by Alice Clayton. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Buy the eBook The Redhead Plays Her Hand, The Redhead: Book 3 by Alice Clayton online from Australia's leading online eBook store. Download eBooks. her hand pdf the redhead plays her hand alice clayton epub the redhead Download or Read Online the redhead plays her hand book in our library is free for.

Gallery Books Released: December 24, Page Count: English ISBN Download link: The Redhead Plays Her Hand. Mirror 1 Mirror 2.

Layer ravioli over beef mixture. For instance, if someone hates someone they may stalk them or bother them endlessly. What do I have to do to try to get it published. What color The Seduction of Power: Fleming H Revell CoReleased: October, Page Count: The Seduction of Power: Harlequin BooksReleased: English Download link: Wreath for a redhead Montreal means murder Download mirrors Mirror 1Mirror 2.

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It is, however, only recognised in Arabic. October, Download link: Java Illuminated: Living her dream and staring in her own show. She is ecstatic. Jack is huge right now, and his stardom is just getting bigger and bigger. He is the sexiest man alive, the new 3. The pressure is getting to them both. Grace is so happy to be on the big screen, but she has pressures too. Not only does she have all that going on, but she is worried about her George. She knows something is up.

Grace really struggles with letting Jack come in to his own and deal with things his own way, and trying to talk with him about her concerns. He never wants to talk though. He wants to deflect with sex.

Even with the conflict of the story, Grace and Jack still had their easy going moments. Their sweet, funny, quirky and sexy times. I love them together and I have to say, Grace really won me over in this book.

Their roles have changed some Grace is sassy and hilarious as always. She has changed some in this book. My Jack. I love Jack so much, but really? His behavior was atrocious for most of the book.

I was disappointed in him. His true self shined in at times. I lived for the moments I caught a glimpse of my Jack and not this new Jack. What really got to me was the lack of epilogue. I need to see what happens after. That would have made the book so much better for me. Overall, this was a bit of a let down. I think I loved the first two books too much and my expectations were too high. This has been happening a lot with series for me. The second or third book falling a little flat in comparison to the first.

It was good, but could have been so much better. Grace is a wonderful heroine, and even with all of his issues, Jack will always be my favorite Brit! He figured it out in the end and I was happy with his growth. George and Gracie will always be special to me! View all 41 comments. Mar 20, Michelle rated it it was amazing.

She has such a way of creating brilliant humor in her books and at the same time ensuring that you can sense the vulnerabilities of the character between all the jokes. Grace, although older always felt like she was still emotionally youthful, letting Jack be the one that always pushed that their relationship would work.

See a Problem?

But for the first time, Grace has to put her big-girl-panties on and help guide her George through the pitfalls of celebrity life. But when Jack seems to lose all ability to just be himself, between the cameras, the fans and a few unsavory friends; he tries to escape his new world by indulging in the party world of Hollywood.

Although this book still packed the humor quite well, the story was far more serious than the others. There are a few emotional scenes that just made me want hug both Grace and Jack and tell them everything would be okay.

She is finally embracing her new life and has the confidence to not cower when pushed. I loved seeing her development through this series.

Jack on the other hand took a few steps back, finally showing his age. Which in turn made me adore him just a bit more.

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I really wanted to see this end with an epilogue that just made us all feel warm and fuzzy. But we get no epilogue, so maybe somewhere in the not too distant future we might get a little Novella that gives us a complete ending to this series. View all 22 comments.

Jack is my all-time favorite Brit Book Boyfriend. He was my first non Mr. Jack means the world to me. I love that she was older, curvier, whip-smart and flat out fun as hell. This is so bittersweet for me. No more sexy British accent. No more hitting the J-spot. No more happy trails or sparkly boobies. No more Golden Girls.

No more super sexy Scientist Guy. No more sexy lip biting. No more schmaltz. This one had a little more drama and little more emotion to it. I loved where book two ended, but a huge part of me craved for more. Nothing better happen my Jack and Grace. Yes, Jack was a bit of a knob in this story, but rest assured, he does prevail.

Speaking of my favorite Brit, I felt so much emotion for Jack. He was spiraling out of control and as much as Grace wanted to help him, he just kept pushing her away. I had such a hard time believing the reasons why and as much as it frustrated me, I eventually, yet albeit reluctantly, understood. But still. I wanted everyone in the world to know that they were together.

When that finally happened, I literally had a huge, goofy, stupid smile on my face. When I finished it, I was happy, yes, but it was so bittersweet. What are the chances Ms. Clayton will give us an extended epilogue or something? I would DIE of happiness for one more little snippet of my favorite couple. But alas, I can only hope. Jack and Grace have forever imprinted themselves in my heart and in my soul. I just love this couple to pieces.

Thank you Ms. Clayton for giving us this series. Just bloody brilliant.

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View all 10 comments. May 30, Lucia rated it liked it. My Grace and Jack: The world of fame, paparazzi, drugs, partying and never ending diets.


Yep, that is Hollywood. Comparing to previous books, roles of main protaginists were completely reversed. Level-headed Jack turned into spoiled irritating brat. Crazy and fooolish Grace lost her touch and became maybe more mature but otherwise quite boring character. I never liked when authors cha My Grace and Jack: I never liked when authors change drastically their characters and this book is no exception. This book definitely confirmed that Jack and Grace are not doing it for me as a couple.

However, this instalment had plenty of drama and I liked that a lot.

Redhead Plays Her Hand is probably my favourite part in the series. However, I was slightly disappointed by totally anti-climatic last couple of chapters. View all 12 comments. It saddened me a lot that this series went from beyond amazing to just very frustrating.

The first two books were really great. Why did it have to turn out this way? It just sucked going through this journey. Could I pretend that I hadn't read the last book at all? This Jack Hamilton was not the same guy I had known. He's a stranger in my eyes now. He completely went downhill and It saddened me a lot that this series went from beyond amazing to just very frustrating.

He completely went downhill and I had been doubting him the entire time. I had tried to understand him sooo many times. But my patience had been tested far too much and no amount of words could describe how fucking annoying he was! He did not win me over and I was not charmed anymore! The book had its really good moments, but the not good moments had shrouded them in my eyes. In my opinion, their relationship would not work in the long run.

Sure, they sought each other's security and comfort, but this guy needed a lot more growing up.

How many more 'Adam' would come and test their relationship? And solutioning it with marriage? Oh please, that's just another divorce in the making. Too judgmental of me to say that. But I would rather want them to have a strong foundation first 'cuz the way it all ended felt like there was still no stability.

All the sexing would never be enough. The heat would somehow fade. Then, what would happen next? Yeah, of course, they could still learn and grow together. But going through this entire journey, then the ending being so open-ended and left me questioning if their relationship would really work Well, that sucked! Because the ending just felt like they're in the eye of the storm The way some issues were left unresolved. Details like that mattered to me a lot.

So many things kept on piling up So right now, I'm deeply crushed. It left me thinking that he could be a manwhore in the making or if not, perhaps he'd want to play the field more in the future or he'd go back to heavy drinking again or when pressure caught up, he'd seek the highs of drugs once more.

If it left me with doubts like these, then certainly there's something lacking in his character. I'd read a lot of series. Some were too disappointing, but this last book's by far on the top of that lists because Jack Hamilton was the guy I fell in love with so hard, then he fucking ripped my heart into pieces! He tried to glue it all together, but it's never been the same.

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Now, how am I supposed to move on? View all 8 comments. May 16, Eilonwy rated it really liked it Shelves: Jack starts suffering from the relentless celebrity pressure and starts letting off steam in some not-too-good ways; Jack's fans start posting some nasty stuff about Grace; and Grace struggles with her naturally curvy weight versus the demands placed on her by Hollywood and her new TV show.

I thought it was all handled well and realistically, and now I'm actually going to miss not having any more installments of this story to look forward to when I need a lighter read. View all 3 comments. Jul 26, Brenna rated it really liked it Shelves: It's LIVE! This series is one of my very favorites. Grace is just about to begin filming on her new series, in which she is the star. Meanwhile, Jack is still the talk of Hollywood and beginning work on a new movie. They are still keeping their relationship a secret, even though just about every media outlet suspects they are an item.

I have to say, that did go on a bit too long. She attributed things to him being only twenty-four and wanting to blow of some steam, but she ultimately makes excuses for him. No boobies till we talk. Recovery time, remember? Now drop the sheet on the left one and talk woman. He is one of my favorite book boyfriends and always will be.

It really broke my heart to see how he was dealing with fame and the wake his self-destruction was leaving behind. Some parts were really hard to read and I swear my chest was literally aching at times for what he was going through. Then there is the way he loves his Gracie. When she is asked to lose weight, he is totally against it -probably for the love of the boobies ; - and I LOVED that. She has grown so much since the start of this series and become such a confident woman.

There were so many times I wanted to high five her and then pour her a drink and cheers. And in that moment, I realized how out of control everything had become. Big, small, curvy, or bony, beauty was beauty. I was healthy.

Download The Redhead Plays Her Hand ebook {PDF} {EPUB}

I was exactly the size I was supposed to be, and that was it. What I love about this book is that I just know how much Grace and Jack love each other. There was never a moment of doubt. They have such an intense bond and they just feel right as a couple for me. In this moment, in this car, on this stretch of highway, we were a couple in love. Of course, they are still hot as ever and although things are tense at times between them, there is no lack of sexy time.

Thank goodness! He turned me roughly in his arms, hitching one of my legs up around his hips, his fingers dangerously close to my panties. He plays with the lace, slipping underneath and grazing me, watching as my eyes grew wide. Months later and beginning this book, I was still nervous. Then while reading, yup, you guessed it. Like I said, it completely kicked my ass. I think because I feel so much for these characters, even the moments that weren't meant to be dramatic, they felt like a bigger deal because I just love them so freaking much.

Alice Clayton can write comedy, drama, and romance with such great ease. There are plenty of sexy, funny parts mixed in with the more serious tone of this book to keep it fresh and fun like always.

Quotes taken from uncorrected proof and are subject to change. Also 'like' us on Facebook. It has everything I love in a story. A lovable and down to earth heroine. She is a character, many women can relate to. I've loved Grace since the first book and also have been fan girling over Alice Clayton since "Wallbanger". She made me laugh out loud so many times. I want to have his babies!! Oh boy I'm head over heels for this fictional character.

I've moved him up to the 2 spot on my Book Boyfriends list. It was supposed to come out in the Spring but then the release date kept getting pushed back. Because the first two books were fabulous.

I had a tiny fear that this book would not measure up. This would devastate me because Jack and Gracie deserve to go out fantastically!!! Well I am bummed, because my fears were realized.

This book was good, but it's not Five star worthy like the first two were. My funny Grace hardly made an appearance. She was more the mature adult in this one and Jack switched roles with her.

Jack was struggling throughout the story. He was in "crisis". The angst was almost unbearable at times. The sexy times were good, when they were to be had, but there was less of it in this one. The two were separated because Jack was on location, filming a new movie. The story was good and I guess it was even realistic since we see so many young actors get overwhelmed by success and go down a dark path. I didn't like seeing Jack go down that road.

It was heartbreaking. Grace was experiencing success but also battling Hollywood's unrealistic expectations on what makes a woman have sex appeal.

I liked this part of the story. Grace sort of gets over her hangups about her physical appearance. She is a beautiful woman with curves and grows comfortable in her own skin.

That had a lot to do with how Jack made her feel. Oh how I love Jack. He never made her feel that she was anything less than beautiful. But so many pages were wasted on gossip magazine and tabloid excerpts. The Redhead Plays Her Hand 3 of 5. The Redhead Plays Her Hand 4 of 5.

The Redhead Plays Her Hand 5 of 5. Olive Mason. Tx so much for this. Stacy Garbison. What happened? I was listening to this , paused , came back to it. Now the format is different and there is no way for me to slide forward to pick up listening where I left off???