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*NOTE for ALL users: Please DO NOT order the digital version until you read this. There are currently numerous issues with the digital e-book server that require. use to actually get out of paying a speeding fine, and we encourage you to become a website, we would like to see safer roads. These letters have been SIGNIFICANTLY modified now and are applicable to ALL traffic fines in ALL states. The outline below explains the use of these letters in.

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Upon reviewing the Aussie Speeding Fines ebook you will see it regurgitates letters that provides, you can easily download the. If you send all of the letters as suggested by, the fine will be processed by the enforcement system despite your letters. That it their. Sep 27, If you paid money for the aussie speeding fines ebook, you were probably scammed . You can download a free copy of the ebook here. Top.

Interested in talking motorbikes with a terrific community of riders? Signup it's quick and free to join the discussions and access the full suite of tools and information that Netrider has to offer. Welcome to Netrider Connecting Riders! Register Now. Aussie speeding fines - is it all a crock? Jun 26, Threads:

Some of you may know me but I have not been on the Netrider Forums for quite some time. Ask Vic! Good to see you at the Supers last weekend by the way Vic — that Aaron Morris is definitely one to watch if you had an opportunity to keep an eye on him rather than the SBK tent.

Aussie speeding fines - is it all a crock?

But on to my reason for this post. I received a speeding infringement notice recently and prior to that had been told by some riders over time that if you followed the suggested course of action in the manual you could not be prosecuted. Apr 8, Threads: Sydney Ratings: NSW Motorbike s: GSF - MC Aug 18, Threads: Coast Gold Ratings: Sounds like bollocks to me.

Sep 8, Threads: Mornington Peninsula. VIC Motorbike s: BMW F I don't trust them. If they were any good then they would be famous and the lgal system would have changed. Have a look at this.

Aussie speeding fines - is it all a crock? | Netrider

Perhaps Tramp could give you some insight as well. Good luck with your choice and result. Apr 15, Threads: Bendigo, Vic Ratings: VN Kawasaki. It proclaims: I suppose that also means you don't ever have to worry about the demerit points and any licence suspensions that may go with the traffic fines.

Many people have sought my advice and assistance after they have relied on this ebook to their detriment. Many people ask me whether the legal opinions, strategies and advice provided on the Aussie Speeding Fines website some of which also appear on www.

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The following pages explain why the answer is "No! Both aussiespeedingfines.

Download aussie ebook speeding fines

The major difference between the two sites is that aussiespeedingfines. The main product provided by aussiespeedingfines is a set of "pre-written letters" which the author suggests you should send to the enforcement agency that booked you.

Digital eBook

The site makes the bold claim that doing so will allow you to avoid liability for the traffic or parking infringement that you have received. It also includes some bizarre and dangerous legal theories and strategies that are more likely to cost you your licence rather than save it.

Ebook download speeding fines aussie

As for the pre-written letters that aussiespeedingfines. I do not endorse or recommend the use of these letters. Using these pro-forma letters is very likely to damage your chances of winning your case, and has almost no chance of saving you from licence loss or financial penalty.

Click the links below to read my analysis of the aussiespeedingfines method.


We can help you to get out of speeding fines. Site Content.

Download aussie ebook speeding fines