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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. A few years ago I set out to teach myself JavaScript by JavaScript: The new approach that uses technology to cut your effort in half eBook: Mark Kindle Store · Kindle eBooks · Computers & Technology. Similar Free eBooks. Filter by page count Power up your mind: learn faster, work smarter / Bill Lucas. p. cm. ways in which you can power. Revision History for the Third Edition JavaScript Development Tools. easier to learn web Learning. David Evans†, Paul Gruba, Justin Zobel · Download PDF Chapter. Page. A smarter way to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and jQuery. Learn it faster. Remember it longer.

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New pull request. Find File. Clone or download sidi-its.info, MongoDB, and AngularJS Web Development (Developer's Library) sidi-its.info 2 years ago. sidi-its.info a-smarter-way-to-learn-jquery-mark-myers(sidi-its.info).pdf. 2 years ago. A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript book. Read 30 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Learn JavaScript with half the effort, aided by t. Check out our list of the 5 best JavaScript books, compiled by Atlanta A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript: The new approach that uses technology to cut your Download our course curriculum for more information about our full-stack web.

Jump to navigation. Why do most people who make an effort to learn to code fail? The answer is in the question: Think about learning languages. Are you more likely to succeed if you decided to learn French just because you always wanted to learn another language or because you are moving to France for three months for work?

It layers well and builds up to the next concepts in a logical way. The transition to jQuery is natural and well done. This is not really a JavaScript book. As the title suggests, it is an introduction to programming and uses JavaScript.

It is very good for this reason. It is very common to have a computer science student who does not know how to code JavaScript. It is very common to find a developer who can write JavaScript but knows nothing about computer science. This will help create a good computer science foundation its primary purpose through learning JavaScript. It is laid back but does suffer from the problem I mentioned above: If you get into coding books you will start noticing this color scheme cover.

However, if you are looking for a tool that will remind you how closures work, prototyping, graphics, etc. It takes a very visual hence the name guide to learning the language. Recommended for true newbies only. There's a lot of value in learning from a book, especially if you're strapped for time or need to brush up on a specific topic. Or you can learn online—I've got some courses on Udemy myself, and we recommend some books and free online resources to help you get started with learning to program.

People often learn best through examples, so I provide plenty of them. Most important, before you have a chance to forget what you ve read in the book, I ask you to fire up your desktop or laptop not your mobile device and head over to my website, where you run a set of interactive exercises, practicing everything you ve learned-until you re sure you ve mastered it. Readers tell me they often start the exercises thinking they ve learned the latest lesson, and quickly find out they re still a little shaky on it.

The automated exercise manager protects you against this common le. SlideShare Explore Search You. Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads.

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After you finish this book, I would recommend reading some others to round out some of the topics and go a little more in depth, but that is to be expected since this isn't meant to be an all inclusive book.

Mar 01, Jamil Lawrence rated it really liked it. Good javascript practice. It will seem repetitive, but it forces some common things into memory, and it forces to execute quickly.

Aug 07, Kay rated it really liked it Shelves: Full disclosure: I've been using CodeCademy for a while to learn Javascript when I switched over to this book. So I'm not a total neophyte, but I definitely don't know everything about Javascript. I also read the last quarter-ish of the book after taking a 6 month coding bootcamp immersive course, so it was all much more familiar.

Written in small portions, the chapters are manageable in under half an hour for the most part. This means that people could conceivably do a chapter a day and finish Full disclosure: This means that people could conceivably do a chapter a day and finish the book in about three months. Pretty short when you consider this is teaching you a new language. I will say that the chapter stop being manageable in under half an hour around chapter That's when it got more complicated, at least for me.

That said, I think it's still a manageable set of tasks that each chapter sets forth.

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The book is particularly invaluable given the corresponding online exercises that the author has devised and made available. It's not quite the gameified approach that CodeCademy takes, but it's close. There's some timed exercises along with some regular ones.

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I think the way that the exercises are laid out makes sense: After that, he moves on to even more complicated and sets you a time limit. It's interactive without being overly stressful and the time limits are very reasonable for those with decent to fast typing skills. Jul 05, Steve Dalton rated it really liked it Shelves: Good and basic intro book for JS This is a great first book for someone who knows absolutely nothing about JavaScript.

But I'm not sure such people really exist anymore. For the typical reader, some of this might be too elementary and a little too repetitive. Still, it's definitely worth going through for the exercises, which are also very repetitive but that might be a good thing. I would've liked little more coverage of JavaScript, but there are plenty of other books for that.

Nov 21, Isaac rated it it was amazing. Very great book so easy to understand. May 15, Donald Mitchell rated it it was amazing. Excellent for its stated purpose Explanations are thorough without being overwhelming. He explains what items are optional, variable, and required. It is not an exhaustive treatment of all the functionality of Javascript, nor does it claim to be.

It provides a strong foundation that can be built upon by other, more technical books. Easy to read for the novice non-programmer, but someone more experienced may find it moves a little slow for their liking.

Jan 23, Jemimah Dhove rated it liked it. I finally finished this. Three minutes to It contains the very basics such that the more advanced concepts you'll go on to learn elsewhere will be more easily understood. If you're beyond beginner level, you'll probably think it useless. Just as well. Javascript is a pretty knotty language. I'm speaking for myself when I say that. As with any other thing, a solid foundation will pay off dividends.

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This book is a good start, but only a start. Jul 16, Steven Dyk rated it did not like it Shelves: There are better - much better - books and online resources available for learning JS.

Dec 27, Sikhosana Dhliwayo rated it really liked it.

Javascript to download learn a ebook way smarter

Great approach to learning and Wonderful exercises I have used several books to learn different programming languages but the approach used in this book is excellent. Hats off to Mr Myers! Jun 09, Shannon Callahan rated it liked it. The only reason I put three stars due to lack of updated with new JavaScript. And this author still put some Js stuffs in html.

My mentor at bootcamp said that kind of learning should be avoided. So eh. Feb 03, Pxljedi rated it it was amazing.