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All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot; 27 editions; First DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). Creatures Great And Small: The Classic Memoirs Of A Yorkshire Country Vet ( James Herriot 1) By. James Herriot epub download. All Creatures. Free Download eBook All Things Wise And Wonderful (All Creatures Great And Small) By James Herriot [EPUB KINDLE PDF. EBOOK].

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Country Vet (James Herriot 1) By James Herriot PDF EBOOK EPUB KINDLE. Download All Creatures Great And Small: The Classic Memoirs Of. Three James Herriot Classics: All Creatures Great and Small, All Things Bright and Beautiful, and All Things Wise and Wonderful James Herriot epub download. Read Online Every Living Thing (All Creatures Great and Small Book 5) => http:// sidi-its.info?download=BQM0DS.

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. There has been much excitement amidst my circle of friends. A librarian-buddy of mine finally bought an e-reader and took to social media to proclaim how excited she was about all of the free books she could get. When a literary work is old enough the copyright expires. Through services like Project Gutenberg or Centsless Books and your local library!

And in rural England, he encounters everything from dogs and cats to livestock. But part of his job is also learning how to interact with quirky locals—and sometimes, they are just as funny and unpredictable as their pets.

From the drafty English winters to the beautiful vitality of rural summertime, Herriot experiences a colorful menagerie of animals and owners in every season—and he even meets his future wife. Only a couple of years after settling into his new home in northern England, James Herriot is called to war. In this series of poignant and humorous episodes, the great veterinarian shares his experiences training with the Royal Air Force, pining for a pregnant wife, and checking in on the people back home who made his practice so fascinating.

Looking for more memoirs? Sign up for the Early Bird Books newsletter and get the best daily ebook deals delivered straight to your inbox. But new adventure has a way of tracking him down. Soon he finds himself escorting a large number of sheep on a steamer to Russia, puzzling through the trials of fatherhood, and finding creative ways to earn the trust of suspicious neighbors and their beloved animals. As an aging James Herriot begins to see more house pets than livestock, the challenge of treating animals—and reassuring their owners—provides plenty of excitement, mystery, and moments of sheer delight.

He watches with pride as his own children show a knack for medicine, and remarks on the talents and quirks of a string of assistants. We enter into the story on Elnora's first day of high school, where the girl is made fun of because of her raggedy clothes.

Elnora discovers that she must buy her own books and supplies if she wants to attend high school. Elnora can't go to her mother for help because Katharine blames Elnora for the death of her husband and holds her at a distance. However, Elnora finds that her extensive knowledge of the Limberlost in particular her habit of gathering and learning about moths and the love of her friends will enable her to make her way in the world.

This is a wonderful story of love, forgiveness and the beauty of nature. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. I was lucky enough to have my mother read this book to my sister and me when we were both little girls. This is the story of Jim Hawkins, a lad who longs for adventure but works at an inn.

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When a longtime lodger at the inn drops dead, Jim Hawkins finds a fantastic treasure map among his belongings.

Jim vows to set off in search of this treasure and gathers an experienced crew of sailors to help him with the search. All is not as it seems with this crew and Jim must find the strength to face off with the nastiest band of pirates ever to sail the seven seas. This is the book that all but created the stereotypical pirate, complete with peg legs, eye patches and squawking parrots.

Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson is in the middle of a plane flight into far northern Canada. The plane is tiny, holding only Brian and the pilot. As they soar over vast wilderness, suddenly the pilot clutches his chest and slumps over the controls. Brian is helpless as the plane careens into a nosedive and crashes. Brian manages to survive the crash, only to realize that he is stranded alone in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on his back and a hatchet his mother gave him as a gift.

This Newberry winning survival story is the first in a series featuring Brian. The Blue Castle by L. Valancy lives a miserable existence as the odd one out in her very unpleasant family.

At 29, she's never fallen in love, rebelled or even had many moments of undiluted happiness. One day, Valancy is informed via a letter from her doctor that she hasn't long to live. After Valancy reads the letter, she vows that she will live life to the fullest. She begins at once, much to the horror of her snobbish family and does all kinds of 'shocking' things like becoming friends with the town scapegrace and cutting her hair oh horrors.

By the end of the book, Valancy has finally discovered all the joy that she only once had in her imagination. This book is full of gratification, from a very sweet romance, to devilish relish when Valancy finally stands up to her awful family and comes into her own.

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Montgomery, by the way, is also the author of the Anne of Green Gables series. This collection of fairy tales has withstood the test of time. With every generation, we find new ways to tell these stories.

Herriot epub download james

Just look at this past year, which has featured two versions of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" gracing movie screens. I have always recommended reading a work in the original and I love this collection of tales.

Free E-Reading: A List of Literary Classics to Download

Readers will find old favorites, like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" as well as stories that they have never heard of before. While these tales are wonderful, many are in fact very grim and do not have the happy endings we've come to expect. James Herriot was a vet who worked in Yorkshire, England in the s and s.

In this first book, he is a young vet student who has just begun work with two eccentric brothers, named Siegfried and Tristan Farnon. He tells many stories of his cases throughout Yorkshire, on everything from cattle to cats and dogs. One of James Herriot's gifts is his sense of humor, which he uses to great effect retelling some of the quirks of his patients, as well as his own blunders.

Epub james download herriot

At no time do you feel as though he is being malicious or making too much fun. Rather, in between the hilarious episodes, Herriot writes about how much he loves the places and the people he works with.

Rascal by Sterling North. Author Sterling North tells of his childhood, growing up in the one-time wilds of Wisconsin. In particular, Sterling remembers the memorable year when he found a baby raccoon and raised it.

The raccoon, christened Rascal, was Sterling's "ringtailed-wonder". Rascal was Sterling's window into the woodlands and farms surrounding his small town. The two spend many days exploring and having adventures, but in the end, both Rascal and Sterling must grow up.

This wonderful book is one of my favorite animal stories, combining humor and the bittersweet journey out of childhood. The impressive array of poetry poems total collected in this book will have something for everyone.

I love that there were classics think Keats, Poe and Tennyson right next to nonsense poems, as well as several poem parodies right next to the original. The poems are organized by subject, so the reader can browse according to mood.

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Dracula by Bram Stoker. Cast your mind back, back beyond Edward and Bella and even Stephanie Meyer. Bram Stoker's "Dracula" was my first experience with the mythology of the vampire and it still remains my favorite. Jonathan eventually discovers the horror he has unleashed and vows to stop him. With the aid of the famous Doctor Van Helsing, his love Mina and a stalwart group of budding vampire slayers, Jonathan races against time to stop Count Dracula before he can attain ultimate power.

Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons. Stella Gibbons penned this comedic novel in the s, slyly poking fun at popular themes in literature of the day.

The story follows Flora Poste, a thoroughly modern girl who decides to move in with distant relatives rather than find gainful employment.

Flora journeys to Cold Comfort farm in Sussex, England where she discovers several mournful relatives, each with their own unique issues. One example is matriarch Aunt Ada Doom, who keeps her family in line by wielding a scarring experience she had as a child when she "saw something nasty in the woodshed". Flora is determined to help her poor backward family, so, armed only with her firm common sense and modern ideals, she sets off to make things right.